Chance Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Especially if You Run Away

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On Chance Season 2 Episode 10, everyone was on the move -- running from their demons or chasing them down. With this season finale, Chance's future and the whole scope of the show took a turn for the brighter. 

Attempted Escape - Chance Season 2 Episode 10

After jumping bail and fleeing to Mexico, for all intents and purposes, Chance was in the clear. But we all know that he can never quite leave things alone...

That's why I wasn't in the least bit shocked when Chance practically begged D to sneak back over the border into California and go after Frank.

You can't fix every fucked-up thing you see, Doc.

D [to Chance]

It's fascinating that Chance can express regret for the assaults that he committed, but at the same time want to put himself in danger in an attempt to kill Frank -- a point that D is all too quick to point out.

What I truly love about D's character is how he responded to this internal battle in Chance -- he tried to talk some sense into him, and when that failed, he backed him one hundred percent. He wasn't willing to let his friend walk into the lion's den alone, and that's admirable.

Across the Border - Chance Season 2 Episode 10

The revelation of Frank's new apprentice was anticlimactic. Rather than a character we know who could have great shock value, we're treated to a smarmy ex-con who lacked even an ounce of the sophistication of Frank or Winter.

Unsurprisingly, it took two minutes facing D and the Doc in a walk-in freezer to give up his new boss.

How do I say, "Give me a pound, big dawg," in Spanish?


Although out of character, I thought it was a nice touch when D accidentally spooked Frank during his attempted murder of a prostitute. 

D's usually in tip top shape when he's "on the job" but since he was still recovering from the stabbing, he made a mistake. It's good to point out that even the most savvy of men can have a bad day.

I was petrified for Christina when Frank took it upon himself to go visit her -- almost certain that he would kill her. What a perfect way to fulfill his dark desire and get back at the man who's out to get him.

Confession - Chance Season 2 Episode 10

On the contrary, Frank just asked a lot of friendly questions about Chance and gave some startlingly mature relationship advice to Christina.

The wisdom and emotional stability that Frank was presenting to her highlighted how much of a sociopath he really was. How can someone so purely evil make themselves sound so normal? It gave me the creeps.

Full of cunning, Frank didn't give up until the very end. I knew something was up when he was so willing to play ball with Chance and D when they demanded he confess on video -- and Chance knew it too.

Fury - Chance Season 2 Episode 10

After several more women that Frank and Winter attacked over the years were revealed, the fury in Chance's face was easy to read. But he wasn't willing to accept the manipulated version of events that Frank was trying to play off.

Chance: I wanted to do this right. But you didn't confess.
Frank: I've been confessing for the last 20 minutes.
Chance: No, no, no, no. You didn't confess to murder. You confessed to watching. You confessed to being an accessory after the fact. As you know, any half-decent professional could tell from your body language that there's other people in the room. Which makes this whole thing open to accusations of coercion... duress, threat of violence.
Frank: Listen, you have got so much on that goddamn tape. You've got enough to get the ball rolling, okay?
Chance. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's enough. There's enough for you to be able to say that you were joking or that you were drunk. The whiskey was a nice touch. Or you were high, you were pranking. The names of those women you gave us -- I don't know -- maybe they weren't your victims. Maybe they're not even dead. Maybe they don't even exist. You gave us enough for you to game your way out again.

Chance wanted to do things "the right way" by forcing Frank to face what he did in a court of law and to get vengeance for Hynes, but that clearly wasn't going to work.

The irony of the way Chance chose to take Frank out was not lost on me: the same chokehold move he pulled during that first attack on Winter, but with a hold long enough to end his life. One more monster in the ground.

Unfinished Business - Chance

The slight time jump that occurred after that moment was a bit of a surprise and it took me a few minutes to catch up.

Suddenly, the darkness, the drama, the noir tone of that this show has encapsulated since the beginning was replaced with sunlight and optimism. It was jarring.

The Future - Chance Season 2 Episode 10

After so much violence and pain it was heartwarming to see D and Lorena plan their future together, and witness Chance finally fulfill his desire to help people at the clinic.

Unexpected Love - Chance Season 2 Episode 10

Lorena: You know what I was thinking the other day? That, um... the baby is gonna call you "D," also, you know? But "D" for "Daddy."
D: Awesome.

Everyone's stories were wrapped up so neatly, that it was almost unbelievable.

Chance: Thank you.
Christina: For what? I came for the Percodan at a 60% discount.

D got the money to pay off Carl's debts and start his life with Lorena, Lorena finally freed from Hector, Christina let her anger toward Chance go, Nicole made a plan for her future and returned to her mom, and Chance rid the world of Winter and Frank and found a way to truly help people.

Forgiveness - Chance Season 2 Episode 10

Christina: Good luck, Eldon. Try not to get extradited.
Chance: It's good to have goals.

This episode, and this season revolved around the idea, the practice, and the consequences of running away. These characters ran literally back and forth across borders, ran from the law, ran from their consciences, ran with vengeance at heart...

And eventually they all came full circle.

I really want you to be okay. I really want us all to be okay. I really want to choose to believe that we can.

Christina [to Chance]

It's kind of amazing that the show was able to pull off so much happiness in the last few minutes of the finale and not make viewers want to puke. In fact, I found this episode delightful and hilarious, even in its darkest moments, and I still wanted more.

There was so much humor in this hour and the witty one-liners had me actually laughing out loud. D, in particular, has become so much more outgoing than he was even at the beginning of the season. The more his personality shines through, the more I love his big bald self.

Grande - Chance Season 2 Episode 10

Chance: First of all, what are you wearing? Secondly, you just told me that you weren't going. And now, what, you're gonna fly under the radar? What is that?
D: Lorena got it. It was the only thing in grande. And number two, I didn't say I wasn't going. I said I didn't want to.

Season 2 of Chance ended on a much lighter note than the murderous cliffhanger of Season 1, and to be honest it feels more like a series end, wrapping up everyone's stories, than it does a season a finale.

Regardless, I do hope we see Chance return for a Season 3 and I know in the meantime I'll be pondering what new mystery or monster they might choose to run after next.

Were you happy that Chance killed Frank? How did you feel about the ending? What are you hoping for in Season 3? Comment your thoughts below!

Especially if You Run Away Review

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Chance Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Chance: First of all, what are you wearing? Secondly, you just told me that you weren't going. And now, what, you're gonna fly under the radar? What is that?
D: Lorena got it. It was the only thing in grande. And number two, I didn't say I wasn't going. I said I didn't want to.

You can't fix every fucked-up thing you see, Doc.

D [to Chance]