SEAL Team Receives Full Season Order at CBS

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As predicted, SEAL Team is the top of the three military dramas to hit broadcast TV this season.

As such, CBS just issued the Navy elite some new orders. Specifically, an order for the back nine episodes of SEAL Team Season 1, bringing the first season to a full 22 episodes and the third series this season to be picked up.

David Boreanaz is any network's secret weapon.


If you don't know his track record, here you go.

He has been a lead on a television show since 1997, when he starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then moved to Angel, then onto Bones and now successfully leads a team of Navy SEALS on CBS. 

Viewers do not like it when they lose access to Boreanaz, and with the SEAL Team numbers, they've proven they'll follow him anywhere.

Jason is charming - SEAL Team Season 1 Episode 3

Since its premiere, SEAL Team has been the number one drama on TV. 

In its first two weeks, it was averaging 12 million viewers and a 2.0 rating in the coveted demo, and its latest outing drew a little over 9 million viewers and a 1.9 in the demo.

Those are impressive numbers on a very crowded night, people!

The biggest surprise here is probably that if you were to poll viewers, SEAL Team isn't the highest rated of the three military dramas in terms of quality. 

Across the board, NBC's The Brave seems to the fan favorite, and even after one episode, The CW's Valor received praise not heaped on SEAL Team even after three outings.

But dang if people will look away when Boreanaz is on board. 

That's great news for SEAL Team, too, because he was not originally intended for the role, something that seemed apparent in the earliest installments.

An Elite Team - SEAL Team

Jim Caviezel was originally set for the role of Jason Hayes, and while people certainly enjoyed him in Person of Interest, he would have brought a much different quality to the role.

We're betting the story will eventually take a different turn with Boreanaz's qualities in mind over Caviezel's.

It should be interesting to see where the series heads from here, and now we have nine extra episodes for all of the characters to be fleshed out and for the story to find the right pacing between Jason's home life (as well as the others') and the SEAL Team action sequences.

What do you think of this news? Will you be on board for the entire season?

Hit the comments with your thoughts and watch SEAL Team online if you're more willing to dip your toes into the treacherous waters now.

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