Lucifer Season 3 Episode 2 Review: The One with the Baby Carrot

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Lucifer is back in the game.

Maybe the whole point of the Sinnerman is to get Lucifer back to being his true devilish self.

Lucifer has been so focused on his feelings for Chloe and being her sidekick for the past two seasons that he has forgotten who he is and what he is supposed to be all about.

Although it took him until the end of Lucifer Season 3 Episode 2 to figure it out, he didn't waste any time granting favors to those who desired more. But is Lucifer headed down the wrong path?

Lucifer and Marcus Season 3 Episode 2

We don't know much about the Sinnerman so far other than he was responsible for kidnapping Lucifer and giving him his wings back. No matter how many times Lucifer has cut them off, they continue to grow back when Lucifer least expects it.

It's frustrating Lucifer because he feels like he's fighting a losing battle. His desire to fight back against the enemy is almost impossible if only because he has no idea what or who he is fighting against. 

But it appears he might have an ally in Lieutenant Pierce. Chloe told Lucifer that the Sinnerman was nothing but an urban legend, but Marcus told Lucifer he ran across the mystery man in Chicago.

I'm not sure I believe anything Marcus says. He's taken an odd interest in Lucifer demanding Dan give up all of his files on Lucifer and spying on Lucifer out in the field.

Marcus the Spy - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 2

And he doesn't want Lucifer to involve Chloe in the investigation because it's dangerous. It seems like he's trying to isolate Lucifer, but it's not clear if Marcus is a bad guy or not.

It could very well be that Marcus is working for the Sinnerman and came to L.A. for the specific purpose of getting close to Lucifer to monitor him.

I'm interested in learning who Marcus lost because of the Sinnerman. It wasn't clear if the person close to Marcus died, but it begs the question why Marcus decided to run instead of pursuing the person who caused him pain.

I didn't believe for a minute that Marcus had any idea who Lucifer was, but there's always the possibility that Marcus is faking it. His deadpan delivery calling Lucifer an idiot was hilarious, but the guy needs to loosen up.

Lucifer: What is it you think I am?
Marcus: An idiot.

I'm not sure if the character is supposed to be so stiff, but I'm having a hard time connecting with the guy. And doesn't it seem like there's a smirk always lurking at the corner of his mouth no matter who he's talking to or what he's saying?

Maybe, as time goes by, Marcus will develop a personality because right now he has none. I feel like there's one waiting to poke out, but it's still tucked away tight inside the guy.

Marcus gave Chloe and Lucifer a case involving the murder of a comedian. It was a typical case of the week except we got to see Dan and Lucifer work together at a comedy shop which was a lot of fun.

Dan on the Scene - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 2

Dan was uncomfortable making jokes about micro penises, but Lucifer had no trouble throwing out joke after joke even though he was supposed to be defending the men afflicted with the condition.

Despite Dan's annoyance at Lucifer's behavior, he does enjoy working with him. Watching their development throughout the seasons has been a delight, and we need to see more of them together.

Chloe was nearly non-existent in that scene, and that says something about her character. While she wanted Lucifer to heckle Dan, it was hard to believe she didn't even crack a smile at everything Lucifer was saying. 

At least she could've smiled when Lucifer started throwing tomatoes. How could you not find that hilarious? Sometimes her personality is too drab for words. 

Dr. Linda was back at work after her near-death ordeal with Charlotte. While it was good seeing her back in her chair, I hope she doesn't get stuck there too often. Dr. Linda interacting with the team outside of the office makes for a much more interesting Dr. Linda. 

I loved her scenes with Amenadiel and how in awe she still is with the idea of angels and devils.

Burning Wings - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 2

But for this hour, it was important for her to be a sounding board for Lucifer because it allowed him to figure out what he needed to do to combat the Sinnerman. That gets us back to my original question at the beginning of this piece; is Lucifer heading down the wrong path?

Didn't he come to L.A. to be different than what his dad expected him to be? 

Will his return to his devious ways spell doom for him and Chloe? Is he playing into the Sinnerman's hands by going back to his old ways?

What do you guys think? How did you like "The One with the Baby Carrot"? What was your favorite part of the hour? What do you think of Marcus Pierce so far?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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The One with the Baby Carrot Review

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