How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 5 Review: I Love Her

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Ever wonder how Annalise and Bonnie first met?

Well, if you answered yes then you're in luck because How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 5 gave us a lot more insight into this fractured duo. And what a twisted origin story it was. 

Bonnie on a Mission - How to Get Away with Murder

With no case of the week to occupy much of the hour, we instead took a trip down memory lane to 2002 and the case that brought Annalise and Bonnie together. 

Bonnie is a troubled woman, and she always has been. And hearing more about how traumatic her childhood gave her character some much-needed depth. Listening to her describe her multiple rapes at the hands of different men, while speaking with so much poise, was honestly hard to watch. 

And it was worse watching Annalise tear her down for the sake of winning her case. So was that the reason Annalise decided to help Bonnie all those years ago? Was it the guilt she felt for helping to set one of her rapists free?

Annalise: I was trying to do something good. This wasn't about me and you.
Bonnie: Everything you ever do is for yourself.
Annalise: That's not why I helped you.
Bonnie: You helped me because of your guilt.
Annalise: No, Bonnie. I helped you because I saw that we were the same.

Bonnie has always yearned for love, family, and acceptance. And that's what she saw in Annalise. But seeing as how their relationship began, it's easy to see how it's ended up in such a broken place. Neither one has been able to please the other one in the way they wanted. 

Now that Bonnie has taken a major swing and damaged Annalise's class action suit, it will be interesting to see how Annalise proceeds forward. Looks like will have some help from Connor, who showed up on the front step of his former teacher when he was at his lowest point. 

Connor: We did so many bad things.
Annalise: You can't think about that
Connor: But it's all burnt in my brain.

Considering all of the things these kids have been through, it's shocking they're not all behaving like Connor. They have done horrible things. And they've seen horrible things. Connor seems to be the only one at the moment letting all those things consume him. 

Of all the members of the Keating 5, he was always the most critical of Annalise, yet look where he shows up in his time of need. Whether these people want to admit it or not, Annalise has made an imprint on them that is not going away. Just ask Bonnie and Frank. 

Speaking of Frank, he and Laurel are still hooking up, and I couldn't care less. These two were never a big epic love story to me, so it's hard to care about their reunion, a reunion that feels a bit forced and clunky. 

I may not be Bonnie's biggest fan, but I think Frank should have more respect for her than to be sleeping with Laurel in her house!

So is Frank or Wes the father of Laurel's baby? Frank surely wants to know. I think a better the question is, do people care one way or the other? 

As usual with this show, the most interesting part of the episode was the flash forward. We also jumped in time a bit, as we learned by the end that Bonnie's wet, tear-filled session with Issac came a mere two weeks before the bloody night in the future. But what does it all mean?

We now know Bonnie Julie was going to Isaac for a whole month before that night when she slipped up, and he discovered that her big bad demon was Annalise. Or did she do that on purpose? WHAT IS BONNIE'S ANGLE?

I swear I came into this week with at least fifty questions and I'm leaving with another fifty. The number one being why is Asher a suspect? 

Loose Ends

  • So Oliver is working at Caplan and Gold, helping Michaela gather information against Laurel's dad. I love when these two work together.
  • We all need a boss like Tegan. And I need those shoes.
  • Asher is onto Michaela's lies and even following her around to see what she's hiding. A few weeks back I thought this couple was untouchable, but the cracks are forming. I wish Michaela would just be honest with him, but I can see why she's not. It's just frustrating to watch. 
  • When Sam pops up in flashbacks and isn't the literal worst human being on the planet, do you begin to forget why you hated him so much? Or is that just me?

"I Love Her" was a solid entry that left us with more questions than answers. What did you guys think about the installment? Do you have a better understanding of who Bonnie is? How will Annalise get her case back on track? What in the world is going on in the future?

Leave your comments down below so we can all talk this out together. And remember to watch How to Get Away with Murder online anytime you like via TVFanatic. 

I Love Her Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Maybe I just made it all up that we were the same. We were both abused. We both lost babies. But maybe that's what screwed us up, too. Cause she wanted a child and I wanted to be what she wanted.


Frank: So, can we finally acknowledge that I'm just your gigolo?
Laurel: Did I ever give you the impression that you weren't?