Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 4 Review: No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Imu, the Smoke Will Rise

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It was the big guy's turn in the spotlight.

We got to learn more about Kamekona and his past on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 4.

Lives On the Line - Hawaii Five-0

Kamekona got put in danger after a hacker stole a list of Five-0's confidential informants.

Still, he made out better than Toast, FIve-0's original hacker, who got tortured and killed.

Granted, Toast had been made somewhat superfluous by Jerry, who had a similar skill set. But I hate to see any colorful recurring character taken out without good dramatic reason.

I understand that Kahili Marks had Toast killed since Toast's information led to the death of someone valuable to Marks in prison.

Also, Toast's death led to an increased urgency to find the abducted Kamekona before the same thing happened to Marks.

It was a tough time for Kamekona. He got exposed as a confidential informant because of the hack. Flippa's truck got blown up, and Nahale would have gone with it, had McGarrett not rescued him.

Big Man in Danger - Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 4

Kamekona did get severely beaten by the thugs of Joey Kang, who figured out that Kamekona stole $500,000 from him, right after Kang went to prison based on information that Kamekona provided.

McGarrett played hardball to get Kamekona back alive, threatening to torch the auto-body shop of Kang's father. Apparently Kang, already looking at charges for kidnapping, didn't want to add to his crimes with murder. Also, his father wanted to keep his shop intact.

We've gotten to see Kamekona grow as a person throughout the series, and his soliloquy well summed up those developments. He has become the embodiment of Hawaii.

And it was fitting that Kamekona had used the funds he stole from Kang to help build a community gym. 

It was a heartwarming little gathering near the end to honor Toast. I'm all for any excuse to hear something from the Jorge Garcia songbook.

Expert Convict - Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 4

It's become apparent that Aaron Wright is the recurring villain for Hawaii FIve-0 Season 8. He was the mastermind who originally stole the list, and he used it as a bargaining chip to get himself removed from prison and eventually freed to go on the lam.

Aaron is not as menacing as a terrorist or a drug gang or a serial killer. But as this episode proves, a hacker can cause a lot of problems for people who have something to hide, such as Five-0. So he can certainly cause trouble. They just need to space out his appearances,

His scheme impacted Tani. After arguing with Aaron over their respective brother, not only did she take three shots in the vest, but she was riddled with self-doubt and blamed herself for his escape.

But, as McGarrett pointed out, Aaron fooled everyone. The whole hack and Toast's death was just a ruse to get him out of prison, to a place where he could get freed. McGarrett reiterated to Tani that she wouldn't be on Five-0 if he didn't think she could do the job.

I can tell that her younger brother is going to be Tani's cross to bear. She's trying to learn her new job, while he's doing ... what exactly? That's going to be Tani's ongoing subplot.

I'm enjoying Tani. She's fearless, which promises to get her into, and maybe out of, all kinds of trouble.

In Training - Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 4

Finally, we got an update on Junior. He can shoot the hell out of a target. As the academy instructor said, he's like a young version of McGarrett.

Remembering what he went through, McGarrett attempted to take Junior under his wing. He knows the hardship of transitioning to civilian life and tried to help Junior.

Junior obviously jumped into his idea of joining Five-0 without much of a plan. That's why he's staying at a mission. He can't even keep track of the cell phone McGarrett gave him because he kindheartedly shared his with the less fortunate around him. 

McGarrett brought Junior to live with him and Eddie because he's not quite ready to live on his own yet, after the structure of the military. It's great to see that Eddie's leave isn't over yet.

I feel bad for Danny. Not only is he going to have to deal with Original McGarrett, both at work and at the restaurant, but soon also Female McGarrett (Tani) and Young McGarrett (Junior). He's going to have to be the voice of measured reaction.

I doubt Grover is going to be much help on that front since he too seems to be a shoot-first kind of guy.

SPOILER ALERT: After pre-emption next week, Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 5, on Nov 5, will be a Halloween-themed episode. I'm just sad that we won't see Max's latest Keanu Reeves-themed costume, although I'm sure Jerry will wear something creative.

To catch up, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

How are you liking Tani and Junior? Did you know Aaron was behind the hack? Are you glad Kamekona survived? Comment below.


E Uhi Wale No 'A'Ole E Nalo, He Imu Puhi (No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Imu, the Smoke Will Rise) Review

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