Gotham Season 4 Episode 5 Review: The Blade's Path

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Bruce broke his one rule when Ra's al Ghul pushed him to his limit, and Sofia Falcone tried to weasel her way into Penguin's heart, but the highlight of Gotham Season 4 Episode 5 was when Ed Nygma met the new and improved Butch Gilzean.

Is anyone else as excited about this storyline as I am?

Ed Gets Grundy a Job - Gotham Season 4 Episode 5

Poor Nygma trying to find pills to help bring back his brains and then running into Solomon Grundy was too much fun. They're going to make a great team especially when they join forces with Lee.

I still find it hard to believe that Lee has gone to the dark side, but it should have happened eons ago. Lee is a lot more fun as a bad girl than as her goody-goody old self.

I'm dying to know how she ended up at the fight club. What compelled her to stay in Gotham? Obviously, she's not there for Jim otherwise she would've contacted him earlier, but I hope she doesn't walk back down that path. 

We need a Lee storyline that doesn't involve a Jim romance.

Man talks too much.


And I can only imagine how much fun her interactions with the two goofballs will be once they get together. Nygma may have lost his brainiac edge for now, but he's still clever for taking Grundy to a fight club to make some cash.

So he should pat himself on the back for that. He hasn't completely lost his touch.

Butch's transformation to Grundy was a little goofy. He ended up looking like a poor man's hulk when he came out of the swamp, but he had his hand, so that's something.

Will he ever remember anything about his past or will he just remain a big goofy teddy bear with super strength? 

As long as he stays with Ed and doesn't go back to Penguin, that's all that matters. And I can't wait to see what havoc this new team of villains will wreak upon Gotham. Will they make Penguin their first target?

Partnering Up!

Alex's death weighed heavily on Bruce's mind as expected. He felt responsible, and that's how he should have felt, even if Ra's was planning to kill the boy anyway.

Ra's was waiting for him at Blackgate. He knew Bruce would come wanting to avenge Alex's death, but Bruce didn't give into his impulse at first. And it was good thing Bruce didn't kill a guy whose back was to him.

It would have been way too easy and would have done nothing for Bruce's psyche. In fact, it would have made everything worse.

But, while killing Ra's was expected, it was still shocking to watch Bruce plunge that knife into him. Even though it's exciting to watch him develop his layers, I can't help but feel sorry for Bruce. He's still only a kid. He shouldn't have to have this much weight on his young shoulders.

Bruce: I betrayed myself and my parents' memory. I took a life. I did exactly what Ra's said I would.
Jim: Just because you know you're capable of doing something doesn't mean it has to happen again.

While Bruce felt horrible for giving into his impulse, I'm glad Alfred was there to prevent him from burning the suit. Bruce may think he's not what Gotham needs right now, but he'll come back to it soon enough.

Gotham will need him, especially after Jim finds out Lee is in town and doing dirty deeds. Jim's only focus will be on her, and he won't care about anything else but bringing her back to the good side. Someone will have to defend the city against crime, and Bruce will be that hero.

Alfred continued to show us what a badass he was when he and Jim went to the prison. I loved him and Jim together and wouldn't mind seeing them partner up together more especially since Harvey is so focused on following Penguin's rules.

But, as I said, Jim is going to end up focusing on Lee. I bet my bottom dollar on it.

Sofia and Penguin - Gotham Season 4 Episode 5

Sofia worked her magic on Penguin and it was great. How clever of her to have the restaurant serve him his mother's goulash recipe?

Part of me wishes Sofia had better intentions for Penguin than just to bring him down for Jim's sake. I loved how gentle she was with him Oswald when he was having problems with his foot. They'd actually make a very nice couple. And what a great working relationship they could have running Gotham together.

Perhaps, she'll get pissed at Jim for focusing on Lee and will decide to go into business with Penguin. That would be a great plot twist, wouldn't it?

Penguin deserves someone on his side and if Nygma is going to have Grundy and Lee, why can't Penguin have Sofia?

And we can't forget about Barbara. Whatever hand thing Ra's passed onto her is going to some trouble. Penguin will be getting it from all sides. He needs an alliance and Sofia would be perfect.

What did you think of "The Blade's Path"? What special gift did Ra's give to Barbara?

Will Penguin fall for Sofia's tricks? How soon before Bruce gets back to his crime-fighting ways?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Blade's Path Review

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You weak, foolish boy.

Ra's al Ghul

Man talks too much.