Ghosted Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Lockdown

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RIP Bob. 

He may have been around for a short while, but his wonderful memory will live on forever. Maybe the team could even get together that Tuesday to have a BBQ in honor of Bob? Although they might be better off not bringing any coffee.

On Ghosted Season 1 Episode 4, the entire Bureau was working to remove a dangerous creature before time ran out for all of them. This set up for some new groups being paired off, and Leroy's love for gossip even revealed a potential new couple on the horizon.

Or at least that is how it felt with all those weird feelings in the air between Max and Annie now.

Lockdown - Ghosted

If you think that Max and Annie came out of nowhere, that is probably because they did. And while that is usually something that makes me not that interested in a couple, this time was different.

It might have to do with how great Max and Annie are on their own, but the potential between them is making me more curious than cautious. Also if Leroy is the one pointing it out, then it has to be promising.

Leroy is probably the last person I would expect to see playing matchmaker, which is why when he mentioned it I actually started to imagine what that could look like.

It would be great if Annie dumped her boyfriend beforehand though, although I might be wishing for that even if it isn't because she wants to see if things could work with Max. One scene with this guy picking her up and I was already waiting for Annie to move on because clearly she could do so much better.

Max, on the other hand, is dealing with a little more in his personal life, especially since it was only one episode ago that he was knocked out by his newly found wife. I'm not a marriage counselor, but those two definitely need to figure things out, or Max needs officially move on from that point in his life. 

For now, though I am here for awkward interactions between Max and Annie, possibly with some meddling from Leroy.

A BBQ on a Tuesday? That's genius.


The monster this week was intense because the more they tried to capture it, the more dangerous it sounded.

It came off in a really worthwhile way though, and I appreciate how this mission to capture this lizard type thing turned into a shake-up with the pairs. 

Leroy and Max are the ones out in the field while Barry and Annie handle things from one place. This time around though there was more of Annie in the field, so to speak, and she was a true scene stealer. 

In fact, this actually made me want to see her working outside the Bureau walls more often. She was skilled, aware, and just plain exciting to watch while she and Leroy handled the search. 

Max and Barry were more on the ridiculous side because Barry was a reminder that he should stick to what he is trained for. He was the best option to distract and push Max to reveal his thoughts on Leroy being the badass one in their partnership though.

But in the end, it was clear that Max and Leroy found the most success when they were back together in their own team, and that was clear with the way they handled going into that room covered in baby powder.

It also felt very realistic for the two to experience some growing pains since they started to work together not so long ago. This is all still very new and Max growing a little frustrated felt earned.

It would make no sense if everything were going great all the time and seeing Max being the one that struggles a bit is a twist. He was the first one to jump on board in the beginning when they were offered a chance to work at the Bureau, Leroy was the one who hesitated.

Now the tables turned with Leroy adjusting and Max still trying to find his place within this partnership.

Plus I love juicy gossip.


Leroy was more relaxed this time around which I found to be refreshing. 

The switch between Max and Leroy brings a nice balance to the core of the show. It wouldn't work if Leroy was always more serious when in fact it is a case by case basis.

Max is going through enough with his wife that trying to prove that he can protect people in danger might be a stretch at the moment. But Max proved that he had that courage and that decision making ability, which maybe even taught him more about himself. 

It would be fascinating to watch this continue to progress, maybe with Leroy trying to figure out how to handle something new with a case. I don't want to say aliens, but I feel like I need to because that is the clear next step.

Just bring on the aliens, bring every possible one.

You are not putting poop water on my face.


What did you think of the episode? Are you shipping Annie and Max or are you still holding out for Max to work it out with his possessed wife? How much did you love the extraterrestrial creature we were introduced to this week? And how much are you going to miss Bob now? Let us know what you think below.

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Lockdown Review

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

A BBQ on a Tuesday? That's genius.


Plus I love juicy gossip.