Days of Our Lives Round Table: Did Rafe Go Too Far?

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Bonnie ran out of town, while Adrienne's family worked to get her sprung from Stateville, and Eve unexpectedly returned to Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether or not Dr. Rolf is really dead, if Adrienne belongs with Justin or Lucas, Eric and Brady's futures, and whether Rafe went too far!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

On a scale of 1 (I despise them together, they can’t break up fast enough!) to 10 (They’re my favorite couple in Salem!), how do you feel about Rafe and Hope as a couple?

Jack: There's no number small enough to depict how much I loathe this pairing. Rafe does nothing but belittle Hope and question her judgment and intelligence, even if it means giving her contradictory advice, and until now Hope has not even begun to stand up to him.

The fact that their romance began with covering up that Hope killed Stefano (or whoever it was she killed) doesn't exactly endear me to them either. They bring out the worst in each other and give me a headache.

Can they please stumble into a time machine and go back to a time when they weren't dating and their characters were actually likeable?

Tony: 1, by far!

Christine: Are negative numbers available? Hope has been one of my favorite characters since she started. I loved her with Bo. I loved her with Aidan (until they destroyed his character.) But I hate who she is with Rafe. That smart, feisty woman has all but disappeared when paired with Rafe Hernandez.

I liked Rafe when he and Hope were friends, but I can’t stand him now that they are a couple. He’s hypocritical, condescending, and passive aggressive.

If they want to save both of these characters, they need to break these two up as soon as possible!

Hope Arrests Sami - Days of Our Lives

With Nicole gone, it appears the show may be pushing two new couples, Eric and Jennifer, and Chloe and Brady. Do you want to see either of them get together?

Jack: I enjoy Eric and Jennifer, but with Eve returning I'd much rather see Eric with her. Plus Eric is still in love with Nicole and would only be returning to Jennifer as a rebound -- again.

I dislike Brady almost as much as I dislike Rafe now that Brady has gone to the dark side and seems to be in love with that bottle of brandy in the Kiriakis living room, and Chloe is finally enjoyable again so let's not ruin her by saddling her with Mr. Abusive.

Tony: I have no problem with Eric and Jennifer, so sure, they can get together.

I’ve always kind of liked the idea of Brady and Chloe, as they were a couple when I started watching consistently, but I’d want Brady to become less of a jerk first before he gets involved in any relationship.

Christine: I want neither together. Jennifer would be a rebound and second choice for Eric. She deserves better and he needs time to heal.

Brady is awful. He’s become an abusive jerk, both drunk and sober. He shouldn’t be paired with anyone.

And this is the first time I’ve enjoyed Chloe in over a year. How about she gets to be single and concentrate on running the club? That would be a nice change of pace. She doesn't need a man in her life to be interesting.

Jennifer Hugs Eric - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Dr. Rolf is really dead and do you want him to be?

Jack: There is no way Rolf is dead. The man is a master of faking deaths! I would love for him to pop up again when the time is right.

Tony: Not at all! The man has nearly as many lives as Stefano or André. No way is Dr. Rolf dead!

Christine: I can’t imagine he’s really dead. Is this why the people of Salem don’t cremate their loved ones?

Eve Returns to Salem - Days of Our Lives

Eve has returned. Which characters do you hope she interacts with most?

Jack: Eric! Eve and Eric are my dream couple and it would give her a more legitimate rivalry with Jennifer than that stupidity over JJ dating Paige a few years back.

I also really hope that Eve straightens Brady out about a few things, like how being a career alcoholic isn't good for his son and that Theresa didn't leave him by choice.

Tony: Eric and Justin. I actually kind of liked her when they were with her.

Christine: I found Justin and Eve to be an interesting pairing, but it feels like the show may be pushing Justin and Adrienne back together.

I’m not sure about Eve and Eric, but I’m willing to see how that plays out, if they can give Eric some time to recover from losing Nicole.

Finding Adrienne - Days of Our Lives

Adrienne appears to be conflicted about her feelings for Justin and Lucas once again. What are your thoughts on that?

Jack: I'm glad Adrienne is free but I could do without this love triangle being resurrected. I'm much more interested in seeing her try to put her life back together now that Bonnie ruined it.

Tony: I don’t necessarily want Adrienne with Lucas, because I’m hoping for a Sami and Lucas reunion (they NEED to be together!), and I’d like to see Adrienne reunite with Justin.

Christine: I am not a fan of Justin and Adrienne. I feel as though they’ve both moved on. I was really looking forward to Adrienne dealing with Lucas’ drinking, and Lucas fighting to get back on the wagon. I’m going to be really disappointed if we never see that storyline.

Rafe Second Guesses Hope - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: I wish Hope had kicked Rafe to the curb after he tried to question her competence in a rude manner for the second time in as many weeks.

I also really wish that Sami and JJ had had some sort of interaction while she was in jail and he was working on finding Rolf's employer.

Tony: It’s hard to be disappointed with this character anymore, but Rafe continues to be annoying and overbearing. His attitude towards Hope, the way he constantly questions every decision she makes, is really getting on my nerves.

Christine: Rafe was horrible! Not only did he question Hope’s decisions, but he used the death of her son to make his point. Wow! That was a new low.

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline for the week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I liked Victor calling Brady out on turning into him in this Days of Our Lives quote

Victor: You know, he's in this grave because Nicole killed him. She tried to kill me. Maybe now that she's gone, you'll live longer.
Brady: Maybe.
Victor: Or not. All the animosity between me and my brother was because of a woman. You could've killed Eric today, followed in my footsteps. You always said you didn't want to end up like me. I'm starting to think you've changed your mind.

This was such a complex, layered conversation and it was great to see Victor both try to be a father figure to Brady and more or less encourage and discourage his behavior at the exact same time.

And I was thrilled to see Eve back at the end of that scene too.

Tony: Short lived as it was, I loved Dr. Rolf’s return! William Utay’s still got it!

Christine: I loved watching Victor and Maggie together. They really are the most stable, loving couple in Salem.

I also liked Victor stopping the fight between Brady and Eric…

Dammit! This is my house not the Salem fight club. You two want to bash each other's brains in, find a more appropriate location, like a parking lot or a back alley. After all the nonsense that Bonnie Lockhart has put us through I think I deserve a little peace and quiet around here, don't you?


Eric and Brady - Days of Our Lives

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