Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Josh Is a Liar

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The truth is finally getting revealed and I am only a little upset that Trent wasn't the one to share it.

It would probably make no sense but we never did get the whole ''Trent Is Getting Ready Song'' and his turtlenecks are well overdue in West Covina. 

With or without him though, a lot was revealed about Rebecca and there is no doubt that nothing will be the same after this.

On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 3, Rebecca tries to get back at Josh by sharing lies about him but that backfires on her. Also, Nathaniel tries to deal with the fact that he has actual feelings for Rebecca. He has never felt any of it before but luckily George is there to help.

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Nathaniel is officially my favorite character in all the world because he is exactly like me.

From hating feelings and refusing to acknowledge them, to then going to the zoo because that is the one thing that makes him happy. Nathaniel is basically an extension of me and I am here for it. 

The Nathaniel we saw this time around was everything I expected and yet somehow it turned out even more entertaining? His inability to accept his feelings for Rebecca was a long time coming, but nothing makes it better than her not paying attention to him.

There were moments last season where she was focused on the feelings she may or may not have had for Nathaniel, yet now she is not even aware sometimes how focused he is on her.

This is a nice shift in their relationship, and I want to see how this escalates going forward. As much as I want Nathaniel and Rebecca to maybe explore being together, it can't happen.

Her thinking she was going to run away with Nathaniel to Spain was very similar to her getting lost in other men when she should be focused on herself.

The same thing happened with Greg, and as much as I miss him, as long as Josh is somehow in the picture Rebecca can't seem to move on. And the true first step to her moving on is when she grasps that she shouldn't be jumping into any guy's arms right now.

Rebecca is nearing a place where she will certainly have to face her past and present issues, and she can only do that on her own. 

I'm smiling at babies. Babies are disgusting.


Now Nathaniel choosing to face his feelings is an interesting journey to watch him on. 

As mentioned before, it isn't the best idea for Rebecca but this is bringing a lovely color out of Nathaniel.

I am not above hoping for more trips to the zoo and maybe even a bigger sneak peek into what Nathaniel with feelings means. For one, he is nicer to George which was a nice sidenote during the episode.

Nathaniel will find out about Rebecca, and going forward it would be fitting for him to try to talk it out with her like everyone else is planning to.

But he also shouldn't be positioning himself as her knight in shining armor, when instead he could be using his new found emotion towards other people.

Maybe even the workplace will shake up a little at Nathaniel's completely new behavior in certain situations. 

My spidey sense told me I might need it.

Heather struggling to graduate was too real and very fitting. She was growing within the real world but she was still stuck in her college days, which had to be holding her back. 

Heather exploring marine biology is actually kind of fascinating, and her fish tank was plenty cool as well.

It was getting annoying when Rebecca paid no attention to anything Heather was saying, and as patient as she was I do wish there was a conversation there.

Rebecca tends to get wrapped up in herself, but if she wants to have friends present in her life then she needs to be present for them.

But I had no doubt that Heather would figure it out because she obviously already knew the answer to her question. And now that she is about to graduate, there are more options for her in terms of a job and maybe even a passion.

Maybe Heather could even start a fisk tank collection with lots of different fish? It could be the aquarium that Nathaniel visits when his is closed. 

Okay girl, I think it is time to cap and gown it.


What did you think of the episode? What do you think is next for Rebecca? Were you onboard for Nathaniel and all his feelings or do you think he was bordering on Rebecca/Josh territory? Which song was your favorite? What else would you like to see going forward? Let us know what you think below. 

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Josh Is a Liar Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Young Rebecca: We are ruining him. It is great
Rebecca: Yeah, I guess we won.

My spidey sense told me I might need it.