Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge

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Revenge is a dish best disguised as cupcakes.

Seriously though, Rebecca returned with some ideas and as wild as they sounded I was very onboard. It seemed like Rebecca was too since she ended up sending those poop cupcakes instead of focusing on Paula's idea.

On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 1, Rebecca was trying to figure out where to go from here since Josh left her on their wedding day. Paula and Scott had some strange issues in bed, and White Josh had to realize just how great Darryl was.

Planning Revenge - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca was back and better than ever if we are being honest. She is going through a lot, but her new look is just the beginning.

My biggest wish for Rebecca concerns her mental health because that is the real ship of the show. Rebecca needs to figure out her issues like when she didn't tell Paula the truth about Robert.

As great as it would be to see Trent return with his special envelope of information, Rebecca is the one that needs to do the work on this.

Therapy is the clear example of something Rebecca should really commit to, it all comes from her past and moves on to her future.

Now I can't deny my love for a plan to destroy Josh Chan because him leaving Rebecca was the lowest of the low. So I'm all here for Rebecca talking it all out and getting the help she needs, but I am also here for her sending poop cupcakes and thinking fake sex tapes are the way to go. 

I miss the old Rebecca a little bit, but this hardened version of herself is something every woman goes through. Rebecca is growing, and now that she isn't trying to win Josh Chan's heart, her possibilities are much more endless. 

I don't know where she is.


Paula and Scott constantly make me question what makes sense.

I wasn't all that excited that Scott cheated and wanted Paula to move on. But Paula is the one that knows what works for her and she wants to be with Scott.

It was so strange that she told him to call her and Tonya, but at least Heather unpacked exactly what that meant so that we wouldn't have to.

This can't be the end of their issues, but it is a start. All I can see going forward though is Scott helping Paula get back at Josh with Rebecca; it is only fair. 

I know. My hair is dark so I look evil but my dress is white which is ironic.


Darryl standing up for himself was such a great surprise. 

I was waiting for White Josh and Darryl to break up because it was like nothing was going well for them. But they demonstrated what a healthy couple looks like, and what communication could do for a relationship.

Them choosing to talk about their feelings was like a direct parallel to relationships that we have seen fail because the people in them weren't engaging enough with each other. 

Darryl and White Josh though talked it out, and both find happiness, and isn't that what a good relationship is all about?

I am curious where the baby conversation will go because there are many factors that will go into this. But Darryl was right for stepping up and pointing out how great he is. 

It was inspiring to see him not only stand behind this vital request he had but also remind White Josh that he knew his own value. And Darryl may get a little too excited, but the way that it works in his own favor can't go unnoticed either.

Oh my god Nathaniel, did you send me a bunch of girly crap?


My one request for the season going forward is more music. We got two sequences this time, and they were both brilliant, yet I decided to be selfish and ask for more.

The surprising gems are always the ones that come from unexpected characters. I'm not here to pitch ideas, but Nathaniel deserves another song, this time focused on his weird switch with Rebecca.

And I can't forget how amazing the music videos are when the ladies are involved. The song dedicated to all men sucking is what we didn't know we needed until this very second. 

Can you not use delicious in that way? It feels like someone just licked me.


Nathaniel is basically the funniest part of the premiere for me, specifically how desperate he is these days. The dude should take a step back and collect himself because I am getting such secondhand embarrassment from him.

Seriously though, Nathaniel switching places with Rebecca and being kind of obsessed with her now is amazing. He was a strong character last season, but they couldn't keep him at a standstill, and they understood exactly that. 

I hope Nathaniel sticks around though because his addition makes the group more rounded out. Mostly everyone goes along with Rebecca and her plans; it is usually Nathaniel that is the outsider pointing out things no one else does.

Based off the trailer for the next episode though Nathaniel is hooked and Rebecca knows exactly what she is doing.

I'm going to mail him my poop but pretend it is cupcakes.


What did you think of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's epic return? Whose ideas did you love the most? What do you think Rebecca should do to get back at Josh? Which relationship are you connecting with most so far? Let us know what you think below!

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Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge Review

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