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There's a lot to unpack on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 5.

The episode aptly titled "home" really hits you in the feels. 

The focus wasn't the usual gang violence or shootings that we've come to expect from Chicago. No; it was much darker. 

Atwater - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 5

Don't get me wrong, every storyline is compelling and equally as horrifying but there's just something about child trafficking that really makes my skin crawl. It's sickening to even think that this actually happens in our world. 

While investigating a meth ring, Intelligence stumbled upon three children stashed away in a shed. 

The grisly scene only got worse when Quan, a Vietnamese boy, told his translator that he was brought to the states six weeks ago and passed down through multiple families. 

My shock mimicked that of probably every agent working the case: how do you just give up a child? A child you willingly adopted? Is six weeks really enough time to give up on correcting behaviors?

Some people simply don't deserve to have kids. 

What's worse is that the mother, Kate, who admitted to giving the boy away to a random couple she found on some website while her husband was away on a business trip, had two other children. And they most definitely should have been taken away from her. 

Did you know that "re-homing," which is the proper term for this behavior, is allowed in Illinois when it concerns adopted foreign children? That's appalling. 

And like Upton mentioned, I don't know who is worse: the couple giving these children away or the people buying them?

Personally, I think it's the middle-man that's doing all of the work.

Burgess - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 5

In this case, the Marsden's who sheepishly believed some random dude who told them he was an ICE agent working a child trafficking case. That has to sound shady to the average person right?

I understand that Chicago is expensive and living in a trailer home might not be ideal but damn, to stoop so low and convince yourself that you're doing work for the greater good. 

These people went into homes and fed parents lines like "I assure you it's legal, it's safe, it's a nice house," knowing that they were lying all about it all. 

I really do wish we found out what happened to that "nice couple" because they are just as guilty as "Agent Clyde." Did they get charged?

Intelligence was finally able to catch the guy through a bidding war using Voight's OWN money. I guess it's illegal since he was forced to cover his tracks, but how upsetting is it to know that without cops who are willing to bend the rules for justice, they might have never saved any of those kids? 

I understand that the police reform movement is there to prevent Voight shooting suspects like he almost did when he got his hands on Clyde, but sometimes veering off course is necessary.

While it was hard for Voight not to just punt Clyde when asking for his statement, it was gratifying to see him really make him feel nervous explaining just how cruel Cook County is with pedophiles and child traffickers. No mercy! 

Antonio - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 5

Clyde's whole body tensed up and for a split second, he felt the same fear he's been inflicting on those innocent children.

Unfortunately, we will never find out what Voight whispered in his ear that really sealed the deal on that statement. Just know, it wasn't pretty. 

Voight needs to be pulled back in line from time to time and that's where his team comes into play. Atwater is always bringing him back from the brink, as is Antonio. 

But because of Antonio's secret meetings and calls with Woods and Potter, Voight doesn't trust him anymore. Finally, he decided to confront him and boy, was Antonio offended. 

You and I might disagree on certain things but I don't do business like that. Never have.


While he admitted that the uppers suspect Voight's involvement in the murder of Lopez on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 3, he never told them anything. He honored the bro-code. Plus, last we heard, snitching isn't cool.

Speaking of snitching, PD carried through on Atwater's storyline because we needed to know what was going to happen to Jordan.

After having Jordan testify, Atwater was living in constant fear for his brother. On the South Side, snitches end up dead. 

While no one came after Jordan directly, they did try to rough up Vinessa, his younger sister. 

Atwater was visibly shaken by the news that a group of boys threatened to rape her because her "brother's a snitch."

But I couldn't help but yell "come on" at my TV when Atwater, a cop who has seen a lot during his time working the streets of Chicago, didn't foresee Jordan's reaction. 

You could see Jordan blamed himself for what happened to his sister and it was only a matter of time before he went out to get his revenge. 

Thankfully, Atwater arrived just in time to stop him from committing a stupid crime and ruining his life. 

Intelligence - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 5

While dealing with a case of "re-homing," where Atwater literally saw parents give their children away because they were "too difficult" to deal with, he was tasked with the same decision. 

The only difference - he did it for his family. Any good parent would make the decision to send their children away to live with a family member if their life was being threatened for doing the right thing. 

And even though he will miss them, at least he knows that they are safe and he's done his part of raising them to be young adults who will be proud of their actions.

Did you like this week's episode? 

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I ain't give a damn about being a role model. I ain't ask for this.


You and I might disagree on certain things but I don't do business like that. Never have.