Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 2 Review: The Thing About Heroes

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It feels a bit "too soon" to talk about Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 2's homegrown terrorism plot just days after the deadliest gun massacre in modern US history. 

There may not have been a shooting in the episode, but due to the nature of the content, I was convinced it would be postponed. 

But maybe it's good that it wasn't because situations like this and what happened in Las Vegas should be talked about. And I'd rather it be fiction than the brutal reality that more than 30 thousand innocent concertgoers were faced with on Sunday night. 

Chicago PD bomb

Many call him a lone wolf; I call it just like Voight did on this episode – an act of terrorism. 

What else would you call someone deliberately shooting 59 people and injuring more than 500? 

A concert – much like the local street festival that Atwater, Burgess, and Ruzek were working – is meant to be enjoyed. 

Instead, they were focused on taking down radical jihadists who blew up a van with a bomb in the middle of a crowd of innocent adults and children.

Many readers pointed out that they don't necessarily miss Lindsay because she would always take up too much screen time. I admit I was biased towards her character because of my love for Sophia Bush on One Tree Hill.

I felt like she gave Lindsay – at the time the only female in the unit – so much spunk and edge. And I fawned over her barely-existent relationship with Halstead. 

That said, I agree that without her around the other characters are finally getting their stories told. And boy, Kim Burgess really shined. 

When her trainee, Toma, went missing after the festival and became a suspect in the bombing, she put her heart and soul into defending him.

Chicago PD Bombing

She's always worn her heart on her sleeve, and that's become an asset. Even when the evidence pointed to Toma being a terrorist, she followed her gut, disobeying Voight's orders and getting all up in his face. Who knew Burgess had it in her?

Seeing as she's the newest member of Intelligence, it's incredibly brave of her to stand up for her beliefs, especially as one of the only women in a male-dominated unit. 

Her bravery eventually led them to discover that the real reason he was using a fake identity and frequenting radicalized mosques wasn't that he was one of them  he was trying to stop them!

Unfortunately, it was too late. Toma believed he had to die because of how the media portrayed him. They tarnished his name, and no matter his truth, no one would believe him after this. 

The thing about heroes, sometimes, is you wouldn't know who they were if they hit you in the face. Sometimes, they do bad things for the greater good, take the fall, and become the villain. 

Aside from all the action, there was a brief mention of Burgess' new man. Ruzek still considers her to be "his girl" so he was being all nosy about it.

Chicago PD Kim and Antonio

I'm sure we'll get more soon enough, but from the way she was talking about it, it seemed like they were super serious. Sorry Burzek shippers! 

While I do believe they still care for each other deeply, Burgess is at a place where she wants to be, and that's Intelligence. This time her job comes first, and she's not going to let her ex-fiance screw it up. 

I hope from now on, we see happier days for Burgess because if you think about it, her character has been put through the wringer both emotionally and physically.

Her broken engagement with Ruzek, being put on trial after her partner was shot, and her sister being brutally raped while staying with her in the city are just a few examples of her rotten recent history. Give this girl a break!

While the series didn't need a complete reboot, things have changed this season, and it's quite obvious.

The show is going in a new direction, focusing more on character development, adding new faces to the mix, and starting the conversation about issues  both political and cultural  that are plaguing Chicago. It gives it a touch of realism often missing from TV shows. 

Chicago PD Upton

Upton has found her footing although I cannot say I enjoyed her stepping up to Voight and making demands. It's fine when Burgess does it because she's established a relationship with him, but Upton is way out of her league. 

It almost seems like they are trying to make her the new Lindsay to fill that void. She dresses like her, carries herself the same way, demands that authority, and of course, is Halstead's new partner. 

In my review of Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 1, I mentioned that I hope they don't pair her up with Halstead. I think they owe it to Lindsay fans not to, but I wouldn't be opposed to her having a relationship with Ruzek. At this point, he's on the market, and Burgess has moved on, right?

Antonio was back in action as a full-fledged member of Intelligence again. Seriously, he's probably just hoping to erase that Chicago Justice stint from his mind completely. I hope in the next few episodes we catch up on his personal life. 

Olinsky has also been in the background for awhile now, which is upsetting because he's the one with the most street cred. How has he been coping with the loss of his daughter? 

I'm going to start adding a "most shocking moment" portion into my reviews because I've found that there's always one super jarring event that I can't erase from my memory. 

So the most shocking moment of the episode was Halstead shooting Nadia, the wife and partner-in-crime of one of the terrorists, and the most ruthless was Upton mercilessly rubbing it in his face in exchange for information. 

Chicago PD The Thing About Heroes

There's a lot of shadiness with Denny, Voight's old partner, and the new independent auditor. He's sticking his nose into everything and seemingly trying to intimidate Voight, which we know is never going to happen. 

Voight runs this city. You can tell he's keeping it cordial while waiting for the perfect moment to strike, just like he told Burgess to handle Toma's bullying partner. 

Needless to say, Voight is like Taylor Swift; he's keeping a list of names, and Denny's is in red underline. And yes, I totally did just make a Voight and T. Swift analogy. 

Or as he brilliantly put it, "I never run, I just wait."

Do you think Denny is bad news? What was the most shocking moment for you?

Don't forget, you can watch Chicago PD online and chat with me about the episode in the comments below! 

The Thing About Heroes Review

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