Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Fallout

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The CW officially wrapped its big DC TV week with an explosive and twisting return of Arrow.

After such a big season finale, the bar was set pretty high on how to follow up with it. Luckily, Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 did a very solid job (for the most part).

Bringing The Green - Arrow

Arrow episodes usually have a mixed pacing, but this hour was just one bang after another. In a weird way, I enjoyed it which I wouldn't usually do.

So who died and who survived? Well basically everyone made it out alive except for Samantha, but that was obvious since Arrow Season 5 Episode 23.

If William was going to be with Oliver, then it only meant that his mama would somehow no longer be able to be there for him. If Samantha survived, she would never let him stay with Oliver.

Because, well, Star City is Star City; what else is there to say? I didn't get William's reasoning for being so cold to his dad, though. It's not like Oliver got her killed.

Can Oliver Handle Fatherhood - Arrow

But I guess tweens are tweens. I liked what we got of Oliver's struggle as a new hands-on dad. What was an even greater surprise was Slade being there to give him some advice.

I like that Oliver managed to get a little victory with William. It wasn't a huge step forward, but it was a step nonetheless.

I knew that the premiere would essentially open with everyone back in Star City. At least all the series regulars while other characters like the Al Ghuls and Evelyn remain MIA.

It would have been intriguing to see what things would have had looked like if Oliver was alone or just had 1-2 of his team members at his side. I would have enjoyed the mystery.

Lack Of Security - Arrow

Instead, we're probably going to get numerous flashbacks in Arrow Season 6 showing the island experience from their POV's. The whole thing with Quentin's struggle was a mixed bag for me.

He had such a hard time with a soulless Sara during Arrow Season 4, but an evil Laurel? No, that "little girl" is one he has no problem shooting in order to save his new friend and Canary, Dinah.

I know they really stressed that he struggled with it with some powerful acting from Paul Blackthorne. But at the same time, why is Laurel of Earth-2 any different from Sara when she didn't have her soul?

Regardless, the stakes didn't really matter because, voila, you can't keep a Siren down for too long. But more on the awesomeness of Black Siren later.

Siren's Army - Arrow

While most made it back to Star City alive, one came back in a very different state. Because Arrow clearly has run out of things for her to do (a woman, a hero, and a suit – the trifecta of storyline disasters in the Arrowverse), Thea Queen got the coma-card.

They won't kill her off, but putting her in a coma is just as bad. It was genuinely sad to see that this is where Thea's story (might have) ended. 

Going from being Arrow's only female archer to...this, was heartbreaking and disappointing. I want her to wake up before the midseason finale, ideally with an exciting arc.

One of the highlights was Laurel Lance aka Black Siren really getting to shine. I love that they didn't give us all the answers yet as to who she is working with. Who gave her a hand up and off the island?

Where Did She Go - Arrow

I could watch Black Siren and Black Canary duke it out as their own show. It's not every day you see Dinah Drake and Dinah Laurel Lance, even in the comics, together. More, please!

Diggle's situation was one of the two biggest shocks. I could feel that he was broken and that an important part of him died with Lian Yu.

Was it just me or did Diggle and Dinah get very close during these last few months? There is definitely a strong bond going on there.

Oh, and there is the whole "Oliver's secret identity being exposed to everyone in Star City" thing. At some point, I think it was a given that this would happen on Arrow.

Black Siren Vs Black Canary - Arrow

But as a final scene of a premiere? That was a welcomed surprise as Oliver is back on having a full plate of obstacles for the rest of the season.

Overall, this was one of the stronger season premieres for Arrow, following their biggest finale. Some things could have been done differently, but we're just one episode into Arrow Season 6, so it's too soon to tell.

James Bamford, who directed this episode, did a killer job once again. Not only did the action feel massive, but the story felt as heavy as the action which I always expect from a Bamford episode.

I look forward to seeing how Arrow deals with the ramifications of Lian Yu's explosion. I want to from everyone's POV how it affected them. We just got started on the premiere with Diggle's status, so let's keep that going.

It was refreshing that we didn't get introduced to the new big bad of Arrow Season 6. Past premieres have always done that in one way or another. Taking it slow ramps up the tension.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of "Fallout"!! Did you enjoy seeing everyone back in Star City?

How long until Thea wakes up? Did the Al Ghul sisters and Evelyn die?

Were the Black Siren and Black Canary fights awesome? Who helped Laurel off the island?

What is Oliver going to do to get out of this new mess? Sound off in the comments below!

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Fallout Review

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Raisa [to Oliver]: You had trouble fitting in, in age.
Oliver [to Raisa]: What?! What are you talking about? I had Tommy.
Raisa [to Oliver]: I wouldn't call having a friend who helps you get in trouble, "fitting in".
Oliver [to Raisa]: That's a fair point.

Black Siren: God you're such a bitch!
Black Canary: Yeah it takes one to know one, sweetheart!