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Liar Season 1 Episode 1 Review: The Date

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Meet Laura Nielson, a sweet but reserved teacher in Kent, England.

She's just broken up with her longtime boyfriend, Tom Bailey.

At first glance, it appears Laura is the one who's ready to move on but things are not what they seem on Liar Season 1 Episode 1

Laura At Work

For instance, Laura seems like a perfectly normal, well-balanced person. She is friends with her colleagues and close with her sister. She's pretty and funny. She likes to kayak. 

But throughout the premiere, there are references to a dark moment in her past; one that could cloud her judgment, especially when it comes to the accusations she makes about Andrew.

Are you sure it happened exactly like she said it did?


Who's Andrew? He's a charming, well-respected surgeon who just happens to have a crush on Laura. 

There are hints that he's known and liked her for a while, having worked with her sister, Katy, for years. Once Laura and Tom break up, Andrew sees his opportunity and goes for it. 

Andrew Laura Wine

What follows is a pretty damn fantastic first date. They laugh, they drink wine, they kiss. When Andrew wakes up the next day he thinks he may have found the one; unfortunately, Laura wakes up to a completely different reality.

Right away you can tell something is wrong. Her hair and make up are a mess, her clothes disheveled, and despite the fact that she's in her own bed alone, she's still in the clothes she wore on the date. 

She immediately rushes to the shower and you realize – if you haven't already – that she must have been raped.

I want him to feel humiliated. I want him to suffer.


It's horrible, but my first thought is, there's no way it was Andrew. He just seems too sweet, too sincere, too handsome. But of course, such a senseless horrible crime can happen to anyone and be committed by anyone. Even someone you know and care about. 

Laura confides in her sister, who immediately steps up to protect her.

First, they have to go to the police. They probably should have done that before Laura showered though, and what was the point of taking the clothes she wore to the station? What kind of evidence were they hoping to find?

Meanwhile, Andrew goes about his day. He has no idea Laura is traumatized, claiming he raped her.

We see him with his son, Luke, and the two of them seem to have a closer than average relationship. We learn he's a widower because his wife committed suicide. Despite this tragedy, he seems like your average nice guy. 

Detectives Maxwell and Harmon

Even when he's arrested and questioned by the detectives, he comes off as honest and sincere. He walks them through their date, struggling with embarrassment when he gets to the part where they had sex. Consensually, he specifies. 

I think there's been a mistake.


During his account of the evening, he mentions he helped undress Laura, but why did she wake up fully clothed? She was at her own house; there was no need for her to get dressed in her date clothes after sex. 

This is the first thing that hints towards a third person. Another is the camera angle which at times makes it seem like someone is watching the characters. 

Despite the support of the police and her sister, Laura is unraveling. She needs to know what happened. Was she assaulted before? Did she suffer some kind of mental breakdown in the past?

The Morning After - Liar

In her mounting desperation, she thinks Andrew must have drugged her. This theory feels forced – to me, anyway – as we see her conjure up a memory of Andrew switching their wine glasses then making sure to wash them at the end of the night.

I don't mean to pick on Laura. She is a victim of a completely awful crime, and she deserves understanding, love, and ultimately, justice.

But whatever happened in her past, is making her act crazy now; rushing the investigation, coming up with her own theories, and posting on social media. 

I know it's normal to share everything that happens to you online but this is one time you really want to try to keep things private. Not just for Andrew's sake – innocent until proven guilty, and all – but for the investigation's sake. 

Every colleague, every friend, every member of his family... now they know.


The detectives don't need or want other people's involvement or opinions. They just want to look at the evidence.

So who do you think is lying?

My first impression is that neither of them is; they're both telling their own version of what happened based on their different perspectives, like The Affair with accents.

I don't think Andrew raped her, but I do believe something awful happened to her. The question is what and why?

What do you guys think? Was she raped? Was it Andrew? The taxi driver? The friendly kayaker? Someone we haven't met yet?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

Side notes:

  • Katy's been having an affair with Tom! Not only does this suck because he's her sister's boyfriend (or was) but Katy herself is married with two little kiddos.
  • The scenery is beautiful! Filming takes place in and around London and Kent. 
  • Katy asked Tom to look into Andrew's wife's suicide. Is it possible there was foul play involved?

If you missed the premiere, make sure you find time to watch Liar online via TV Fanatic.

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Liar Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I want him to feel humiliated. I want him to suffer.


Are you sure it happened exactly like she said it did?