Grey's Anatomy Spinoff: Jason George Joins!

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A popular Grey's Anatomy character will be making a move from the halls of Grey-Sloane Memorial to the latest spinoff series. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason George will appear as a series regular on the firefighter series which was announced earlier this year. 

Jason George Smiles

The report notes that George will remain a series regular on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 until production on the new series kicks off.

On top of that, the details surrounding his move will be revealed during Grey's Anatomy, which will introduce viewers to some of the characters during an episode of Grey's Anatomy. 

But just because he's joining the newest entry in the franchise does not mean he's leaving the parent series behind. He will apparently still appear sporadically. 

Jason George Attends TCA

Details on the untitled offshoot are scarce. We know that Rosewood's Jaina Lee Ortiz will also be a series regular.

George has appeared on Grey's Anatomy since 2010 and portrays the character of Ben Warren. The character is married to Bailey, so it makes sense that he will continue to show up here and there.  

Jason's other TV credits include Mistresses, Off the Map and Eastwick

Resident Swagger - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 22

Stacy McKee is tapped as the showrunner on the series. McKee has been part of the Grey's Anatomy family for several years and has written some of the show's biggest episodes. 

Adding another show to the franchise is a no-brainer when you consider how resilient the series is after all these years on the air. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 averaged 7.8 million viewers and a 2.1 rating, continuing to reign as the network's highest-rated drama series. 

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