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Yes, I want more of Younger Season 4 Episode 6, although it amazes me how much material was jam packed into the 20 odd minutes of "A Close Shave."

The opening scene took up what seemed like a lot of time on a book that seems neither relevant nor funny, yet even that didn't distract from the enormity of the installment overall.

Avoiding Disaster - Younger

Enormous is an appropriate word, too.

Maggie finally had a storyline worthy of her talents, and it's hard not to think it might be due to Lauren's sudden availability to tag along while hunting for new gal pals.

We also discovered something new about Diana, Kelsey and Zane's relationship continued to heat up, Liza's secret was outed to a rival publisher, and the stress of doing business forced Charles' hand regarding Liza.

There was a lot happening, and none of it felt at all sidestepped in sight of a bigger picture. That's not easy on such a short timeline.

The progression of Diana's confidence after taking up with Richard is so beautiful, but it's also funny how long it's taken her to realize she's in love with him.

Sadly, I'm fearing backlash for what I'm about to say here because I've found the more women want to be disassociated with stereotypes, the more they step right into them. So here ya go, ladies. Try hating on me for pointing out a stereotype Diana falls into while not falling into another.

Or, just agree, laugh and move on. Sometimes stereotypes are there because they're there.

Anyway, Diana's lack of understanding about her love of Richard and her continued support of Richard reminds me of myself and my friends' past behavior. It's hard to latch onto the one who is making you feel wonderful when the one you wanted is still out there not wanting you no matter how much you love the one you're with.

There's no sound judgment to that behavior or even a reason you might have set your sites on the unattainable guy. Most likely, he's just not a match. But people are weird. It makes me love Diana even more. 

Similarly, why did Maggie think Donna was eyeing Lauren in the bar? To anyone else, Maggie was the target. Maybe Lauren would have been a better match in the long run, but it wouldn't have been as funny.

Lauren: Ohhh. She was very, very into you. You could have fried an egg on that cooch.
Maggie: Did...did she have a mustache?
Lauren: Honestly? It wasn't on her tits. That's all I was lookin' at.

It was shades of George Costanza and the other pals on Seinfeld as Maggie obsessed about Donna's 'stache. Laughing out loud isn't something that happens much while watching TV, but it was hard not to as Maggie wondered aloud about the hairy situation and even started unscrewing light bulbs around the loft.

Maggie's a better person than I am because I wouldn't have been able to kiss Donna, let alone climb into the bath with her. That Maggie was capable of putting shaving cream on Donna's face when she couldn't bring herself to pay lip service to the issue earlier was astounding.

Things left unsaid are the mainstays of comedy, though. It's the foundation of Younger.

But it doesn't always lend itself to comedy, even on a 30-minute sitcom.

As much fun as Kelsey was having in her sexy word war with Zane, taking it to the next level – a Twitter war – rankled Charles. 

But any press is good press, right? If you ask a man charged with murder and later acquitted, his name dragged through the mud but the story of his acquittal not carrying nearly the same weight as the murder charges themselves, I'd be willing to guess he'd offer a resounding no for that question.

As soon as Charles asked Kelsey to shut it down and she retorted with a smartass comeback, I knew it would be her downfall.

Now, I don't expect it to be her downfall because Kelsey is as imperative to Younger and Millennial and Empirical as the other players. But she will likely sweat it out while Zane finds a way to explain himself.

Zane's text indicated he didn't steal LL Moore, and I believe him. The look on his face when he saw Kelsey's phone wasn't one of thrill, and he's been honest with Kelsey from the start.

Additionally, when Charles first threw past Kelsey that Moore was pushing back on his contract, the writing was already on the wall that he was looking elsewhere. 

With all the financial difficulties Empirical has been having, it would be an interesting turn if Rivington and Empirical found a way to work together, thereby merging Zane and Kelsey into a powerhouse couple not to be beat in their field and allowing the financial aspect to take a rest.

Aren't there other fish to fry? Charles has such a rich past, and it's a shame that his character has been so focused on saving the family business that he's been unable to enjoy life as much as he should.

It could also be the only way he and Liza would have a chance at what would be a toe-curling romantic adventure that could move off the shelves faster than Pearls of Wisdom.

Liza's interaction with Jay from Bonfire was enjoyable. The more people her age she gets to know, the more I want to know about her in her own time. Of COURSE she loved Who's The Boss?!

When Jay described the scenario of the show, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Tony Danza my ass. 

The ease with which Jay took the news about her age was so refreshing. 

Blackmailed? What kind of crowd are you running with? Oh yes, publishing.


He literally didn't blink an eye. Calling Charles over to the table seemed like a bad idea at the time, but Jay's intentions were true. Even better, with the work stress and his birthday, that "date" weighing on his mind was the catalyst Charles needed to "just blow" which is exactly what Diana wanted him to do to his candle.

Liza: This is not like you to be so angry before you know the facts.
Charles: You're right. You're right, you're right. I don't know anything! I don't know how I'm going to replace our biggest earner. I don't know how I'm going to make payroll next month, and I don't know why you're dating a 40-something guy in publishing who isn't me!!

That scene was so passionate. As the singing commenced with Charles and Liza standing there, relatively mute, all that needed to happen was for the world to start spinning around them to cap off the episode in true rom-com fashion.

I had completely forgotten Kelsey crying in the other room. Charles would get over it. His pain was all tangled up in Liza with another 40-something publisher, breaking his heart.

Cue the damn goosebumps.

Josh and Liza were so sweet together, and they had a lot of fun. Liza had to get out of her shell and discover she was still a woman with passions she could share with someone. Unfortunately for Josh, that someone wasn't him.

Charles is a very real candidate for that man. He has the potential to be a long-term future romantic partner for Liza. But something has to change, and I don't think it's only her secret.

"A Close Shave" blew me away. It featured the best of all who were featured and played our emotions like an instrument.

After you watch Younger online again, let me know what you think. Were you blown away, too?

A Close Shave Review

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Younger Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Lauren: Ohhh. She was very, very into you. You could have fried an egg on that cooch.
Maggie: Did...did she have a mustache?
Lauren: Honestly? It wasn't on her tits. That's all I was lookin' at.

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