Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Washington Spies

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That’s a wrap!

On Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 10,  we got to see how everything ended up for our fearless spy ring as the American Revolution comes to a close (SPOILER ALERT: The Americans win).

The End of War - Turn: Washington's Spies

The super-sized episode showed what was happening on both sides of the pond after Gen. Washington’s victory at Yorktown.

In England, King George III is desperate to make sure that his legacy does not include the loss of the Americas.

They want independence? I'll give them blood"

King George III

Back on American shores, Gen. Washington is greeted as a hero wherever he goes. When he enters New York for the first time, Abe tries to get his attention because he wants to be paid for his service as part of the spy ring.

Abe has ended up exactly where he started before the war: farming cabbage in Setauket.

However, he needs a loan in order to plant his crops, and in his desperation he tracks down Gen. Washington.

To Abe’s surprise, Gen. Washington comes to Setauket to honor Culper. Abe is shocked again later when Washington personally pays him for his service.

Gen Washington: You are owed much more than this.
Abe: Thank you.
GW: Our country owes its life to heroes whose names it will never know.

The best part of the finale: the return of Robert Rogers, even if he’s a bit of a loony homeless man now. I wish we had seen more of him this season (instead of Peggy/Gen Arnold), as he always has great one-liners and provided some comic relief.

This week, Cicero and Akinbode kept things lighthearted, as they bonded over their war stories of buried treasure and knowing Gen. Washington and their desire to get to Canada.

While the Americans can see that the war is coming to an end, the Brits have convinced themselves that they still have the upper hand.

My legend has yet to be written. I will return to the colonies and I will win.

Benedict Arnold

Col. Simcoe also can’t wait to go back to a post in the colonies, but the only thing he’s offered is a non-combat position in northern Canada.

Yep, that’s right,Simcoe survived all the way to the end of the series.

He may be a colonel, but he’s a major disappointment. I’ve rooted for his death every week since Season 2.

I know in “real life” he didn’t die in the war, but it seems silly to stick to historical accuracy when there are lots of things in the series he probably didn’t do either: Did he actually torture and murder people? Was he really into sadomasochistic sex? Was his voice super high?

I can’t be the only one who thinks Col. Simcoe’s survival was a huge letdown, right?

I was also bummed to see that Anna ended up back with her husband Selah. Anna and Ben flirted all season long, but she goes back with Selah to Connecticut, and we learn Abe never got over her either. Yawn.

The timeline of this wrap-up episode was a bit confusing, as it seemed like Caleb (clean-shaven!) and Ben were both engaged weeks after American won her independence.

And Mary looked to be at least six months pregnant, but Tommy seemed to stay the same age?

We later learn through Abe’s letter that Tommy dies fighting in the Battle of Waynesboro in 1814.

The revolution never ends.

Abe [in letter to his deceased son]

As sad as that update was, another peek into the future revealed a happy ending for a long-suffering character. Seeing Maj. Hewlett staring up at the stars with a woman not named Anna (remember he was smitten with her too!) made the series for me.

What did you think of Turn’s series finale? Did it live up to expectations? Were you happy with where all the characters end up?

If you missed any episode this season, catch up now watch Turn: Washington's Spies online.

Washington Spies Review

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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I assure you that the man you knew as John Graves Simcoe is dead and gone.

Maj. Hewlett

They want independence? I'll give them blood"

King George III