Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13 Review: La Última Hora Mata

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Loyalty, love, and the price of doing business all came to a head on Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13, and no one was left without scars. 

This season finale left me holding my breath as Teresa’s fate hung in the balance and her enemies circled like vultures ready to pick apart her remains. 

Teresa Faces Off - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13

Fortunately, she still had a few loyal friends and one unexpected ally. 

I had a gut feeling that things had gone way too smoothly for Teresa when she managed to get the cocaine away from James and his men. Unfortunately, I was right. 

In going after Big T, Teresa obliterated her budding alliance and her only real backup. Granted, her relationship with the gang was new and tenuous at best, but it had potential, and she doesn’t have a lot of other options. 

Teresa: Devon, I'm in trouble. I need your help to get the coke.
Devon: The product has been delivered in full. James arranged it. Trust me when I tell you contacting me again will be an extremely poor decision on your part.

Devon was quick to turn on Teresa when things went south, but if he can’t get El Santo’s cocaine, will his clientele be willing to go back to the old product? 

Will Teresa’s El Santo connection be enough to keep her in the game?

Pote Has Teresa's Back - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13

Pote’s deadpan reaction to El Santo’s people saving Teresa’s life was perfect.

Is that what went down in La Paz? I'm glad I missed it.


I’m with Pote. I’m not a big fan of the El Santo storyline, but his craziness is an interesting twist. Teresa being considered one of the cult is what gives her the edge over Camila. 

Where Devon was quick to cut ties with Teresa, King George continued to remain loyal. 

When we first met King George, I thought he’d be a one time, quirky character, but I’ve enjoyed his scenes in Queen of the South Season 2 far more than I ever thought I would. He’s nuts, but he respects Teresa in his own way. 

King George - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13

Elsewhere, James stepped up for Camila, like he always has. 

He delivered her cocaine to Devon and followed Camila to Culiacán. He ignored Boaz’s offer to take over Dallas if he killed Camila and rescued Isabela.

As always, James remained her loyal soldier, but now he asked for his freedom to move on.

Camila: Thank you for saving my daughter.
James: I've stayed by your side. I've stayed loyal, but you're back with your family now. You don't need me anymore.
Camila: Where would you go?
James: I've got the $27 million from Devon. I'll deliver it back to you, but I want a cut. I'd say a third is fair.
Camila: Nine million is a good beginning. I have one more question for you. How did you know I was with Epifanio?
James: Boaz told me.
Camila: Did he offer you a deal?
James: He wanted me to kill you.
Camila: Then bye my loyal friend. If you ever need anything you know where to find me.

When James got the okay to leave, he didn’t look back, even when Camila and Epifanio were under attack by Teresa. When James got off that plane, he made a run for it instead of trying to help. 

Perhaps that was because he didn’t want to have to choose between Camila and Teresa. As he pointed out to Guero about taking a shot at Teresa last week in this Queen of the South quote

Guero: You tried to kill her.
James: I was 15 feet away from her. I've never missed a target from that distance in my life, and I would never hurt her like you did.

Is James in love with Teresa? Where is he headed, and does he still have the $27 million from Devon? 

A Blood Spattered James - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13

What couldn’t be questioned was Epifanio’s love for Camila. The man certainly had his flaws, but he always loved Camila, apparently more than she did him and their family. 

All he wanted was for her to come home. He was even willing to walk away from the business to keep his family safe and happy. 

But Camila wasn’t about to make such a sacrifice. Even when she told Epifanio she would, I knew it was a lie.

Epifanio: You're everything I ever wanted. Don't let our daughter become you.
Camila: I'll leave the business, I promise.
Epifanio: No you won't, my love.
Camila: I will.

That someone would die in this season finale certainly wasn’t a shock, yet I still felt for Epifanio more than I ever expected. 

Getting Isabela Back - Queen of the South

Epifanio was correct when he said he knew Camila better than anyone. She was his one true weakness, proving Pote right about more than just Teresa.

Your heart will kill you faster than a bullet.


When Colonel Cortez showed up in Culiacán pledging his loyalty to Camila, I was a little surprised she appeared to accept some sort of a partnership with the man. 

The moment he dragged Pedro into the house, I knew he’d cut out his tongue. That’s the only way he’d allow him to live and be presented to Camila as some sort of a prize. 

I was a little surprised that Camila didn’t want to kill the guy who kidnapped her daughter herself, but then again, Camila hasn’t been one to get her own hands dirty. 

But now everything has been turned upside down. 

Epifanio Is Shot - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13

Having been cleared of all charges, Camila can play the role of the grieving widow and take control of an empire, but she’ll have to take it back from Boaz who won’t make it easy. 

And what of Isabela? Will Camila learn of her plan to take off with the ransom money? And is Kique Jimenez still alive? Camila said he was back with his family, but we never saw it. As a matter of fact, we never even saw James take the restraints off of Kique's hands.

But now James is in the wind, and Guero may be on the run or in jail. Or will Camila find him and use him as Teresa's weakness?

And where did Kelly Anne and Tony end up? 

Then there’s Teresa.

There can only be one queen.


She’ll be hunted as the criminal who killed the governor, and Camila won’t rest until she’s found. 

Teresa only has King George and Pote on her side…and El Santo’s special product. 

Will that be enough to make her queen?

We’ll all have to wait until Queen of the South Season 3 to find out. 

In Mourning Season 2 Episode 13

If you missed a minute of this incredible season, you can always watch Queen of the South online here at TV Fanatic. 

La Última Hora Mata Review

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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Epifanio gave me his whole empire. It's mine. However I have a nagging feeling Camila's not going to like the arrangement, but you take out Camila all of Dallas is yours. You've got to start looking out for yourself.


Epifanio: I'm sorry. I'm as scared as you are.
Camila: We did this to her, you know. This life. We brought this on ourselves.