Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Part 15

Twin Peaks Review: Part 15

On Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 15, Cooper might have finally unlocked something important. Meanwhile, Nadine finally shovels herself out of the shit. Read on for more!
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Power Season 4 Episode 9 Review: That Ain't Me

Power Review: That Ain't Me

Tommy finds himself in a bad spot on Power Season 4 Episode 9, while Tariq looks to leave New York City and escape his problems. Read on for the shocking full review.
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Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Dogwalker

Ray Donovan Review: Dogwalker

On Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 3, Ray helped Natalie James with her problem, while creating one of his own. We have the full review of a solid episode!
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