The Fosters Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Resist

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Resist was an apt title for the first installment of the season.

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 1 was peppered with acts of resistance throughout the hour. The student protest is an obvious nod at #Resist, but it was the quiet, subtle moments that were rewarding.

The premiere picked up right where The Fosters Season 4 Episode 20 left off, and so far, the season is already off to a promising start.

Help Is On the Way - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 1

One of those promising moments was Stef's admonishment of Callie. A round of applause for Teri Polo and Maia Mitchell in that car scene. It was arguably the best of the night.

For years Callie has been reckless, self-destructive, and bone-headed. She continuously ruined good things in her life because she stood in her own way.

It hurts to love her, not because she's an awful person, but because she doesn't love herself as much as everyone loves her. It's upsetting, and she was long overdue for an intervention.

Perhaps, the latest incident with Russell (and Stef's point-blank truth) is finally enough to get Callie back on track. Stef was right, at Callie's rate, one day Stef wouldn't have been there in time to save her, and she'd have ended up in a morgue.

Stef: Troy Johnson confessed.
Callie: What?
Stef: He confessed to Martha's murder.
Callie: What...I'm...what does that mean?
Stef: I don't know. I don't know. I hope it means you'll get your case dismissed, Callie. But you know, you almost didn't stay alive long enough to find out. What's it going to take, Callie? What is it going to take for you to start valuing your life? I just, I don't know what else to do. I don't...One of these days, you're not going to be so lucky, and I'm not going to be able to just take you home because they're going to be taking your body to the morgue.

That was a brutally honest and chilling reality check. Will Callie finally be able to resist this destructive habit of flinging herself into harm's way? Can she resist self-sacrificing? Hopefully so.

Stef keeping it together while still being so visibly distressed was impressive. Her fear was palpable. Is there anything more heroic than a mom trying to protect her child? Doubtful.

Callie dealing with a handsy Russell was heartbreaking. As a former rape survivor, all of Callie's spunk and fire vanished the second he touched her. Fear, PTSD, and knowledge of what men like him are capable of had her catatonic.

There's An App For That - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 1

That's why Diamond's role, and how it related to Callie, was fascinating. Callie silently worked with Diamond to get help, but it was Diamond who had to save the day. Can you imagine putting your life and faith in someone as unpredictable as Diamond?

What kind of mobile data plan does Russell put his girls on? The scene with Diamond trying to send Stef that message was a real nail biter. If the yellow AOL man from those barbaric dial-up days when it took 75 years for the internet to connect ran across the cellphone screen, it would not have come as a shock.

Diamond is a clever girl. All of her information on the interworkings and dynamics of Russell's associates gave her and Callie the perfect opportunity to bolt. It also led to Stef and Margo making a few arrests in their investigation.

Manipulation - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 1

Diamond had a chance to redeem herself, so to speak. All of her moments leading up to the confrontation with Russell were heroic. Thankfully, the show allowed her to be the hero rather than Callie, and that was refreshing.

Yet, Callie still got to be Callie and talk Diamond down from shooting Russell. Callie was still able to stay true to her nature, without having to be the careless heroine. It was necessary for her growth.

Admittedly, my heart plummeted when the police showed up while Diamond was holding the gun. It's an all too familiar image in fiction (and reality) seeing someone wrongfully gunned down.

Diamond Plots - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 1

The Fosters tend to cover current events in brilliant ways, but that would have been too dark and difficult to watch. Plus, I sincerely hope to see Hope Olaide Wilson return down the road.

The student protest, however, may as well have been ripped from a headline about any of the dozens of protests happening around the country. The students of Anchor Beach (led by Mariana) echo the passionate, driven, outspoken youth of today. They were not having the privatization of Anchor Beach.

It was only a matter of time before the protest would get out of hand. Craig had no qualms about calling police on a bunch of teenagers or having school security take extreme measures against them. When he put his hands on Mariana, he was completely out of line.

You lost! Anchor Beach is private. It's over! Go home.


Shoutout to Jude for taking mace to the face to defend his sister, but seriously, school security maced our precious Judi-corn. It's unacceptable.

Craig Stratos is a dick. It needs to be said. Shouldn't he be trying to make sure his mentally ill son is alright? Why is he screaming "You lost" at teens like the smug, rich, entitled bastard that he is? Well played, The Fosters, well played.

Other than extreme frustration and appalling behavior, the protest scene brought us the principal reveal. Monte didn't officially resign. Technically, D-Bag Drew isn't the official principal, and his little vote is invalid.

The fosters 4x20b

Never in a million years did rooting for Monte seem plausible, but "Go, Monte!" It's not over (it never is), but we'll take this small victory. Suck it, Craig and Drew.

As a result of his TBI, Jesus could not resist lashing out over the abortion news. Jesus taking a bat to everything in Brandon's room was scary as heck. Yes, Brandon can have agitating moments, but he's a good guy. He did not deserve to have his room trashed and his treasured belongings destroyed.

The friction between the brothers will be interesting to see unfold. So often, the focus, understandably, tends to be on the person enduring the issues. They get the sympathy, and the onus is on their loved ones to be accommodating and understanding. But it's hard for loved ones dealing with a family member's medical/mental issues.

Gabe: So what's all this about?
Jesus: Emma is pregnant, well, was pregnant. She got an abortion.
Gabe: Why are you mad at Brandon?
Jesus: Because he was the father.

There's this assumption that loved ones aren't allowed to be tired, frustrated or human. Their feelings are invalidated because it's insensitive or politically incorrect to acknowledge the difficulties for them, dealing with a relative's medical/mental/emotional issues.

Obviously, there was nothing but sympathy for Jesus. The poor guy is enduring so much, and Noah Centineo continues to shine with this heavy subject matter.

Brandon was struggling as well. Though he had a few bumpy moments, like when he lashed out at Emma then apologized, I empathized with him.

Brandon: I don't think we're going to find him.
Emma: I never should have gotten you involved in this. I should have just...
Brandon: You should have just left me out of it.

The Fosters is amazing with exploring unique family dynamics. The conversations Ana and Gabe had about their roles in their biological children's lives were some of the best moments of the night.

Gabe reconsidered staying in the garage apartment because Jesus was still upset with him. Gabe doesn't know how to be a parent; he's not even sure he should be considered one. Ana, on the other hand, took having a new baby as a chance to start over.

There's a controversy that I admittedly don't understand regarding the presence of the biological parents in the lives of their biological kids, especially because the adoptive family is a same-sex couple.

It's not like there is a book out there on how NOT to raise your biological kids.


Why is the presence of Ana and Gabe viewed as a slight against Stef and Lena? It doesn't matter what type of family it is, even with traditional ones, it takes a village to raise a child.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, step-parents, godparents, hell, even teachers…they all play a role, regardless of if a family is single-parent, foster/adoptive, same-sex, trans-racial, or traditional. If it's something that the children want or need, there isn't anything wrong with it, right?

A perfect reminder of this is how Ana and Gabe, for the most part, acknowledged that only one of the twins was interested in a relationship with them. Mariana has two moms and doesn't need another, but she does want a relationship with Ana.

It's been hinted at before, but some of it is because her cultural identity as a Latina is something Lena can relate to on a micro-level being a biracial woman, and Stef can't relate to at all. Mariana, however, isn't as connected with Gabe which is perfectly fine.

Jesus isn't as firmly bonded with Ana as Mariana, but he has clearly been the kid who sought out a male influence. It's not a slight against his moms that he craves a male figure in his life. Some kids need one, and some don't. It's not something that can be applied to all, and that's okay.

Brandon has his dad. Jude is a kid who doesn't appear to crave a male influence like Jesus does. It could have been a grandfather, uncle, or teacher, but it just so happens that it's his biological father.

Just Breathe - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 1

For someone who doubted his ability to be an asset to the twins, Gabe certainly stepped up to the plate. He was able to calm Jesus down in one of the sweetest moments of the night. Jesus and Gabe's scenes never cease to reduce a girl to a puddle of feels.

They're both a bit broken and could mutually benefit from their relationship. Hopefully, it's something that will continue to be explored.

Not to be outdone by the boys, Mariana and Ana had a sweet moment of reconciliation. Ana didn't want to face up to her past mistakes and felt like Mariana was attacking her by even mentioning them. Ana had to realize that it didn't matter if she intended ill-will against her kids or not, it doesn't change what Mariana felt.

You cannot tell a person how to feel about something you did to them. As a parent, even if she did give up the twins, she had to suck it up and take in what Mariana had to say.

Mariana Foster

It was a beautiful moment. What was not beautiful, however, was finding out that Mariana is still tweeting. Really, Mariana?

That was a hell of a night for the Foster brood, wasn't it? Moms are in dire need of a vacation.

So Foster Fanatics, what did you think of the premiere? Did this latest incident finally set Callie straight? Do the increased roles of Gabe and Ana in the twins" lives bother you? Will Jesus and Brandon be okay? Sound off below!

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