Legion Season 2: Episode Order, Big Bad & MORE!!

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Legion is one of the best new cable dramas of the year, so it makes sense that fans are eagerly anticipating the show's sophomore season. 

Legion Season 1 found David Haller suffering an identity crisis. He thought he was suffering from mental illness, and spent most of his life trying to find a treatment that helped him. 

Melanie and David Talk - Legion Season 1 Episode 2

Nothing could prepare him for the revelation that he's one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. 

Looking ahead to Season 2, the cast and crew of the FX drama made their way to San Diego Comic-Con, and they came armed with a whole lot intel for the new season. 

The biggest news, of course, is that the series will span ten episodes. That's up two hours from the first season, so we're excited for some more from the intricate world that Noah Hawley created for fans. 

Lenny Revels in her Power - Legion Season 1 Episode 6

A big question heading into the new run was about who was going to be the main antagonist, and we now have some insight into the character. 

Saïd Taghmaoui has been cast as Amahl Farouk, aka the Shadow King. If you watch Legion online, you will know that's who took control of David's brain. 

The villain already appeared in the form of Aubrey Plaza’s character Lenny throughout Season 1

Farouk has a longstanding feud with David's dad, and it looks like he's intent on making David pay for it. 

Saïd Taghmaoui at Premiere

Hawley was quizzed about how he settled on Farouk as the central villain for the series going forward. 

"They're taking something that should be action and turning it into something so much more interesting," he said.

"That always stuck with me: Xavier defeated this guy, went off and had a kid. It always seemed to me that it was an interesting thing we could build into where at first you think it's Division 3 and it's the plucky rebels against the empire."

"And as we're getting ready to fight the empire, we see David's memories and learn he's not mentally ill. The real enemy was within him. I thought that was very subversive."

Jean Smart as Melanie Bird - Legion

At the panel, Rachel Keller was asked whether her character, Syd was going to feel more proactive. 

"It's all about an exploration of who am I and what am I capable of, and how do I reckon with something I thought was wrong and made me sick, but I can now use to help people and deepen a relationship she feels strongly about," said Keller.

Noah Hawley also opened up about whether David and Syd will continue to be romantically linked in future episodes. 

"This is an epic love story between two people who can't physically be together. If season one was the honeymoon, in season two, we're going to explore how this actually works."

David is in Bad Shape - Legion Season 1 Episode 2

Fans wanted to know about whether they would see more of David's back story and Hawley had the best response. 

"We know his story pretty well now, but we don't know everybody's story really well now, so I think there are other people we may see where they came from and how it brought them to this moment."

With David's mind back to normal, it seems that he could be set to make some bad decisions. 

A Looming Threat - Legion

"Now he has to face up to the fact that without that thing in him, he's like everybody else — he has good ideas and impulses, bad ideas and impulses. It might be interesting to see his hubris: 'I'm a hero, so everything I do is heroic,'" Hawley revealed, while Dan Stevens concurred: "There are still a number of issues inside this man's head."

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