Game of Thrones Round Table: What Will Daenerys Do Next?!?

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Daenerys has some troubling times ahead. 

On Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2, the Targaryen leader found herself in quite the predicament when some of her people were attacked. 

Below, TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Christine Hinton, Robin Harry and Paul Dailly discuss all things Daenerys, what's next and the Dorne storyline.

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What did you think of Daenerys' "bend the knee comment" in the message to Jon?

Carissa: It was Dany's way of telling Jon she believes herself to be the more powerful of the two and expects him to bend to her whim at the meeting should he accept the invitation. It's clever, and puts him into an exciting position just by accepting. 

Christine: It was Daenerys taking control of things before he even arrived. They say to 'act the part you want,' well she’s acting the part of the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, and she got that across to Jon Snow before he even showed up. 

Robin: Well, thanks to Tyrion, Jon did not accept an offer to bend the knee, but an offer to work together. Daenerys was clearly trying (too hard) to establish her position as the alpha.

Tyrion, however, figured that would never fly with Jon, and cleverly reworded it to pass a message of collaboration rather than servitude. I can't wait to see what happens when Jon gets there and they both realize how different their expectations are. 

Paul: I was shocked by it when she first said it, but she needs to let everyone in Westeros know she is not a pushover and that she recognizes her status as a leader. 

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Will Daenerys take Olenna's words more seriously after learning what happened on the ship?

Carissa: Daenerys should be taking the words of the group seriously and not necessarily listening to one voice only. If she hopes to be as great a leader as she expects to be, listening to only one, even one as sage and as close to the Lannisters as Tyrion himself, merely gives Tyrion the power instead of Dany.

She needs to make her own decisions, not listen to any one person to act on theirs. Listening to everyone and forming her own opinion proves she's growing into the leader she should be.

Christine: I agree with Carissa. One of Daenerys’ strengths is that she’s generally willing to listen to all sides before deciding. She showed that wisdom in the way she handled Lord Varys.

It’s when she’s forged ahead without considering the counsel of others that she’s gotten into trouble, but dealing with the debacle that occurred on that ship will definitely test her. 

Robin: I kinda hope not. I do agree that Dany needs to weigh everyone's opinions to make her own decisions, but she's a rookie at politics and Tyrion is stellar at it. I would hate for her to start disregarding Tyrion's expertise and going all burn-them-all because of one setback.

Also, Olenna's got nothing left to lose, and her only intention is to see Cersei burn. If she thinks Daenerys is the dragon to do it, then she will prod that dragon to get what she wants with no regard for others. I don't know if hers is the best advice to heed.

Paul: Daenerys seems to be listening to whatever Tyrion is selling, and I feel like Olenna had a lot of valid points. Daenerys should look at Olenna's current predicament as a prime example of what could happen. 

Arya Continues Her Mission - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2

What are your thoughts on Arya's meeting with Nymeria?

Carissa: Heartbreaking. But also beautiful, because only Nymeria is exactly like the one who raised her. Neither follows another.

It wouldn't make sense for Nymeria to break from the pack and follow Arya home any more than it would for Arya to settle down and marry, shuffling around the manor and running a house. It's not her. They have both formed their own unique place in the world.

Christine: I felt as happy to see Nymeria as Arya and as sad to see her leave, but it made sense. She’s made her own way and leads her own pack. If anyone can respect that, it’s Arya. 

Robin: I thought it was beautiful. Just like it wasn't Arya to become a lady and wife, it wasn't Nymeria to be a pet or a companion. They're both wild, fierce and independent. Nymeria, though, still had her pack.

I think Nymeria showed Arya that she can still be wild and independent as she always wanted to be, but be surrounded by her own pack, her family. I think it solidified Arya's decision to go north. 

Paul: It's a full house. I loved it. Scenes like this one make it clear we are approaching the end of the series, and it packed an almighty emotional punch. More like this, please!

Meeting the Family - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2

How far will Littlefinger go to get Sansa to turn on Jon?

Carissa: Does he have to go that far? Sansa learned a lot watching Cersei and clearly admires her. She's rocking a whole lot more than a similar hairstyle. I have a feeling it will be Littlefinger, in the end, who is the most surprised by what he doesn't know by the girl he "loves."

Christine: He’s smart, and an exemplary manipulator, but Sansa isn’t blind to that. I think she’ll be more difficult to sway than Littlefinger thinks, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she were the one to end him. 

Robin: I don't know that Littlefinger has any room to do that. I mean, who the hell ever knows with Littlefinger, but as far as I can see, he's kinda played all his cards.

He has no real allies outside the Vale, Sansa trusts him less than she trusts anyone and she's got all the aces, knowing all of his deceptions and machinations. I think he's desperate, hence trying to get Jon on his side (dude, aren't you tired of getting choked by Starks?)

Paul: Littlefinger is such a vile opportunist. He will go to any lengths necessary to have some power, but I do think Sansa is on to him. She's smarter than she was a few years back, and I don't see her making impulsive decisions.

The power could go to her head, but I'd like to think she does not let Littlefinger get in her ear. 

How long will Samwell spend at the Citadel if he has genuinely figured out how to cure greyscale?

Carissa: I have a better question. Will there be a scene with Samwell this season that doesn't make me want to throw up?

Christine: Oh, you’re not kidding! Yes, Samwell had to debride most of Jorah’s skin. We got the point, but we didn’t want to live through it with him. I’ll admit that I didn’t watch most of that scene. 

As to your actual question, I’m hoping that Samwell gains more power at the Citadel. I’m guessing the information he can gather there is far more powerful than having him anywhere else. 

Robin: I think Sam will be at the Citadel for as long as it takes him to come up with solutions to everything. Greyscale is just the beginning. Also, I find it hilarious how people were grossed out by that scene, but I'm a nurse. Gross is a way of life. 

Paul: Samwell's storyline is growing on me, and I think he will be a more lucrative asset to the Citadel if he starts finding solutions to things that could help.

What's next for Theon now that he's essentially turned back into Reek?

Carissa: Theon didn't turn back into Reek. He was faced with one of the most horrifying situations of his life – again – and freaked the hell out. If you've ever suffered as Theon did – and if you did and are watching Game of Thrones, more power to you – then you are most likely familiar with PTSD. Theon has it, and there was no place he'd want to have had it less than when his uncle was ready to kill his sister, I assure you.

Theon was such a little shit, but what he suffered I'd wish on no man. I imagine he'll either power through to become more brutal than any man on earth or whisk himself to the mountains to live in solitude.

Christine: I felt for him. There was no way he could fight and win, so he did the best he could and saved himself. I think his bigger problem will be if his sister is alive, and she finds him. 

Robin: I agree with Carissa, I don't think Theon turned back into Reek. I think it was equal parts PTSD, and the realization that any action on his part would have been futile for both him and Yara. He wouldn't have been able to take Euron on, and he knew it. Theon survived to fight another day. 

Paul: There was no way he could fight the battle and get out alive. He chose the decision that meant he and his sister had a fighting chance, but I still think he could return to being Reek.

It's understandable that PTSD could be coming to the forefront. What happened to him was vile, and as Carissa said, he did not deserve it. 

Looking online, the Sand Snakes and the Dorne storyline, in general, seems to be hated by most. Are you a fan of it? 

Carissa: That's usually the part when I take a little breather, if that's any indication. Do some editing, what have you.

Christine: I actually liked the woman from Dorne better in this episode than in any other. I only wish one of them had been able to take out Euron Greyjoy. You know he must be bad when he makes me root for the Sand Snakes!

Robin: I liked Oberyn (until he died stupidly) and enjoyed the short-lived romance between the prince and Myrcella. That said, I find Ellaria and all the Sand Snakes incredibly irritating. 

Paul: I thought the Dorne stuff was a good change of pace, but not reading the books is likely why I'm a fan of them. It sounds like the books cover the storyline much better. 

Over to you, Game of Thrones Fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions!

Note: Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 airs Sunday on HBO!

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