The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Smash The Patriarchy

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On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 1 we were introduced to a group of women, each navigating their own kind of journey. The core for all of them, though, are their bonds with one another, specifically Kat, Jane, and Sutton.

Diving into all of their lives at once was a really great way of getting the audience hooked on each of the leads. And even though all of them work at Scarlet, there is already tension building because of the scattered places they have in it. 

The pilot was a wonderful opening to the series, making it clear right away that this is all about the women and their stories.

Not once was there a moment when it seemed as if their paths were anchored to any men. 

What's Going On Here Then? - The Bold Type

Kat and her story connected with me the most, especially considering her relationship with Adena.

She was the one from the group who spoke out during Scarlet meetings with the board directors. Someone as opinionated and vocal as Kat wasn't prepared for a situation when making noise didn't change things for the better.

This was definitely one of the more frustrating parts of the episode, if only because I wanted to know if Adena was okay, but just like Kat, we were left in the dark.

The Kat and Adena relationship didn't seem like it would grow beyond Kat convincing her to run the article, so seeing their continued interaction gave me hope about where the storyline is heading.

Wanting to see Kat and Adena together beyond friendship was a small dream, one that got a little bigger knowing Adena was gay.

Who would have thought that they would actually have a conversation about Kat's sexuality?

That was unexpected but promising, creating a dialogue about maybe exploring Kat and her recent connection with Adena as well as herself. 

Kat did mention that she considered herself straight, yet that conversation in full was a little too familiar.

The way that Adena called out Kat on making jokes when she was uncomfortable made me wonder if maybe it wasn't the first time Kat had to convince others, or even just herself, that she wasn't into women.

It's possible projecting, but that scene between Kat/Adena was there for a reason, and can't be the last time that is explored. 

Adena: You know, there's a lot more inside of a woman than what you can see on the outside.
Kat: Yeah I know, there's a lot more inside of me too.

Jane's path, on the other hand, was more about her realizing that she needs to be exactly what drew her to Scarlet in the first place. 

She mentioned that Scarlet was there for her when she needed advice or experience that she didn't have around her and now she can impart on other readers.

Jacqueline's advice to her was very much, ''write what you know." 

And as much as Jane tried to push that away at first, that is what makes her stand out. Jacqueline made it clear that she wanted to hear what Jane could write, not what Jane thought Jacqueline wanted to see.

Jane's experience not only with her ex but with her friends and her career is personal to her.

No one else went through exactly what she did, yet I'm sure her story about getting over an ex will reach many people who are going through the same thing.

Jane is also the only one right now who is being challenged as a writer. I can't deny that a show that follows several creative forces isn't inspiring in and of itself.

Even the small details like pitching a story and not getting a good response, or trying to work on a piece and feeling stuck in the process. 

That's where the relationship between Jacqueline and Jane comes in as another example of real stories about women.

Jacqueline is not forced into some strange stereotype where the editor isn't looking to help her and upcoming creators to succeed. Instead, there is a nice dose of mentorship and inspiration. 

Jacqueline wants Jane to do well and to conquer, but she won't let her off that easy. She takes the time to push Jane into unknown territory as well as to give out heartfelt advice.

Nothing meant more to me than watching these women support each other because they know they aren't each other's competition. 

What made this premiere a perfect example of an empowering series that is truly created for women is the way everyone within the magazine interacted with one another.

Jane, Kat, and Sutton are best friends who are still figuring things out but who are completely there for each other. They only want more success for one another, and you can feel that their friendship is well established.

Meanwhile, the intimidating boss is far from that when you realize how much the people who work for Scarlet matter to her. 

When Jacqueline gave that speech, I got embarrassingly emotional because it held such weight. It also set the theme for the series as a whole.

Kat, Jane, and Sutton can have their problems, but at the end of the day, it is about putting themselves first which Jacqueline continues to remind them. 

It's kind of why I fell in love with Scarlet, because when I needed it it was like getting advice from an older sister that I always wished I had.


Sutton's story stood out to me because at first, it seems like we need to focus solely on her relationship with Richard.

That isn't to say that it is a bad place to start, especially since Sutton knew exactly what she wanted and let him know that she was looking to be valued. 

It was the perfect way to handle a forbidden relationship. It was all about giving Sutton the power instead of taking it away. 

Usually, the way Richard and Sutton would be written would mean Sutton would suffer for a while before pushing back.

It was nothing short of refreshing having Sutton aware of what she wanted and expressing it right away.

What captured my attention more, though, was the way Kat and Jane moved up at Scarlet while Sutton was still an assistant. 

There is nothing wrong with being an assistant, a stepping stone to bigger and better things, but Sutton appears to be over it. 

It has to be frustrating to feel like you are meant to be farther along, yet you're stuck in one place. There wasn't a huge focus on where Sutton see herself and what she is pushing herself to do in her career, which is what I am looking out for in the future.

Kat and Jane have their paths chosen, at least that is what we can assume from Kat being the Social Media Director and Jane scoring a writer position at Scarlet.

As for Sutton, something tells me she has her eye on a possible editor job. It's far from an option right now, but she is determined to achieve things in her professional life, another reminder of how much I'm expecting this show to inspire me along the way. 

First of all, I can screw whoever I want.


Overall, The Bold Type was above and beyond what I could have expected. Kat, Jane, and Sutton have stolen my heart, and I am now incredibly invested in them.

Seeing myself in small glimpses within all three of them is exactly where the show was aiming. This show is unbelievably important because its priority is exploring topics like sexuality, love, friendship, and identity. 

By focusing on those topics, they achieve strong female leads, relevant political conversations, and empowering messages of support for anyone who joins their journey.

There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to tune in because The Bold Type solidifies why I'm proud to be a writer, a woman, a feminist, and myself. 

And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back because you don't just work for Scarlet, you are Scarlett.


What did you think of the premiere? Which of the three leads did you connect with the most? Whose journey are you most excited to see explored? What would you want to see more of or to see in general? 

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The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back because you don't just work for Scarlet, you are Scarlett.


Adena: You know, there's a lot more inside of a woman than what you can see on the outside.
Kat: Yeah I know, there's a lot more inside of me too.