iZombie Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2

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Welcome to Z-Club Dale and Ravi (?), it's a shame it had to happen like this. 

There is a lot to process after watching iZombie Season 3 Episode 13

It certainly was an interesting finale, that's for sure. 

Liv Is Ready for War - iZombie

Discovery Day is upon the citizens of Seattle, and it has turned everything we know, so far, about the series on its head. Zombies are at an advantage now, and Seattle has become the zombie beacon that Vivian Stoll knew it would be. She just had no idea it would go down like this. 

Gold's scheming didn't come as much of a surprise following the events of iZombie Season 3 Episode 12. She did, in fact, have Vivian killed for being too idealistic. She also was behind the death of Wally and was responsible for pinning it on the Zombie-Truthers. 

All around, she was the sneaky, nefarious mastermind from the get-go behind everything, including the Aleutian virus that Katty was investigating. She wasn't however responsible for Katty's death.

Apparently, Patrice and Tatum didn't think it was stupid as hell to eat brain in front of a window, so Patrice had to take Katty down (Gold finished her off) for seeing too much. Ho-hum.

You and Vivan weren't idealists. You were cowards.


So, how do we feel about Gold as our season's "Big Bad?" On the one hand, I'm grateful that it isn't some new character dropped on us out of the blue. The way this season has been, it very well could have happened. On the other hand, it was underwhelming. 

Gold's attempt to set up Chase was even predictable. Did anyone believe he was the one behind Wally's death or offsetting a killer flu? I didn't buy it. The awkward interrogation scene with Clive and Liv, clad in the fluffiest robe ever, was still amusing, though.

The Aleutian Flu plot being dumped on us in the last two installments is a frustrating development. It came out of nowhere. There were barely any hints of it all season.

So, by the time they started bringing up Gold's daughter bringing Chase's dog to Seattle from Paris on that flight, and his dog subsequently being used to carry this bug, I was annoyed. 

Gold's plan was to infect the citizens of Seattle with the flu, known as the Aleutian Flu so that all the humans would die and there would be brains for all the zombies. In case you missed it, or forgot which is a strong possibility, the Fillmore Graves zombies are living off of rations and essentially starving. 

It's difficult to care about this plot because Liv has all access to the brains in the morgue, and Blaine is running an entire bar off of the brains he obtains from dead people at Shady Plots. Our zombies are fine. 

Fillmore Graves is infecting the Aleutian with zombie blood. Everyone who takes the vaccine is going to turn into a zombie.


Why can't this arrangement work? Even if the started off small and had a zombie at every morgue and funeral home in the city, couldn't that be enough to sustain Seattle's zombies without spreading zombieism everywhere? 

Starting a zombie apocalypse is like jumping into the deep end when you don't have to. But, Gold was mostly about just having zombies take over the city completely. Chase being a quick draw put an end to her. Fantastic scene, by the way. 


But, I guess by then her plan had gone into motion, so Chase just went along with it? I don't think Chase is a bad guy, but in sticking with this plan, he's not a good one either. As Liv said, he's basically holding the nation hostage. 

As long as humans agree to donate their organs, and their brains to zombies, the zombies promise not to eat humans. to ensure that, they successfully turned half the city into zombies who have to be every bit as dependent on brains as they are. 

This plan is far from fool-proof considering neither Vivian or Chase had enough control over Gold and her cohorts to prevent any of this from happening. Now, he has expanded the zombie population, but somehow believes he'll be able to control them too? This is ridiculous. 

We haven't even gotten to the fact that Fillmore Graves has outed themselves and all zombies, so now, instead of a handful of wakadoodle conspiracy theorists, we have angry mobs of humans. There is nothing more American than fearful citizens looting stores and arming themselves with guns. So many guns. 

That moment with the zombie soldiers unloading their weapons on a mob of angry humans was disheartening. There's no going back from this. A war has been waged, ironically the zombies have struck first, and everyone has to pick a side. 

Major chose his. It's not the least bit surprising. He's been heading down this path for some time. Most of us speculated that he would be back to being a zombie by the end of the season. Natalie's death was the final straw that had him begging Chase for a scratch. 

Chase: If we're going to survive, we're going to have to do a few things that can't be undone. If I scratch you, you better be damn sure what side you're on.
Major [extends his wrist]: It's not even close.

I wish I could say that Major's choice to go over to the dark side is understandable, but I still can't say that. Don't get me wrong; Major has gone through hell, repeatedly. It's absurd how much he catches it. 

However, his not only rejoining the zombie race but helping to infect a population (including kids) is unforgivable. I'm severely disappointed by how he got to this point. It's not him at all. Remember how upset he was about not having a choice? 

Has Major faced some serious hardships? yes. Was it enough to justify all of this? Nah, sorry, Major. People go through sh*t all the time, not everyone responds by taking part in the mass infection of a population.

Justin's "betrayal" came as less of a surprise because he was still upset with Liv. Liv's desperate attempt at trying to pin her choice to sleep with Chase on Katty brain was not one of her finest moments. The brain wasn't the problem. It was her choice. 

She was able to stop herself before sleeping with humans. So, why couldn't she stop herself with Chase? 

Justin: Why do I have a feeling my night's not getting any better?
Liv: I slept with Chase Graves.

I was so thrilled that Dale was finally initiated into Z-Club. For a split second, it seemed like Clive and Dale could have their happily ever after. Then she got the freaking virus. SERIOUSLY?! That was so cruel. Clive is the sunshine of the show. He should always be happy. Why couldn't he be happy with Dale? They c

They could have been a crime-fighting, zombie-ally power couple. It was very upsetting, but helping her dye her hair was sweet.

Love You

Then, as if it wasn't difficult enough dealing with Clive having his paramour contract the virus, and our puppy dog Major taking a turn to the dark side, the hour ended with our beloved, nerdy BFF endangering himself for the cause. 

It's going to take weeks for me to process Ravi possibly becoming a zombie. No.

It's like we can't have nice things. No one, NO ONE will ever be able to say that Ravi isn't the best, most loyal friend in existence. I wouldn't willingly become a zombie to save half of my family, and Ravi is out here getting scratched for the greater good. 

That final Ravioli scene brought on all the feels. All of them. My allergies started acting up around their "I love you" exchange. Where do you think this can go? Do you think Ravi successfully created a zombie cure?

Liv: I love you, Ravi.
Ravi: I love you too, Liv.
Liv: Give me that arm...you're sure?
Ravi: I'm sure.

Obviously, for Ravi's sake, we can only hope that his cure works. It's like an unspoken rule that Ravi and Clive have to make it through the series as humans, right? Right?! Yet, if he does manage to make a cure, that would bring the series closer to an end. 

Did you enjoy the finale? Did anything shock you? Are you ready for a zombie Ravi if his cure doesn't work? How do you feel about Major's dark turn? Sound off below.

A lot happened this season. If you missed anything or just want to relive it, you can watch iZombie online here at TV Fanatic.

Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2 Review

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Justin: Why do I have a feeling my night's not getting any better?
Liv: I slept with Chase Graves.

Liv: We thought you were dead.
Major: Natalie's dead.