iZombie Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Conspiracy Weary

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What a jam-packed hour.

There was so much happening on iZombie Season 3 Episode 11, it's hard to process it all without one's head spinning a bit. iZombie has been juggling a few plots, and they tried to advance each and every one of them. 

It was a heavy-handed installment.

Group Vision

So, about that rescue mission... It was disappointing that the great Blaine and Liv car scene on iZombie Season 3 Episode 12 was cut short before they ever made it into the compound. So, naturally, I was pretty hyped about the action continuing. 

It was fun but anticlimactic. There was barely any action at all. You can't get our blood pressure up with Ravi staring down the barrel of a gun and Bliv coming in hot for some kickass action, and then let it fizzle off the way that it did.

I also thought it was odd that Liv didn't tell Justin to meet her up there. Fillmore Graves army found out via the live feed. Zero sense made there. At least Chase brought the big guns though, and a couple of the Jahn brothers went out in a blaze of stupidity.

Blaine: Hey, my rage wore off. I need you to zap me so I can tear down this gate.
Liv: With pleasure.
Ravi: Liv, please. Can I?

That did lead to some awesome moments with Liv, Blaine, and Don E chowing down on conspiracy theorist brain. Can I put in a request now that this dynamic trio is explored a bit more next season? They were an entertaining bunch.

I could not stop laughing at the three of them theorizing over whether or not Tupac and Biggie were alive, and who killed them if they weren't. I was nearly in tears. 

I love that no matter what iZombie characters you match up, the dynamic is always going to be entertaining to watch, even if it's an unexpected combination. 

Brain Dining

There is no wrong with mixing and matching characters. None! Clive and Peyton were a delightful pair on iZombie Season 3 Episode 10.

Now I would pay money to watch an entire hour of Liv, Blaine, and Don E hopped up on the same brain sharing visions.

Blaine's right to wonder. Can they make it a regular thing? Along with Clive and their D&D games? 

Clive: What the hell?
Blaine: Did you see that? In the woods?
Liv: Inside Harley's truck.
Don E: Did we just have a threeway?

Blaine's transformation from a villain to a patient, gray-area ally, is the smartest move he could have made. Blaine isn't absolved of his sins, be it his horrific ones of the past or the manipulative and poor choices of the recent past. 

That being said, he's in a position now where he's not an antagonist to the core group, and in a way, he's aligned with them. I like that, and I like the possibilities that come with it. He willingly jumped in and worked on a case without being prompted or asked to do it. More of that, please.

Group Vision

I also enjoyed the race to get to the Jahn's cabin in time. Chase is trying to use Liv's information but mostly work on his own with Fillmore Graves. However, I understand his reluctance to depend on Liv and the Seattle police force.

Hopefully, I'm not pulling a Major and being distracted by a naked Jason Dohring getting spray tanned (a scene I truly enjoyed. Thank you, iZombie gods. Thank. You.). I'm not as suspicious of Chase anymore.

We got a clearer vision of him, and I'm not seeing him as so sketchy any longer.

I also think he's totally into Liv, which amuses me to no end because it reminds me of Logan and Veronica, and I will be a Marshmallow until I die. He seems enamored. Who can blame him, though?

Tan and Dye

I'm not even confident that he had anything to do with Vivian's death now. I'm starting to wonder if it was Baracus.

Baracus won the election as expected, but think of all the things that probably had to have happened to get him there. Mysterious situations with his opponent raised a brow, for sure. Then there's his role with Weckler.

Peyton was killing it following the lead with the lockbox. Is it wrong that I like P.I. Peyton slightly more than lawyer Peyton?

Anyway, I loved the way she handled Tatum. That memory card was some damning evidence, but it put Baracus at the time of the suspect list.

Is anyone else curious as to how/why Tatum was having a vision if we just saw her eating brain mash? Whose brain was she in and what happened to her supply of brain mash? Tatum is a mystery, but there just isn't room for more mysteries.

Bed Head and Brains

Then there's the Shawna and Rachel situation. We're to understand that Shawna was supposed to be a red herring to throw us off when Rachel was the real threat. Did anyone actually trust Rachel completely though? 

Shawna, for all we know, could still be sketchy. She could even still pose a threat because she didn't respond well to Major breaking up with her. 

It just bugged me that it played out as if fans were wrong to doubt Major when I don't feel that those of us who do are wrong.

Major: I don't want to be any story. I just want to go back to when nobody knew who I was.
Shawna: Oh, baby. That ship has sailed.

Ravi's colossal error does not change the fact that of Team Z, Major is the weakest link because he's so trusting and doesn't think things all the way through. It doesn't change the fact that even though he's protective, he's also most likely to put himself and the others at risk even while trying to protect them.

Watching Major, the human, showing up at the zombie truther crime scene, or being so near that explosion, was tense. I understand that he doesn't feel like he has anywhere else to go, and he feels accepted there, but this isn't like joining a police force or being in the military. We're talking zombies, here!

Army Major

I couldn't even enjoy him having drinks with the guys in honor of their fallen friends because I kept thinking about that time Chase shot Justin as punishment. 

Shawn's Tumblr was creepy. Everything she told him about not being a hermit and living his life was on point though. I don't know if I buy her Tumblr tactic, but it may have actually worked, so kudos to her.

Does this mean we may be moving on from kicked-puppy Major? 

Ravi trying to track down Rachel and calm her down? Was I game for Ravi trying to defend his friend after she found out Major was the Chaos Kidnapper? 

Major: Hey! You must be Rachel.
Rachel: Your roommate is the Chaos Killer? I gotta get out of here.
Ravi: Rachel!
Major: Chaos Kidnapper. If you must know.

Ravi running down everything about zombies to this woman he didn't bother to check out? I'm just not buying that he would be that reckless.

Now, Liv's face and everything he shared with Rachel are splashed across the front page of a newspaper. I still don't know if this is within the realm of anything believable for most people.

It could very well be dismissed like one of those tabloids talking about UFOs that you'll see in line at the grocery store. Does anyone even read a newspaper anymore? Also, zombies got reach, especially with one as mayor. 

What if I told you that, yes, zombies are real, and yes, they eat brains, but they're not monsters...most of them, anyway. They're just like you and me.


It still is a screwed up situation Ravi has found himself in, and Liv's face is everywhere. Not only is what Ravi shared an issue, but you add that to everything the Zombie Truthers had, and whatever that other reporter had on a mysterious virus at the CDC, and Discovery is closing in on the zombie community.

That other reporter's contacts must lead back to Katty, right? It has been frustrating that these characters have been introduced, barely used, and then killed off.

Because based on those promos, Katty is totally dead, right? 

There are a few developments. You might want to make some room on the front page.


Harley becoming precisely what he hated was the perfect comeuppance, but it was predictable. The minute they showed him shrouded in dark lighting with a blanket covering his hand, it was pretty obvious how the scene would play out.

I just hate that Clive thought he had closure and now he doesn't. Despite the ballistics leading back to Harley's gun being used to shoot Wally and the attempt on Baracus' life, Harley isn't the shooter.

Clive: That doesn't bring Wally or Ana back. Hell, it doesn't even feel good. I thought it would.
Liv: He didn't do it.

He was there to hear Wally and his family get shot though. Which takes this whole case back to either Fillmore Graves or Baracus. Unless someone else comes into this somehow, which the way this season has played out, I wouldn't be surprised.

Did I leave anything out? So much was going on throughout this hour that there is a strong possibility that I did. If so, let me know in the comments below.

Did that Reporter Rachel reveal come as a shock? Was Shawna trustworthy after all? Did you expect Harley to turn? Who really shot Wally and his family? 

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Conspiracy Weary Review

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Blaine: Hey, my rage wore off. I need you to zap me so I can tear down this gate.
Liv: With pleasure.
Ravi: Liv, please. Can I?

They're killing machines you dumb sonuvabitch. Those things killed my brother. They'll kill us all!