Grey's Anatomy Season 14: Kim Raver Returns!

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Grey's Anatomy has had a revolving door of cast members over the years, and it's always good to hear that someone is returning after many years away. 

Kim Raver is the latest actress slated to book a return to the veteran medical drama series, but how long will she be sticking around?

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According to Deadline, Raver's return as Teddy Altman is being billed as a guest arc. That could mean one episode or a handful, and we can't be the only ones holding out hope for the latter. 

Kim initially joined the series during Grey's Anatomy Season 6 and stayed until the conclusion of Grey's Anatomy Season 8. Her exit storyline involved Teddy being relieved of her duties at Seattle Grace. 

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you will likely remember the reason for the firing was so that Altman would accept her dream job and make her escape from the hospital. 

That dream job was as Chief of MEDCOM. Other details are scarce at this stage, and we have no idea if her return will mean her career did not pan out as well as she had hoped. 

There is also the possibility that there could be some disaster episodes on their way and she will be lending a hand at the hospital. 

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Whether she will actually set foot in the hospital, we don't know at this stage, but it would be a bit of a wasted opportunity not to have her return to see some of her old friends. 

However, she will likely be shocked at how many people are still working at her old haunt since she did her last rounds at Grey Sloan. Like we said earlier, the show has a revolving door of characters. 

Just a few days back, Raver signed on for Ray Donovan Season 5 as a surgeon. That was billed as a recurring arc at the time, so the 24 alum is keeping busy going from show to show. 


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Note: Grey's Anatomy returns later this year. 

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