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How did Jane feel about the new love in her life?

That was a key question on Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 18 when it became apparent that she was ready to move on with her life. 

Meanwhile, Xo and Rogelio were eager to share news with Jane, but did she take a break from her new life for her parents?

Also, Jane and Rafael explained their family origins to Mateo. 

Use the video above to watch Jane the Virgin online to get up to speed with the latest drama. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Jane: No, you loved the idea of me; a good girl that you could introduce to your grandma.
Fabian: Exactly! So what's the problem?
Jane: The problem is the whole Madonna-Whore paradigm is reductive. I am a real person who you know nothing about.

So if you don't mind grabbing me my purse, it's just right next to your... your penis.