Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Resist

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Can we just go ahead and elect Cat Grant for President?

Lynda Carter has been a fun guest star, but she hasn't been given the best material in her minimal amount of screen time. 

If we're only going to get to see Cat on a limited basis anyway, why not just make her the leader of the free world? 

Cat's Back! - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21

I probably could have quoted everything that came out of Cat's mouth on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21, but then I would have been up all night. Still, what a reminder of how amazing she is and how much we've missed her!

It's disappointing we can't have her airing every week. Have we grown fonder of her in absence? We certainly appreciated her return! 

Ladies, if I wanted to listen to this adolescent macho-posturing, I would have stayed in D.C. Is this really who you want to be? Testosterone-driven windbags boasting about your big guns? Surely we don't need to measure anything. We're women.


Cat didn't just arrive to provide brilliant speeches and witty one-liners (though we were treated to both). She joined the team and volunteered to play a part in the resistance. She bravely put herself in the line of fire to serve as a distraction for Supergirl to save the people she loves. 

Of course, it's possible none of that would have happened without one of Cat's profound monologues. 

Kara's inner turmoil over making the selfish choice to save her friends, or carrying out the President's orders was tearing her apart. Ever since embracing her powers, she's put everyone else ahead of herself. She's risked her life countless times. Selfish is not a word I'd use to describe her. 

Cat provided just what Kara needed, telling her that the secret to happiness is a human connection. Supergirl Season 2 questioned whether Kara could have a life and still be Supergirl. Now as the season is coming to a close, that theory is being put to the ultimate test. 

Can Kara really have it all? Well, not without turning to the enemy for help apparently. 

Teaming Up - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21

Lena has not one, but TWO crazy women vying to be her mother figure. What did she do to deserve this? 

Both of them seem to care about her in their own twisted way, but Lena could use a sane female role model in her life. 

She looked genuinely shocked to see Lillian as part of her rescue mission. If Lillian hadn't immediately betrayed Supergirl, there might have been an ounce of hope for their relationship. 

Thank goodness Winn and Kara had a plan in place in case of a Lillian double-cross. I would have been incredibly annoyed if that hadn't occurred to them. 

Princess Lena? - Supergirl Season 2 Episode

The whole arranged marriage/forced spawn thing was ridiculous. Maybe Daxamites can reproduce with just hair, but humans can't, yet one-half of them being human apparently didn't matter. 

Do Daxamites divorce? Do they get annulments? The wedding didn't happen, but who's not curious what their options would be if it did? 

Mon-El: I can see why Kara loves you.
Lena: Likewise.

OK, does Lena know Kara loves Mon-El? Doesn't she think Kara's dating Mike? Mon-El's not wearing the glasses, and he's clearly an alien, so what does this mean? 

Seconds later Supergirl walked in, and they pretended Kara "sent her" to get them, so they're still going with the ruse that Lena doesn't know. 

Was it just a mistake that no one caught on, or was it supposed to be a subtle hint that Lena really does know? 

As for not so subtle hints...

Cat: Thanks, James.
James: I'm Guardian.
Cat: Oh honey, I can see your eyes right through the slits.


Cat has now figured out in a matter of moments that Barry is The Flash and that James is Guardian. She HAS to know Kara is Supergirl, right? 

Yes, she figured it out once and J'onn did his shape-shifter thing, but no one is buying that worked anymore. 

At this point, the writers are just messing with us. 

Alex and Kara - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21

As soon as Kara questioned what Alex would do if it were Maggie, it became obvious we'd end up in a situation where Kara was trapped on the ship. There's no way Alex would push the button in that scenario, right? 

What happened? 

Her hand hovered over the button, but we didn't see her press it. What we did see was a big, fiery explosion and a comment from Alex that the cannon is gone. 

So...did the cannon somehow malfunction and explode too early, or is it still on it's way to the ship? How did it go off? Again, I don't think Alex pressed the button. Did the President somehow do it remotely when it became obvious Alex wouldn't carry out her orders? 

The promo shows Kara and Rhea alive and well, so if the cannon went off, they obviously got off the ship first. 

I have to admit, they got me with the Superman reveal.

I knew he was coming back, but when I didn't see his name in the opening credits (yes, I looked), I figured it wasn't happening until Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22. 

Of course, why he punched Kara in the face remains to be seen. 

What are your theories on Superman? Was Cat's return everything you hoped it would be? Hit the comments and let us know!

With only one episode left, now is the time to watch Supergirl online and get caught up!

Resist Review

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Winn: Uh guys, I just picked up on some sort of live transmission from Air Force One.
Kara: Air Force One?
Alex: Wait, don't tell me the President is heading towards the conflict and not away.
Kara: Every time I think I can't get happier I voted for that woman...

Kara: James, I'm so glad you're okay.
James: Yeah, me too. It's a war zone out there. Daxamite troops are beaming down from everywhere, setting up checkpoints, arresting resisters. It's almost like they're instituting their own Martial Law.
Winn: Not to mention the full on Independence Day going out there with the mothership hovering over the city.