Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19 Review: Alex

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Emotions were running higher than they've ever been on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19

Do we all need to take a moment to process? 

This series has always been about a family that is #strongertogether, and that may never have been truer than when Alex was kidnapped. 

Alex - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19

Kara and Maggie may have had different ideas on how to save Alex, but one thing they both agreed on was how much they love her. As Alex said at dinner, they are both stubborn, but they're also a great team. 

Kara has superpowers. Maybe she has gotten to a point where she relies just a little too much on them. But, at the same time, we've seen her work effectively without them. 

She may have a "punch first" mentality, but honestly, when that option is taken away, she doesn't just shut down and give up. She always finds a way, from talking down burglars after her solar flare to freeing those prisoners on Slaver's Moon. She's a hero with or without her powers. 

Her emotions understandably clouded her judgment, but that's where Maggie thrived. She helped Kara remember what she usually does in situations where her powers aren't an option, and she remembered just when Maggie's emotions started to cloud her. 

It was pretty amazing that one of them had a level head the entire time, but never at the same time. They brought each other back down to reality, and that's why they worked so well together. 

Maggie: I told you not to rush in. Now you've made things worse.
Kara: I did what I thought was right.
Maggie: I should have been heard. I should have been listened to. I'm her girlfriend.
Kara: I'm her sister!
Maggie: And you think that trumps me? That you know what's right for her? I got her to be herself, Kara. I have just as much to lose as you do. You should have listened to me.

Of course, in the real world, neither one of them would have been allowed to work this case. They were both way too close to this thing, but this isn't the real world. Regardless, Maggie's points were valid. 

As a cop, she brought in a whole different perspective. She was the one who suggested they start with Peter, and in the end, he was the key to saving Alex, just not in the way Rick wanted. 

Putting Heads Together - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19

It all gave us one heck of a fun, wild, ride! 

Maggie and Alex talking through the computer screen was absolutely heartbreaking. I've commended Melissa's and Chyler's acting abilities many, many times, but I'm giving this one to Floriana Lima. She had me close to tears myself. 

We knew that among all those "firsts" (a dog named Gertrude?) the next milestone in their relationship would be saying those three little words for the first time. 

When it finally happened after Alex was home safe and sound, well, it was perfect. 

These two are quickly becoming one of my favorite TV couples. 

The touching moments don't end there. Any time J'onn comforts one of the sisters, it's gold. It'd be nice to get him in the field a little more, but I won't say no to moments like these. 

No. Kara. No. You do not give that terrorist what he wants. You cannot let yourself be blackmailed. You cannot open yourself up to that, ever. Do you understand me? Supergirl is bigger than me.

We do need to talk about this guy, Rick. This dude seriously did his research. 

Not only did he figure out Kara was Supergirl, and okay, his story was believable, but he also knew about every one of J'onn's tricks. 

He spent a year planning all of this, has it even been that long since Martian Manhunter revealed himself to the world? 

Just barely, yet he knew how to block his mind reading ability and didn't fall for his shapeshifting. Somehow this one insignificant human managed to do better than every other supervillain we've seen so far. Even Rhea fell for the shapeshifting. 

It's a good thing all he wanted was his dad set free. Could you imagine if he set his sights on something bigger? 

Dinner with the Enemy - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19

What to make of Rhea's proposal? 

Obviously, we can't trust her, and for a minute there it looked like Lena was going to send her packing. But, alas, thanks to Kara being unavailable to provide advice and a convincing speech from Rhea, it looks like Lena's making a deal with the devil. 

Lena's so smart. She's just as badass as every other woman on this show. I do not want to see her get played. However, if she's playing Rhea, I'll be the one cheering the loudest. 

Rhea: I wish I had a daughter like you. Your mother must be proud.
Lena: Well that's not how I'd describe her.
Rhea: Mothers and daughters, not always the easiest relationship.
Lena: More like apocalyptic, but you know...

It's an interesting dynamic the writers are trying to create here. 

We have Lena, who does not have the best relationship with her mother, to put it mildly. And then we have Rhea, who was just dismissed by her own son. 

Add to the fire that they both just lost someone they loved by their own hands (granted, Rhea had more of a choice in the matter), and you've practically got a match made in heaven. 

Lena and Kara are still best buds, but we don't know exactly how Lena feels about Supergirl right now. After what happened to Jack, it's possible she's feeling a little bit of animosity. 

It will be interesting to see how Rhea plays that up, because, let's face it. We know Rhea wants to use Lena against Supergirl. 

I feel like this means Lena has to learn Kara's secret by the end of the season, right? With Rhea involved, it's got to come out. 

Some final thoughts:

  • Criminals using the "Supergirl" defense to get charges dropped is interesting. It makes you wonder if the same is true of Guardian. Speaking of...
  • Where was James during all of this? No one bothered to tell him Alex was kidnapped? 
  • Of course, Alex is not the type of victim who waits around to be saved. Making a flotation device out of her pants was pretty badass. 

What did you guys think of the emotional hour? 

If you missed anything, you can always watch Supergirl online and catch up!

Alex Review

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Rhea: I wish I had a daughter like you. Your mother must be proud.
Lena: Well that's not how I'd describe her.
Rhea: Mothers and daughters, not always the easiest relationship.
Lena: More like apocalyptic, but you know...

Mon-El: Alex, don't be embarrassed, ok? The first time I tried to microwave macaroni and cheese, they had to evacuate three city blocks.
Kara: That's an exaggeration, but I have seen less terrifying nuclear explosions.