Quantico Season 2 Episode 20 Review: GLOBALREACH

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The task force, rather quickly, broke down like fractions.

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 20, the task force was divided. Alex and Owen were off during their own secret mission. Raina was trusting Felix to get information on Nimah, and Clay and Shelby manipulated Raina in the name of taking down Roarke.

It was disjointed chaos, as was the episode.

The Greater Good - Quantico Season 2 Episode 20

This was not good. We're gearing up to the end of what could be Quantico's final season, and instead of building momentum, the hour just built confusion. None of the events made you excited or nervous for what's to come. It certainly doesn't feel like the season is almost over.

Pacing has been an issue this entire season. After spending half a season on unmasking the AIC and figuring out who the eff the Citizen's Liberation Front is, the second half we switched gears to tracking down the collaborators aka the masterminds who pulled the AIC strings.

Okay, it was good in theory. We switched to one timeline, which has made a huge difference for the better. Can you imagine if we were still dealing with flashbacks?

Then, the goal was identifying collaborators. We found a couple, then Sebastian handed us the rest.

Um, okay, another shift to stopping all the collaborators, which then became moot because they kicked the task force's ass. Now, the goal is still to stop them, but to have Alex and Owen do it from the inside while the rest of the task force does something...

The season has felt disorganized. We have shifted gears repeatedly, and because of this, we're a little fuzzy on what our endgame is.

There's no suspense, no thrill. Hope is all there is; hope that something will click, and we'll be thrown back into the compelling thriller that we fell in love with way back when Alex woke up in the rubble of Grand Central Station.

Working With the Collaborators - Quantico

Alex signing up with the collaborators had promise, but in actuality, it lacked intrigue. She blackmailed Matthew Keyes and then failed at remembering the bigger picture. She came very close to sabotaging her entire operation.

Yes, like Ryan said, the Alex Parrish we know would do whatever it takes to save lives, so it made sense that Alex would freak out when she realized that the collaborators were going to poison people in the FBI. Freaking out to Owen over the phone was enough to demonstrate that though; there wasn't any need to drag Ryan into the mix.

Nothing good came out of Ryan's involvement. It led to him and Owen having an argument over Alex, while Alex was in the room. I mean seriously guys? It was annoying.

Alex should struggle with what she's doing, but there had to be a better way to show her struggle. Still, with what, two episodes left this season, Alex needs to get her freaking head in the game and kick some collaborator ass. It's that time.

Then, there's the fact that Alex and Owen were distancing themselves from the task force, for a very good reason (not being discovered by the collaborators), but then, at the end, they all show up for Clay's goodbye. Um, so it's safe to be back at the bunker and also at the White House for a chat with the President now? 

It just does not make sense. Now, I could be a little too paranoid.

If the collaborators don't see Alex getting out of Owen's van right before meeting with them, then why would they notice/care where Alex spends her days? To me, given the world of Quantico, Alex should keep herself away from the bunker, the Farm, the White House (while Claire Haas is president), and all of her old task force buddies.

The collaborators aren't idiots, so why should the start acting dumb now?

The Collaborator's Agenda - Quantico Season 2 Episode 20

The rest of the task force was divided over Felix, of all people.

If we were supposed to like him or care about him, it didn't work. Having him be a crucial part of Clay realizing he's a terrible person did not felt right because we never saw the good in Felix.

Sure, we knew about how he and Clay were really good friends, and then we watched, time and time again, Felix screw over Clay for Roarke. There was never something about Felix that made you trust him, so his mightier than thou speech to Clay did not resonate.

There was one shining glimmer in this hour - President Claire Haas.

She motivated her son and motivated Alex to do what's right, regardless of what it means for her and her career. She gives the best pep talks, and honestly she's proven to be someone to admire and look up to this season.

Thank you for your service, President Haas. We can only hope that one day the (fictional) American people will know what you did for them.

Claire Haas: Polls only exist so the media has something to talk about. They're not real.
Clay: You're quoting me to me?

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

You know when I talk to Alex, she's a lot less judgmental.


Claire Haas: Polls only exist so the media has something to talk about. They're not real.
Clay: You're quoting me to me?