iZombie Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Eat a Knievel

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The pattern of Liv being on obnoxious brain continues. 

On iZombie Season 3 Episode 8, Liv channeled her inner Jackass when she was forced to consume daredevil brain. That was about the least interesting aspect of the hour right along with the case itself. 

The real intrigue was literally everything else going on.

The Brain of a Daredevil - iZombie

Are we supposed to believe that Vivian Stoll is really dead? I can't believe it. No, really, I can't believe it. There has to be something more to the helicopter explosion, right? 

That started the hour off with a bang when Vivian and her second and third in command presumably died in the first five minutes of the hour. The most interesting aspect of it was how she reacted to Major. 

It didn't surprise me one bit that she sussed out that Major is human. What did surprise me, however, was how cool she appeared to be with the news. She didn't even attempt to kick him out. She just pulled him from active duty for his own safety.

I hope this isn't too personal but...is that a human pulse I'm feeling or are you just happy to see me?


The way she went on and on about how great of a soldier he was, only to be completely ineffective when Harley got the jump on Justin, was a great point. Major was bound to be found out in no time. It was the downside to starting off so strong in the army. If he wavered at all in his abilities, it was going to raise eyebrows.

As I suspected (and feared), she wanted to set up a meeting with Ravi as soon as she found out the truth. I can't shake the feeling that Ravi is most likely to be in danger because of his being the one responsible for the cure and the memory serum.

Liv: So, did she promote you? Do we get to start calling you Major Major?
Major: She knows I'm human. She's taking me off active duty.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Vivian will never make it to that meeting. Who do you think is behind the helicopter explosion? 

Clive was right; no way in hell Harley or any of his zombie truthers are behind something that elaborate and dangerous. 

I am still not completely sure if Vivian is dead, but if she is, Chase Graves is someone high up on my list of suspects. That man wanted to be in charge.

Welcome, Jason Dohring. YESSSS!!!! I love it when Veronica Mars alums pop up on the show. It's a real treat having the ultimate guest star, Logan Echolls himself. 

Reporting for Duty

I am already excited to see where his character goes. So far, the dude is terrifying. I actually flinched when he shot Justin. I didn't expect it at all. 

Chase Graves means business, and you can already tell he has his own agenda. Vivian was taking a more cautionary approach to things. She wanted the zombies to have their own island away from humanity to protect themselves and the humans.

I'm willing to bet Graves has a more militant approach. He wants zombies to take over and humans to cower in fear. We only got a few moments with him, but I can't be too far off with that. What do you guys think?

After that video of Justin getting out, there was no question that they would have to look further into Harley Johns and his group. I loved the idea of Ravi and Liv going undercover, but I hated that it was at the very end of the hour. 

Love you, honey!


Liv finally took Vivian and Wally's advice and tan and dyed. That was not enough to keep Harley from being suspicious though. I hate that she had to leave Ravi alone, but it was the best call. 

Can I just say that Ravioli pretending to be a married couple is my favorite thing ever? It's the second time they did that this season. They look so precious holding each other's hands. I think it's the height difference. 

Harley and the zombie truthers cannot be underestimated. It's so easy to downplay how dangerous they could be, but he's a bigger threat than he appears.

I love that he was smart enough to test everyone's blood pressure and pulse before letting them into the anti-zombie meeting. It was a nice touch that reminded me of the ghost pepper test at The Scratching Post.

Zombie Blaine is Back!

Speaking of The Scratching Post, things are getting interesting now. Zombie bad boy Blaine is back, and I for one could not be happier. 

It's so much more fun watching Blaine be bad, and he certainly came back with a vengeance. It beats him moping around thinking about Peyton.

It took his father sending a henchman to kill him, and him turning back to his zombie self, to kickstart that bad boy entrepreneur that we hate to love. I was ecstatic watching Blaine take out all of his father's men. I also enjoyed the exchange between Angus and Blaine before Blaine dropped him at the bottom of that well.

Angus: You're no business man. You were a waste of my sperm.
Blaine: I gotta say. That kind of stings.

I was secretly hoping that he would not go after Don E. Don E is too delightful a character to have him be on the receiving end of Blaine's vengeance. Besides, their pairing up is too entertaining to watch.

Angus treated Don E. like crap. What's a lackey got to do to get some love around there? 

Angus made the mistake of underestimating Don E. If Blaine hadn't got to Angus first, Don E would have made a move at some point. There was only so much he was going to keep taking from him.

Angus had a plan to expand the brain business once he figured out that Fillmore Graves were all zombies. He had big plans. I'm dying to see what those plans look like now that Blaine and Don E. are partnered up and taking over. 

Blaine: I say you should manage the bar here. This is your place. What you say goes. I'll handle the brain business--
Don E: Stop talking. You had at me at money.

Not only does Blaine have his business, but he has his father's too. He also has Don E there to run the bar while he takes care of everything else. It's a win-win for both of them. I like this. I like it a lot.

I do wonder if Blaine and Don E. will actually cross paths with the newly run Fillmore Graves and their leader Chase. Things are about to change, there.

I also wonder how long it'll be before Major dies and ends up a zombie again. Do you think he'll stay human? He's currently in a zombie army at a zombie facility, and he's the only human there. It's like that guy lives for danger and putting himself in harm's way.

Jokes on Him

Which brings me to the case. Finn Vincible was a jackass. How did he even have friends?

I'm a bit miffed that there are only like three brains in eight installments that I have actually enjoyed. The daredevil brain was not one of them.

I was right there with Clive during this case. I wasn't the least bit amused by any of the antics, and Liv channeling Finn was testing my nerves. I never got the appeal of any of that type of stuff anyway, though.

So this guy jumps through a flaming hoop, dressed as a scarecrow, and burns to death. I didn't get called here to give a Darwin award. How is this murder?


Was I the only one who thought Rudy was in love with Finn? His reaction to his death reminded me of someone who lost a spouse or someone they were in love with. 

When Liv had the vision of a video, I thought the two of them were romantically involved and Finn pranked him, exploited his feelings, or threatened to out him or something.

Instead, he just slept with Rudy's girlfriend/wife Stasha. That was a dick move. The worst part though is we weren't given anyone else who could have been a potential suspect in Finn's murder, and Rudy's motive was uninspired.

He took one look at Stasha's baby and realized it was not his kid. I snorted. Not just because the baby clearly wasn't his, being biracial and all, but that fake baby they used looked so ridiculous. 

Clive is Not Amused

I didn't like the brain, but I did think it was sweet that Liv used it to bond further with Justin. There was even a Lowell reference. The two of them are adorable together. 

I hate that his clowning around with Liv using Max Rager is what caused him to be shot in the gut as punishment. He was already on thin ice after that video. I know that we have been assured that this time Liv's boyfriend won't be killed, but things just aren't looking good for Justin. 

Daredevil Date Night

Although, his friendship with Major is a match made in heaven. Those two are trouble magnets.

What did you think of daredevil Liv? Is Vivian really dead? Did you squeal when Jason Dohring appeared? How great is it having bad boy Blaine back? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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Eat a Knievel Review

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Liv: So, did she promote you? Do we get to start calling you Major Major?
Major: She knows I'm human. She's taking me off active duty.

I hope this isn't too personal but...is that a human pulse I'm feeling or are you just happy to see me?