iZombie Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Dirt Nap time

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We're not much closer to figuring out who stole the cure, but we did make some headway in the zombie hunter storyline. 

Other than that, iZombie Season 3 Episode 7 was a fairly uneventful hour. One of the best aspects of the show is watching Liv help solve cases while dealing with channeling the personalities of the victim. When it's done well, it's iZombie at its finest.

Liv Looks Shocked - iZombie

I can't say that any of the brains that Liv has found herself consuming have been nearly as fun as the father/daughter duo of iZombie Season 3 Episode 2

I can't say that any of the cases have been particularly interesting or memorable (on their own) either, with the exception of the ongoing investigation into Wally's murder.

This particular hour neither the brain nor the case was interesting, which meant the bulk of the hour was a bit lackluster, and the best parts were completely unrelated to Liv and her job. When we found out that Jaime, the pre-school teacher was a notorious womanizer, I expected the hour to go in a slightly different direction.

Clive: It appears to be a crime of passion.
Liv: Ya think? I mean, one nail in the head could be a financial dispute, but the bonus thirteen nails...someone was irked.

I actually enjoyed Liv more in the moments before she consumed preschool brain when she was pissed off about the cure and super snarky.

The case itself was fairly obvious, most of the suspects would be the handful of moms Jaime was screwing, and their husbands and significant others. That was be expected, but I couldn't make sense of who Liv was channeling the entire time.

Liv's Notepad

We only saw Jaime for about a full minute, maybe a minute and a half, so it wasn't enough to get a full picture of who he was as a person at the beginning of the hour, but Liv's behavior didn't seem like it matched it up with Jaime at all.

I expected a somewhat charming, smooth-talking person who would be a bit more flirtatious. I couldn't make the connection between that and Liv playing with sock-puppets and speaking to grown adults in her best Mr.Rogers voice as if they were children. 

Liv: Who's a superstar?
Clive: Damn straight.

It was not the most entertaining or fun brain. It didn't even make sense. Add that to the case itself being dull, and it just didn't work.

I barely got a snort out for some of the quips too. Liv making Clive mind his manners, rewarding him with stickers, and telling him that he was a superstar were worth an exhalation of air in a snort-like manner, but not an actual LOL. 

I love Blaine, contrary to my criticism of him. Yet, it was so satisfying watching Liv go all zombie on him and punch him in the face. He had that coming. 

He quickly admitted that while he is a murderer and many other things, he wasn't behind stealing the cure. I believe him. I think Blaine was the most obvious choice, but it didn't make sense to me. He's a clear red herring solely because everyone expects the worst of him. 

Pissed Off Liv

That about kickstarted his day from hell. I actually feel bad for the guy. He genuinely had feelings for Peyton and that couldn't be any clearer than when he was going through his day-to-day life like a zombie, and barely paying attention to much of anything. I did enjoy the montage along with the music.

Then, Don E showed up to squeeze him for more brains, and everyone else turned on him. Plus, his father's henchman came to kill him. Blaine can't catch a break. Unfortunately, he can catch a bullet. He's probably missing the zombie healing abilities right about now.

Henchman: Your dad wanted me to give you a message.
Blaine: My dad? [henchman shoots him]

Things are becoming a bit more interesting with the other half of the sunken ship. I'm glad that the dominatrix case is something that Peyton is still working on. It's great that it's a way for her to be tied in with the rest of the gang and the bigger arcs. 

What could Thorne have possibly said to the dominatrix killer to get the guy to commit suicide in prison? Is it possible that someone got to him in prison and did it themselves?  Whatever, or rather whoever, is on that memory card that he stole is significant enough to warrant silence.

We're good with murder two and blackmail. The memory card in question? Doesn't exist. Good doing business with you.


Peyton had an open and shut case, and now there are more questions than ever and she still doesn't have the memory card which she's now being told may as well not exist. Peyton can be like a dog with a bone, so I look forward to digging deeper into this.

Especially since now, with Ravi's help, she can have Liv consume blue juice marinated dominatrix killer brain in order to find more out. The downside is, the killer suffered from mental illness, so not only will Liv have to deal with more vivid, longer visions, but she'll have to deal with this guy's mental illness as well.

Mad Scientists

These are the moments when the reality of what Liv has to endure hits a bit harder. It makes her devastation over not having the cure hit the mark even more. She just wants to be herself. That shouldn't be too much to ask. 

Did you see how sad Clive looked? Even though it could cost him a partner and his best asset in solving cases, he still hoped for the best because it's what she wanted. Gah, I love Clive. I especially love how much deeper his and Liv's friendship has been since he's discovered the truth.

Clive: Why is she still blonde?...What happened? The cure didn't work?
Liv: It was stolen. We'll talk about it later.

Speaking of truth, Justin knows the truth about Major being human and promises to keep it secret. Do you guys trust Justin? He knew about the cure when he brought Major to Liv and Ravi. I like Justin a lot, but I'm not sure if I actually trust him yet.

He was already fishing when he made those sandwiches and was trying to get Major to try one. He seemed to be fishing, even more, trying to get information about the cure. He's suddenly trying to cozy up to Liv. Yes, they did seem to bond before, and they would actually be cute together, but still. 

Plus, he didn't make any effort at all to divert attention away from Major so he wouldn't be found out when the zombie gang headed to The Scratching Post. He may not actively go out of his way to turn Major in, but he doesn't seem like he's the most helpful either.

Party Hard

Thank God for Don E and his impeccable timing. Something tells me, if the others find out that Major isn't human anymore, they won't be as accepting as Justin seems to be. Plus, he'd have to explain how he went from being a zombie to being human. 

Major continues to be an interesting character with appealing struggles. He doesn't want to let the zombie army go because it's the only place he feels like he's accepted and that he fits in, even though he's not a zombie anymore. He's human, but feels alienated and outcasted from the human world because of the chaos killer thing. 

On the surface, he's a ridiculously attractive, smart, middle-class, young white guy. The world should be his oyster, and yet, he's like a lost puppy trying to find his way somewhere. His secret can't stay a secret for very long though. 

Major: You think you can keep this between us?
Justin: Yeah, your secret is safe with me, man.

After that failed attempt to take down Harley Johns, the zombie secret could very well be out of the bag. Harley was able to capture video footage of Justin in full zombie mode. This is not going to help the zombie cause at all. 

What are your thoughts on the hour? Did the case seem dull to you? Did you like Liv on preschool teacher brain? Who do you think took the cure? Are you curious about where Katty and Vivian have been? Hit up the comments below!

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Dirt Nap time Review

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Liv: Up. Scum!
Ravi: I'm pretty sure that's the anger controlling you.

Major: I gave the cure to Natalie. I am so sorry.
Peyton: Who's Natalie?
Liz: Major's zombie, hooker friend.