iZombie Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Some Like It Hot Mess

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Yes! We finally got confirmation on what we have been waiting for, for what seemed like forever. 

Blaine was faking his amnesia after all. It wasn't a terribly surprising reveal, but man, it was still incredible to watch unfold. 

iZombie Season 3 Episode 6's case was not the most interesting, but all of the personal subplots and storylines happening throughout the night, made for an intriguing hour. 

An Irresponsible Narcissist - iZombie

The case consisted of a #HotMess being killed for, well, being a hot mess. Ivonne, bless her heart, was all over the place. It wasn't difficult to understand why someone would want her dead. She was scatter-brained, narcissistic, unreliable, and messy. 

The suspect list was lengthy. There was her "Nice Guy" co-worker who was forced to cover for her all the time, who happened to be in love with her and pissy because she didn't like him. She was supposed to like him, you guys, because he's a Nice Guy. 

She deejayed at Ice Chip? Hashtag my kinda cool bitch!


There was the woman who was caught slapping Ivonne on camera. To be fair, Ivonne did sleep with the woman's husband, Sage. Obviously, both members of the couple had secrets, affairs, and motive. Yet, they didn't do it either.

No, the real killer was Ivonne's mousy roommate. Ivonne was the worst roommate ever. She didn't pay her rent, left the house a mess, partied all the time, and pawned her collectible baseball. R.I.P. Ivonne, you probably won't be missed.

Liv: Ugh, nice creeps are the worse. Men. Are. Garbage.
Clive: Liv.
Liv: Not you, Clive. You're the best. You know that, right?

Clive and Ravi won't miss Liv on Ivonne's brain either. She was barely an asset and was more of a nuisance. Although, at some point, I wondered why Ravi even bothered giving Liv things to do while she was clearly a walking disaster.  

Funny moments did include Clive's face when he realized what kind of person Ivonne was. Clive still kills it as the newbie to the crew. There was also that absolutely hilarious moment when Ravi realized Liv left her cellphone in an actual body. 

That's not normal

The highlights of the installment were everything pertaining to Major post-cure. iZombie Season 3 Episode 5 ended on such a solemn note. We knew Major was no longer dying, but it felt like a goodbye for the character we know and love because the possibility of him not remembering anything was so real.

It was great (and kind of gross) to see Major celebrating his human status by eating gallons of ice-cream, while Ravi kept trying to check in, to make sure that Major's memory was intact. Ravi was bordering on paranoid about it, and I can't say that I blame him.

There were a few holes in Major's memory, but for the most part, everything was just fine. I thought having shifts to check up on Major made perfect sense, but it didn't make sense that Ravi realized Liv was not in her right mind, and still trusted her to keep up her part of the bargain.

Major Celebration

Why couldn't he enlist the help of Pey--you know what? Never mind. I'll get to that in a bit because I am annoyed. 

I didn't remember much about Major's family life, so when he was trying to write letters to his mother, and his mother's girlfriend, I wasn't sure just how and why he struggled so much. I loved that he went back home to see his mom for the first time in years. 

Major's mom was so warm and sweet. I can see where he gets some of his finer traits. It made it all the more heartbreaking to learn that he hadn't seen her in so long because he blamed her for his parents' separation. 

It was more heartbreaking (and scary) that he had forgotten who he was and where he was going on his way there. That was not a great sign when he spent most of the hour trying to convince everyone that he was fine. 

Major Reunion

Fortunately, we were put at ease when we got confirmation that Blaine was, in fact, faking his amnesia most of the time. That means Major is human and he'll be back to himself after a couple of days of being an amnesiac.

I wish I could say I knew it, but there were a couple of times when I wasn't 100% sure that he was faking it. I was leaning more towards it, though. Deceptive Blaine is back in action. 

Also, Don E for the win. I love him so much. He has basically been saying the same thing all this time, but this time he said it to Ravi and it finally circulated around. It just solidified the natural suspicions Ravi has had all of this time.

Open your eyes, Blaine loses his memory and just like that all of his problems are gone. He's got Mr. Vause off his back. His brain business is raking in dough since there's no cure for being a zombie. And oh, now clean-slate, nice guy Blaine can put the moves on that hot assistant D.A, without having to answer for his very shady past.

Don E

Peyton may not have appreciated it, but I appreciated that there was someone who was finally thinking on the same level as Ravi, and who didn't dismiss his distrust for Blaine as him being petty and jealous. His suspicion had merit. He shouldn't have been the only one annoyed and/or outraged that Blaine had wormed his way into their daily lives.

Blaine, for his part, may have actually had more selfish but human motives. He has been a villain because of the horrible deeds that he did. Those moments earlier in the season when he admitted that he didn't want to remember, or he didn't want to think about the person he used to be seemed genuine.


Blaine may have been faking, but I can understand why he has been all of this time. While pretending to be amnesiac, he was given a tabula rasa, a clean slate. 

He's getting to do things he always wanted to do. He gets to be this better version of himself. He gets to distance himself from his past and become a better person without being ostracized because of his past.

I get it. I do think amnesiac Blaine is real Blaine. He was lying about his memories, but I don't believe he was faking everything else. It's that, that makes him dance on that fine line between being a villain and something else. 

Given the things that he's done, it's kind of hard to redeem him. The man killed kids, for crying out loud. However, the writing for his character is always interesting and David Anders adds depth to this character, so even though he is loathsome, he's still interesting to watch.

I don't know where he goes from here. He genuinely cared about Peyton, but now he screwed that up. But now, he has he makings for the serum, thanks to scatter-brained Liv. So, what does he do with it?

Blaine is Back

Don E already had a trust fund zombie willing to pay a million bucks for a cure. It's time for Blaine to go after his father and Don E's bar and kickstart a new zombie venture. 

Now, there's Peyton. Are there die-hard Peyton fans out there? I'm going to need you guys to sell me on your girl because I have gone from being indifferent to her character to beyond irritated. 

I cannot count the ways she bugged the ever-loving hell out of me in this hour alone. There was the fact that she was playing kissy-face with Blaine in the apartment like they lived together and Liv was the third-wheel in her own home.

Hot Mess Brain

Imagine, if you will, you told your roommate about this guy who assaulted you, nearly killed your boyfriend, and has significantly changed the way you live your life. Your friend not only starts dating the guy but moves him into the apartment you share. 

So every day you have to suppress your PTSD and face him, and your friend acts like it's no big deal because at least he didn't do anything to her. That's what this is.

Let's see, there is also the fact that she was so busy banging Blaine, she didn't even know that her friend, Major, had taken the cure. WTF?! 

There was the fact that she didn't sign up for Major watch duty or help in any way. Also, she lashed out at Ravi when he told her about Don E, and had the audacity to say that Blaine's old friends weren't reliable (but apparently Blaine is?)

Peyton: Well, it worked. You've made a fool of me. This whole time my friends could have had a cure. Liv could have been human for months. You're a sad, selfish, greedy man.
Blaine: Wait, what happened to it didn't matter how we got here?
Peyton: I'm a lawyer Blaine, I shouldn't be trusted.

Peyton is ridiculous and she's not a good friend to anyone. They tried to fix it in the end when she finally manipulated the truth out of Blaine, but by then it was too late. It should never have gotten to the point to begin with. 

I though the actress being promoted to series regular would mean better more significant screen time, but she got stuck in an absurd love triangle where she's only tied into storylines via that. At this point, I can't even buy her and Liv as friends anymore.

Breaking Up

She lashed out at Blaine for lying to her, but everything she said felt hollow because she herself didn't give a damn about her friends or Liv not having to be a zombie anymore all of this time. 

She previously dismissed Liv's complaints about being a zombie, by saying that she's used to it by now, like her opinion on it carries the same weight as the actual person afflicted with zombieism.

Blaine didn't make a fool of Peyton. Peyton made a fool of herself. She had a long list of hardcore facts, multiple accounts by the people who are supposed to be the closest to her, and other things warning her off of him, but she dismissed it all because he didn't do bad things to her. 

Liv: It works, Ravi. The cure works.
Ravi: It's a batch waiting at the morgue. So, what do you say Liv, ready to be human again?

I have no respect for her, and it may take me a while to get over it. Especially after seeing the pure joy on Liv's face when she realized she could be human again, followed by the disappointment when she found out that the cure had been stolen. Now, the last of the cure that they had been looking forward to is off with Natalie somewhere.

Crestfallen, sad Liv is not the Liv I like to see. 

Anyone wonder why Ravi still had the cure syringes there in the first place, let alone after Don E showed up with his proposition? Do you think Justin said something and Vivian is behind it? What did you think of the Blaine reveal? Is Peyton bugging you? Hit up the comments below and let us know what you think.

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Some Like It Hot Mess Review

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