iZombie Round Table: Draw the Nipples, Jimmy

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Liv punished the naughty in a whole new way on iZombie Season 3 Episode 5 when she had a taste of marinated dominatrix brain.

Fortunately, she solved the case in enough time to have one final special night with Major before he was forced to take the latest serum. Is this goodbye to Major as we know it?

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Allison Nichols, and Amanda Steinmetz as they discuss Vivian vs. Harley, Sweet  Lady Pain Liv, Major's health and much more.

Izombie Round Table

What was your favorite Dom Liv quote or moment?

Jim: I loved "and no noodles" when she was controlling the poor sketch artist lunch. I thought they handled letting her show the "dom" nature without it ever being TOO sexual very well.

Allison: Liv's scenes with the sketch bitch were absolutely hilarious.

Amanda: "Draw the nipples, Jimmy."

Justin knows about the serum. Do you think he'll tell Vivian? Will it put Ravi in danger?

Jim: I'm not sure what Justin will do. I kind of think it is going to depend on what happens with Major.

Allison: I don't know Justin well enough yet. He seems like a nice guy who really cares about Major, so I'm hoping that Justin keeps his mouth shut. If Vivian is told, I do think it will put Ravi in danger. Vivian and all of Fillmore Graves is very pro-zombie, and I don't think they all necessarily want to be human again.

Amanda: I agree with Allison. We really don't know anything about Justin at this point, so I think he could go either way. Vivian is bound to find out eventually about the cure and she won't like it one bit.

Do you have any new theories on Blaine and the blue juice/serum after seeing how it affected Liv's visions?

Jim: I still think Blaine is on the level, however knowing that the blue juice can help Liv have more (and longer) visions, I suspect we will see "marinade" brains more often.

Allison: I am wondering if it might just take a little bit more time for Blaine to remember. The dominatrix brain has been sitting in serum for awhile, so it's had more time to absorb a lot more of the serum.

Amanda: No new theories on Blaine, but the blue juice will probably come back into play. Why wouldn't Liv use it if it'll help them solve crimes quicker?

Majorly Ill

Major was finally forced to take the serum. React.

Jim: The whole scene had me in tears. I really hope they can restore Major's memories. Though if they do, wouldn't that offer a cure to Liv and end the show?

Allison: I was crying. It was such a great scene that not only highlighted Liv and Major's relationship, but Ravi and Major's as well. I'm not emotionally prepared for Major to forget everyone. It's going to be rough.

Amanda: I adored the scene between Major and Liv. You could really feel the love between those two characters. I am really hoping he doesn't lose his memories because I am not excited to see the history Major has with everyone just disappear.

On a scale of 1-10, how dangerous is Harley (and his like-minded gang) to the zombie population?

Jim: Now that Vivian knows about him and is keeping tabs on him, I'd rate him about a 2.5 on the dangerous scale. Now if we had a "how soon are he and his friends going to die" scale, I would put him at about 9 on that one.

Allison: I don't know because like Jim mentioned, Fillmore Graves is keeping tabs on him. They know not to underestimate Harley and his friends because he does have very credible intel, and he's not a lone wolf. He has friends. He's definitely dangerous. I'd give him a 5.

Amanda: I think he's dangerous to the average person, but I'm sure Fillmore Graves can handle themselves. I think Vivian will have very little patience keeping Harley alive for long.

Sketch Guy

What was your favorite quote and/or scene from the episode?

Jim: Any scene with Liv and the sketch artist. Their back and forth had me in stitches.

Allison: "Frankly, I resent being questioned every time a hooker or stripper or dominatrix gets murdered in this town."

Amanda: Everything between Liv and Jimmy the sketch artist. Also, that lovely scene between Major and Liv.

Do you agree with our Round Table? Don't be shy, sound off below in the comments! Did you miss that heartfelt Liv and Major moment or want to relive Dominatrix Liv? You can watch iZombie online here via TV Fanatic.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Clive: We need visions, Liv.
Ravi: I'll get the frying pan.

Justin: You okay, man?
Major: Yeah, just a flesh wound. Thirty-five flesh wounds.