The CW Fall 2017 Schedule: What's On The Move?

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The CW is the fifth major broadcast network to announce its fall 2017 schedule, and there are some big changes in store for the network. 

The biggest move of all has got to be Arrow making the move from Wednesday to Thursdays at 9/8c. It's ratings eroded considerably this year, but something told me it would remain in its current slot. 

The Arrow Bows Down! Season 5 Episode 3

Riverdale, meanwhile, is making the move to Arrow's former slot and serving as a lead-in to Dynasty. Riverdale is probably the most compatible show the new soapy drama could be paired with. 

We got an insight into just how badly incompatible shows perform on the network. Look at how No Tomorrow performed out of The Flash this season. It was holding less than 30 percent of the lead-in. 

Jane Struggles With Her Relationships - Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin will be vacating her slot on Monday nights to make way for new military drama, Valor. Jane will move to Friday nights with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

Jane's ratings are down considerably this year, but the series can survive on Fridays if it continues to get critical acclaim and awards love. 

Intense Flash - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

Tuesday nights will consist of The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. That worked well for the network earlier this year, so it makes sense to try it out again. 

Black Lightning, Life Sentence, The Originals, iZombie and The 100 will begin at midseason, making it likely some of the fall dramas will be getting shorter episode orders. 

Have a look at the full schedule below. 


8 pm Supergirl

9 pm Valor


8 pm The Flash

9 pm DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Disaster Among Friends - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 13


8 pm Riverdale (new time slot)

9 pm Dynasty


8 pm Supernatural

9 pm Arrow (new time slot)


8 pm Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (new time slot)

9 pm Jane the Virgin (new time slot)

What do you think of this schedule, TV Fanatics? 

Hit the comments below.

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