Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 20 Review: Carry Me

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Kelly Severide has some seriously bad luck.

But Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 20 showed us how much he's grown since the show started. No running away into a bottle or marrying strangers in Vegas this time. Nope. No, this time he went to help a little old lady instead. Talk about a change of pace.

Severide Needs Help - Chicago Fire

Kelly Severide, playboy extraordinaire, might finally be experiencing a healthy reaction to grief. It's a miracle, people. 

I don't know if I was more surprised that he channeled his emotion into a positive action, helping Ellie move on with her life, or that Casey of all people suggested that they give Severide space.

He and Gabby had a front row seat to his post-Shay marriage after all. I would have recommended a babysitting rota, not complete abandonment. Based on his history, things could have gone so much differently.

I know Anna was doomed, and not just because of that epically cheesy promo. Seriously, "Can love cure her cancer?" No, no it can't, because even if this is television where such things do happen, the fact that Mr. Voiceover posited the question means the answer is "No."

I didn't really think that she would go that fast, and I was childishly holding out hope for her. I maintain that Anna would have been a good addition to the Chicago Med team. I think I wanted that to happen even more than I wanted her to put an end to Kelly's philandering ways.

Now I have to decide which is worse: the loss of Charlotte Sullivan from the #OneChicago world or the prospect of mopey Severide for god knows how long.

Make sure you grab all the memories you can.

Ellie [to Severide]

I know I'm supposed to feel more sympathy for the guy, but it feels like Kelly is constantly getting over some kind of emotional trauma. At this point, a "happily ever after" wouldn't be a boring end game but an exciting new prospect and an opportunity for some serious character growth.

Hell, even just a stable, normal relationship that eventually ends in way that doesn't involve death or any other tragedy.

Perhaps the addition of a new hottie to the station will take some of the pressure of Severide for a while. Kannell is coming into the game with a pretty high score on the tortured soul scale after all.

I'm excited about the new edition to the house for several reasons. Obviously, fresh eye candy is always appreciated. His history with Casey is an instant hook into caring about Kannell's history. His willingness to sacrifice himself tells us everything we need to know about his moral character. 

And it'll be nice to have a shakeup to the house that isn't some kind of outside threat. That barrel has been scraped one to many times; it's more like a tube at this point. 

When things get tough, we stick together.


Once again, I found myself ever so thankful for the comedic C plot. God bless the C plot! And this time, it's actually serving a purpose beyond letting us laugh between tears; it's setting up some more serious stories to come.

One of the many things I loved about this part was that I had been wondering to myself not more than a few weeks ago who was living with whom at the moment. Sometimes it seems like the living situations fluctuate without any notice, and these people certainly move around a lot.

Which is crazy, because one of the best things about real adulthood (after your college and immediate post-college years are over) is that you don't have to move annually anymore. Moving is the worst, and should not be done more than absolutely necessary.

Cruz and Otis are lucky Sylvie's such a sweet person, because I would not have tolerated that BS interview they gave her. The instructions were to prepare the questions they'd ask a stranger. I'd have been threatening to shred those parking passes after round one.

Hey, Snow White, what happened?

Cruz [to Brett, who is cleaning the apartment]

Their different reactions to her Disney Princess cleaning routine were great. I'm guilty of moving tidying roommates stuff myself, so I appreciated Otis' appreciation. She probably should have eased Cruz into the organized life -- it takes a true cleanliness connoisseur to appreciates P-Touch labels.

I am left wondering what happened to Cruz's amazing side gig as a Zumba instructor. I feel like he could have made more money moving up to coaching Soul Cycle instead of becoming a bouncer.

It certainly probably would have been a safer

His night of bouncing is going to come back to bite him though. The exposure of his CFD tattoo was no accident. Of course it wasn't, that probably took the make-up department an hour to apply

Maybe one of the legal eagles on Chicago Justice can drop by and give him some free advice, because it doesn't seem reasonable that he's going to be suspended for a drunk guy going beserk on him.

People in this house really can't help moving in with each other, huh? It's like a compulsion.


But Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 21 ("Sixty Days") finds Cruz in that very position. I just want to know how nobody in that bar took a cell phone video that could ultimately clear him. 

Mouch's skills as Union Rep will be put to the test helping out his buddy. I enjoy funny, lazy Mouch, but it's always a nice change of pace to see him step up. He's a good guy to have on your side when he's putting in the effort.

Hopefully he'll step up for Kannell too. Somebody will need to tell Severide to stop acting like a horse's ass with his newest team member. Even though it's a squad issue, Mouch and Hermann seem like the logical choices for that kind of come-to-Jesus talk. 

Kannell's going to need his new LT's support. It looks like Squad is heading to Soldier Field (which seems awfully far from 51, but who cares, SOLDIER FIELD!), and the rescue doesn't go smoothly for the new recruit. 

Seriously, I think Chicago needs some kind of safety harness inspection team what with all the mid air rescues Squad is called on.

Maybe Casey can tackle that after he's done pushing through the single piece of legislation that he seems to have worked on. One of the "big time" alderman stands in the way of bill passing. I really hope that Casey's been working on his political manuevering. 

You can always watch Chicago Fire online, and remember that we want to hear what all you Chicago Fire Fanatics think about things!

Is your placed crapped out like Cruz likes or neatly organized and labeled a la Sylvie? How long do you think it will take Severide to get over Anna? Should Cruz face punishment for the bar brawl? Will Kannell be able to ingratiate himself to 51?

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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

People in this house really can't help moving in with each other, huh? It's like a compulsion.


Hey, Snow White, what happened?

Cruz [to Brett, who is cleaning the apartment]