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Did Alex go too far in her quest to make a friend out of someone who should be an enemy?

That was a key question on Quantico Season 2 Episode 16 when Alex went forward with her plan to take a friendly approach to business. 

Meanwhile, Clay was forced to use his fiancé to carry out an operation, but did he put her in danger?

Also, Harry struggled to find his place in the task force. 

Did he make an early exit?

Use the video above to watch Quantico online to get caught up on the latest drama. 

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Clay: You want to use me as bait?
Harry: Okay, now I'm on board.

Shelby: It looks like I'm the welcome committee.
Owen: Oh yeah? I thought there'd be a big banner or some home cooked lasagna at least, I mean isn't that what you people do?
Shelby: You mean FBI agents or clandestine task forces? You know, no one welcomed me here, but Alex said it was mandatory that you feel at home.
Owen: I already lived here, so.
Shelby: So my work here is done.
Owen: I'm welcomed.