The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Chaos

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Everyone knew.

Everyone was guilty.

On The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 10 we found out who was responsible for the ponzi scheme and someone was finally arrested.

Jason Biggs as Dylan Stack - The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 10

The finale focused primarily on Maia.

Her attempt to assert herself at work; her growing friendship with Lucca; and her reaction to finding out her dad was guilty.

By the way, spoiler alert! Henry admitted he was responsible for the ponzi scheme. Actually, he said everyone was.

Henry: I'm guilty. I did it.
Maia: No, Jax did.
Henry: Yes, and I did it too and your mom and everyone. Everyone knew. We paid off the SEC. We paid off anyone who got suspicious.

He said everyone knew, but that doesn't mean the investors knew, right? I can't imagine Diane knew.

Maia said her father could never disappoint her, but I think that changed.

It's weird – and sad – because you can tell Henry truly loves his daughter, yet he still fled knowing the DOJ would come after her. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since he asked the family lawyer how much time she would get for perjury and really seemed to be considering the information.

Maia's tough, though, and she'll fight. We saw her do just that in this episode.

The Good Wife alum, Dylan Stack, returned with a flash drive of malware claiming he was being set up for cyber terrorism. According to him, the malware would attack the power grid causing Chicago to have a city-wide blackout. He asked Diane to get him an immunity deal.

However, things went awry when Lucca gave the flash drive to the DOJ, inadvertently spreading the malware to their systems.

Why would they just insert the flash drive? Why wouldn't they have someone who knows about computers and viruses check it out first? This is the government for crying out loud. Shouldn't they be smarter?

Diane and the firm found themselves in a tight spot when they realized their client might actually be behind the attack. They tried to fire him but couldn't because doing so wasn't in his best interests.

Luckily, another familiar face returned as well – Mr. Felix Staples.

I will admit he's annoying, but I really like his character. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is quote worthy.

Maia: Thank you for answering questions today, Mr. Staple.
Felix: Actually that's two staples, not one. It's like a high end magazine.

Now that Diane's his lawyer, can we expect to see him in The Good Fight Season 2? I sure hope so.

We know he has a substantial presence online. It turned out he even knew who's behind the potential blackout. He agreed to help Diane if she agrees to help with his legal issues.

He doesn't know a name, just the guy's (or girl's) online handle. He's just as surprised as Diane when Dylan showed up at their arranged meeting.

This is awful. I can feel the MSG seeping into my pores.

Felix Staples [at a Chinese restaurant]

Adrian did a lot of yelling, similar to what Annalise does on How To Get Away With Murder. I'm not a fan of lawyers yelling. If you have to resort to yelling, it means you don't have a strong enough argument in the first place.

Adrian is better than that. He's an intelligent, competent lawyer. He doesn't have to resort to theatrics to win cases.

For the second installment in a row, he and Diane found themselves in a meaningful conversation. You can already see they will be great friends.

In the review for The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 9, I compared their friendship to Will and Diane's on The Good Wife. Will and Diane were playful and competitive; they didn't have a lot in common outside of their occupations.

Diane and Adrian have similar core values and beliefs.Their friendship will go deeper than just their shared office.

Diane Contemplative - The Good Fight

Barbara's not hot on the idea. She seems threatened. From the begin, ing she's been worried about Diane's presence at the firm. She's worried Diane will take over.

That may happen. Diane's a born leader. But it doesn't mean Barbara will be ousted.

There's room for two beautiful and powerful women at the top.

Before any of that can happen, though, Diane has to get back together with Kurt.

I represent unscrupulous people and you... you save children.

Diane Lockhart

He loves her so much. He always has. That is what makes it so strange that he cheated in the first place. I'd like to hear why he did it. Give us a reason. It'll help us understand their relationship that much more. 

Once I have a reason, I can feel confident about saying she should give him another chance. Right now, I'm just saying it because I hate divorce and believe people can actually work through a lot more than they think.

Speaking of reconciliation, I really thought Lucca and Collin would get back together. It's clear she wants to.

It was a little ridiculous for her to expect him to call her, though. She made it very clear the last time they talked. It was definitely a break up.

I get that she regretted it and wanted him to call, but she's a grown adult. She could have called. She could have shown up at his work or apartment.

If you want to be with someone, you just be with them. You don't play games. I'm sure she's scared, but life's too short, and Collin seems like one of the good guys.

Lucca Quinn: Wow, it looks like a soft porn movie in here.
Maia Rindell: Well I do my best.

As the episode ended, an acoustic version of Wild World played in the background. That was my favorite part of the hour.

And just when you thought everything was nicely tied up – Diane stayed with Kurt, Henry turned himself in, Lucca and Maia shared a celebratory glass of wine – it all came unraveled.

The DOJ showed up at Maia's door and arrested her. Talk about a cliffhanger! Now, we wait for The Good Fight Season 2.

If you missed the finale, or any of The Good Fight Season 1, you can always watch The Good Fight online via TV Fanatic.

Chaos Review

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The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Lucca Quinn: Wow, it looks like a soft porn movie in here.
Maia Rindell: Well I do my best.

I represent unscrupulous people and you... you save children.

Diane Lockhart