Taken Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Gone

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Finally, after a meandering season there comes a showdown.

It's Bryan and the ODNI versus Mejia and his cartel on Taken Season 1 Episode 9.

Hostage - Taken

And, in the end, it was poor, sweet, largely oblivious Asha who got caught in the middle.

Ironically, despite Bryan's paranoia about security, he was the leak that got Mejia's escape rolling.

That, apparently, was something that Bryan had never even considered until Asha pointed out the possibility at the top of her lungs.

Learning Secrets - Taken Season 1 Episode 9

And nearby, Elena was monitoring the whole lover's spat.

I don't understand why Bryan didn't just bring in Riley and Faaron to sweep his place, and maybe track the bug back to its source. I suppose because he had told Asha way more than he should have.

And frankly, a do-gooder environmental lawyer just isn't equipped to trudge through the swamp that Bryan does on a daily basis.

Still, it explained how the cartel found out who had Mejia and how it used its hold on the Mexican government to get the drug-lord to a position where he could be liberated.

Standing Guard - Taken Season 1 Episode 9

At least Bryan could see the writing on the wall and slipped that tracker into Mejia's jumpsuit, so he could instantly find him after he escaped.

Why did Mejia go to all the bother of killing a cop, then settle for throwing a jacket over the blaze-orange jumpsuit that screams prisoner? Just another leap in logic in which this show specializes.

And way to go, Bryan, having Riley check the dead guy's phone to see where he called last. It's an instant rescue!

I mean, there's a difference between willing suspension of disbelief and unbelievable plot twists. The latter is the norm on Taken.

And, hey, with the ODNI squad split in two, we finally got to see all the agents in one episode again, instead of scattered as they have been most of the season.

I'm a little fuzzy how the cartel knew enough about the FBI unit handling the transfer that they could figure out what buttons to push and to pull together an extraction plan so quickly.

Making a Transfer - Taken Season 1 Episode 9

It's hard to blame Marie because she was in a tough spot. She finally did the right thing, asking for help from Bryan figuring he knew Mejia best, and it worked out for her in the end.

And how about George's weenie of a boss just setting him up because "they threatened me"? What a good friend!

I'm sure it was comforting to Marie to keep hearing "Trust me" from the ODNI team members. Because, well, they're the super-secret agents who are much better equipped to handle such situations than the plain old FBI.

But Marie did drop the ball in letting Mejia escape. I know there was smoke and bullets were flying, but wouldn't she, above all else, hang onto Mejia's handcuffs?

And trying to negotiate for George's release when she had absolutely no leverage. No one thought she would actually shoot Mejia, and she was outnumbered about 6-to-1, until George's rescue, when everyone felt free to open fire.

It's a good thing that Bryan was sympathetic to Marie's dilemma because now he's in exactly the same situation, and he let Mejia go, no questions asked.

This brings us back to the Asha problem. If Bryan had given her more detail about his work and Mejia, maybe, just maybe, she would have been a little more aware of all the weirdness that has been taken place in her life since about when Elena moved in.

So now Bryan is in deep shit with Christina for letting Mejia go, just because his girlfriend, who no one knew about, has been kidnapped. Fortunately, he's been practicing doing things by himself all season long, so he should be prepared for this one last mission.

In the previews for the finale, it seems that Christina is mainly interested in recapturing Mejia, where Bryan is more concerned with freeing Asha. If Mejia is collateral damage, no biggie. 

Makes you wonder how Bryan ever had a long career in intelligence before old Bryan starred in those movies.

To see Bryan defy the concept of teamwork, watch Taken online.

How much of this fumbling, bumbling outing did you see coming? Do you want Bryan to rescue Asha successfully? Will the finale be the last episode of Taken? Comment below.

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Taken Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I will never rest until my son, who you killed is avenged, and you will not let go of the need to avenge your sister.

Mejia [to Bryan]

How do you know you haven't been hacked or broken into? Have you even considered that?

Asha [to Bryan]