Taken Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Leah

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Taken may finally be getting it together, right before the end.

The ODNI team, especially Bryan and Christina, got emotionally involved with a Mossad agent with a big problem in Taken Season 1 Episode 8.

A New Plan - Taken

Leah, the Mossad agent, was certainly an interesting character, one worth bringing back if Taken survives beyond this season, a very unlikely possibility.

Leah was a secret agent being robbed of her best weapon – her brain – by early-onset Alzheimer's. 

There were none-too-subtle hints being dropped through the first third of the episode, topped by having her Iranian asset ask her if she was feeling OK.

Then came the question of which country's spies were trying to kill her: the Iranians or her own.

Frankly, although that did go on for quite a while, that answer was pretty simple. Only the Israelis could be damaged by what Leah might spill in her altered state.

The Iranians were too busy trying to blow the Israeli prime minister out of the sky to be much concerned by one Mossad agent.

And, my, what a tiny diversion that assassination attempt was. It probably took longer to find the farm in Virginia than it did for the quartet of ODNI agents to squash that plot. 

Bryan made a serious face at one of them long enough for him to spill his guts. I think for once Bryan's face was more the focus than his muscles.

Spy With a Condition - Taken Season 1 Episode 8

Leah's condition was more of a cautionary tale for Christina.

What happens if that lump in her brain ends up being something serious? Will people in the intelligence community seek to eliminate her, as well?

Probably, because it's already pretty clear that she has pissed off a lot of important people along the way. That's what happens when you do the right thing in Washington, D.C.

That's why she was so pissed with the local Mossad chief for his ordering Leah's death. Christina knows she could very well be next.

Leah's "death" also served as the impetus that sent Christina running to Harry and led to them becoming closer. It's been hinted right along that those two had some kind of ill-defined history, so their coming together wasn't that surprising.

A better question is why hasn't Christina followed up on that lump. Those things usually don't just mysteriously disappear, and if it is anything serious, it's likely growing.

Helping Out Another - Taken Season 1 Episode 8

With only two episodes left, I don't see this storyline going anywhere. But now that Bryan knows about it and has proven willing to be a nag, maybe something will happen.

I'm not sure why Bryan and Leah bonded so quickly. Is she just the latest in a long line of unfortunate souls whom he feels determined to protect?

And how did he know she was alive and on which isolated Virginia beach to find her? Since he had her sunglasses, what was in her go bag: her suit and sunscreen?

I don't remember her passing on any secrets to him, but she must have. 

This has to rank as one of the series' most cohesive episodes. I know that's a low bar, but there weren't as many plot holes you could drive a truck through at 70 mph.

Also, there was minimal freelancing by Bryan, as Leah seemed to have that area covered. There was even regular emoting from Christina.

Granted, the rest of the team disappeared into the mist, but you can't have everything.

Next up is another Mejia episode, and it seems that Bryan will be going cowboy again, trying to keep his sister's killer where Bryan can keep an eye on him.

Whatever happens then will undoubtedly determine what's going to happen in the likely series finale.

To follow Bryan's development, watch Taken online.

How did you like Leah? Do Christina and Harry work for you? Is a more in-control Bryan a good idea?

Comment below.

Leah Review

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You remember Beirut, when I was your asset in uncertain times. You owe me.

Leah [to Christina]

I don't know. Half the world wants me dead.

Leah [to John]