Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Chaos Is Come Again

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Bullets were flying, and Harlee was yelling “Officer down!” into her phone at the start of Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 9.

We had to wait until the end to figure out who had been shot. 

From what little we saw in that opening scene, I could tell that it wasn’t anyone from their team, but I never expected it to be Nate bleeding out on Wozniak’s floor.

Ambushed - Shades of Blue

Harlee had hoped that confronting Stahl about his dead partner would at least buy her a cease fire for a few days.

Hardly. The attacks are coming from all angles now, and it’s going to be almost impossible for the entire team to dodge a bullet, literal or figurative. 

It felt as though we were waiting for the other shoe to drop concerning Loman’s interview with Nate. For a moment it looked like Loman had come to his senses.

Loman: I'm going to need that tape.
Nate: Brace yourself for disappointment.

Nate had to talk to someone, and Tess seemed like the right person at the time. But when Tess confronted Loman and his first response was, “I didn’t make anything up,” I wished she had hit him harder. 

Tess was right. Loman’s conscience will always eat away at him because he never paid for killing an unarmed man. I don’t know that there’s any resolution to that, at least not one that doesn’t take down his entire team in the process.

What bugged me about Loman was that he obviously told Nate that he suspected that Wozniak and Donny were a couple. As if telling the guy his father was a dirty cop and a murderer wasn’t enough!

The Last Conversation - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 9

I also found it interesting that that was what Nate opened with when talking to his father; not about burning bodies or other crimes, but are you gay. 

Wozniak: You're my son and I love you, but if you ever bring this up again, it will be the last conversation you and I ever have.
Nate: Is that a punishment or a reward?

The more we see of Nate, the more I like him, and I hope he survives his wounds; I can’t imagine how Wozniak will cope if he doesn’t. 

Elsewhere, Harlee learned that Stahl has been texting Cristina as Miguel. 

Harlee: I lied to my baby girl today. More than lied, I played her. I had to.
Wozniak: Then you had to, but I know the way out.
Harlee: What is it?
Wozniak: The truth. I know you, Harlee. Just tell me.

I was impressed with how smart Harlee was in getting Cristina to open up and give her the information she needed. If she had gone all angry mom on Cristina, the girl simply would have shut her out. 

Finally, Harlee told Woz about how she killed Miguel, and his reaction was everything I expected.

Wozniak: You did what you had to do. Good!
Harlee: Too much death. Nobody near me is safe.
Wozniak: Except the ones you keep safe.

Despite their best efforts, it doesn’t appear anyone is ever safe; case in point is Nate having surgery for bullet wounds he sustained in his parent’s living room!

More Than He Bargained For - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 9

Cady’s death was tragic but not a shock. Woz was right when he said most addicts aren’t long for this world, but Cady was putting up a good fight in his recovery until Stahl came along. The man literally gave Cady enough drugs to kill himself. 

But Stahl knows no boundaries, and if he’s going down, he’s taking everyone else down with him.

Come near my daughter again and nobody will ever find you. If she wasn't here I would have already killed you.


I thought that Harlee was planning on murdering Stahl when she bought the tarps, ties, and duct tape. It looked like a serial killer’s shopping cart. 

Harlee Tries to Take Down Stahl - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 9

And maybe she would have been safer if she had. 

But the equipment was to move Miguel’s body; only that plan got interrupted by gunfire.

Baby Girl’s missing son, Adrian, brought the team back together. Tufo and Espada came back to help find a missing boy and take down the drug dealer using him as a mule. 

Unfortunately, Verco was listening and watching, but at least his return gave us one of my favorite Shade of Blue quotes of the night…

Verco: You must be the wayward son.
Nate: You must be Nancy Drew.
Verco: Is that what they're calling me.
Nate: I've got to protect my sources.

We didn’t see Verco at all in Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 8, and it was a relief. I was wondering if the tenacious Internal Affairs detective had moved on.

No such luck, and thanks to Loman he just might have exactly what he needs to take this team down. 

So who was responsible for shooting up Wozniak’s home?

A Round of Drinks - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 9

Quince's crew is the obvious answer as he was just arrested, but can we count out Bianchi? He may have decided to make a bold statement, and do it while he was out of the country. 

Verco, Bianchi, Quince, Stahl.

With so many enemies lining up to take them down, will anyone on this team survive?

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Chaos Is Come Again Review

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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Baby Girl: My boy is in danger.
Loman: I agree. His mother slings an assault rifle for a drug lord.
Baby Girl: I do what I got to do to survive.

Espada: You guys going to tell me how it is they let me go?
Harlee: We took their milk money.