Quantico Season 2 Episode 18 Review: KUMONK

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Is it bad that I was thinking, "please tell me her car blows up" as Sasha made her way to her car? That pretty much tells you how I feel about her.

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 18, we bid farewell to Sasha. It was kind of meh knowing you, but you didn't deserve to die.

The explosion was predictable in the sense that most times when you watch a someone on a suspenseful show get into a car unnecessarily, there's going to be an explosion. It's like when you are watching two people have a conversation in a car, you get concerned that a car is going to t-bone them based off the camera angles.

Alex Is on a Mission - Quantico

Sasha, you won't be missed. You were a surprisingly good reporter though. The fact that she outsmarted Ryan, a trained FBI and CIA agent, is kind of mind blowing.

Look at your life, look at your choices, Ryan. I mean come on. You can't even place a bug??

Speaking of Ryan's poor life choices, he has been doing a really terrible job at being a member of the task force. Ryan left Owen alone during a mission, so he could to go sit and decide if he wanted to search Sasha's apartment, and then he took too long to figure out that the key was bugged.

Someone needs to yell some sense into Ryan. There need to be consequences for his extremely dumbass behavior. Quick, go grab Nimah out of jail, so she can kick Ryan's ass.

Of course there is a conspiracy, you're here.


Hopefully when the task force learns about Sasha, Ryan will get yelled at or something.

Him being super upset that he caused Sasha's death isn't enough of a punishment. Does anyone actually want to see mopey, guilty Ryan? No, it sounds awful.

As happy as I am that the Sasha secret is going to come out, I'm not looking forward to watching it happen.

Sasha apparently found out some pretty damning information, so this would mean that two non-task force members have found out some crucial intel that the task force hasn't uncovered yet.

Preventing a Riot - Quantico Season 2 Episode 18

It's hard to decide how to feel about Sebastian's sudden appearance and wealth of information. He's apparently CIA and has been trying to figure out who Carly was working for. 

He provided Owen and Ryan with the rest of the collaborator's identities. This moves the plot forward. The task force no longer has to try to identify collaborators, which is a good thing. The task force just has to try to stop their next attack.

The issue is that Sebastian just name drops people and that is what moves the plot forward. We have no idea how he got this information. All we know is that the task force has it now, so they can now shift gears.

The deus ex machina of it all is annoying. Everyone's lives just got a whole lot easier based on one conversation from a guy that we all thought was a bad guy. It cheapens the information a bit because our guys didn't find it. It was handed to them. Did this bother anyone else?

The Switch - Quantico Season 2 Episode 18

It was so nice to get a win.

Recently, the wins have been identifying a collaborator or stopping something bad from happening. Don't get me wrong, those are excellent, but they don't make you want to do a victory dance or cheer on the team. Claire's speech gave you that feeling.

Clay being able to help his mom absolutely destroy Roarke's plan with a speech was applause worthy. Clay even used some serious skills to get intel out of Roarke without him knowing. I have never felt prouder of Claire and Clay.

Speaking of the Haas family, Caleb and his sarcasm are back, and everything is right with the world.

Caleb: Listen, these are my friends. I know them. I can help.
Clay: I'm not letting you anywhere near my team.
Caleb: Well you just said you were running away, so you're not going to be near your team anyway, or do they not teach physics at Harvard?

It was a lot of fun to watch Caleb, Clay, and Claire interact with each other. We haven't explored this family dynamic before, and hopefully we will see a lot more of Clay and Caleb working together and/or butting heads. 

Aside from Nimah and Raina, we don't get the chance to delve into family relationships, so it's nice that we get to explore the complicated relationships within the Haas family.

What did you think of the episode? Are you excited to see Caleb back in action? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Clay: There is a point in a chess match where the game is lost, and the loser doesn't know it. We are there. We are going to lose this game.
Shelby: This isn't a game.
Clay: Everything is a game to someone.

Alex: If you were a Navy Seal, I'd be shooting rubber bullets at you.
Owen: What does that teach you?
Alex: How to duck.