iZombie Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Wag the Tongue Slowly

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Gossip Liv was a pain in the ass for everyone else, namely Ravi, but she was certainly entertaining to watch. 

On iZombie Season 3 Episode 4, Liv and Clive had to figure out who killed Cheryl, the office gossip, and the list of suspects was as long as Cheryl's Complaint file was wide.  

The Office Gossip - iZombie

Clive has adjusted quite well to his zombie partner's personality changes. The moment he figured out that Cheryl was the gossip, and that explained why Liv was being so darn nosy and gossiping about other detectives in the precinct, was definitely worth a chuckle. 

Apparently, no secret was safe when Cheryl found out. She cost Vikki a promotion, exposed the affair her male colleague had with another man, thus breaking up his marriage, and revealed the fact that Rhonda used to be a porn star. 

The latter is what contributed to Liv and Clive figuring out just how Cheryl died. After sorting through text messages on the company phones, they figured out that Tom and Vikki were in communication, and therefore they were the ones responsible for setting off the fire alarm and getting everyone else out of the office. 

Liv: There were like 80 movies here. How long did you work in the porn business.
Rhonda: Five months.

After some extensive research that consisted of Ravi sorting through some of Rhonda's adult videos, they figured out that she was responsible for spiking Cheryl's yogurt and distracting another colleague, Peter. 

The trio were the culprits, and Cheryl managed to ruin their lives even from beyond the grave. The case was definitely more amusing than some of the previous ones. Of course, most of that was due to the interrogations and Liv's gossipy commentary.  throughout the process. 

Gossip Liv certainly didn't spare Ravi. She relayed every single development made in the Blaine and Peyton relationship, whether he wanted to hear it or not. He probably had some of that coming after his hookup with Katty. 

Katty was nowhere to be found, but the effects of Ravi's pitiful one night stand weighed heavy on the hour. Ravi was a complete and utter hot mess. 

Annoyed Ravi

I'm just not used to seeing a Ravi who drowns his sorrows in alcohol and video games. He has given up on hair gel, doesn't seem to bathe while he's moping, and is wallowing in all of this Blayton angst. Plus, he's whiny. He's so gosh darn whiny. 

Am I the only one who sees that? Better yet, am I the only one who feels like has been out of character at times? It's odd to me. It isn't necessarily bad because he isn't a completely new person, but it isn't necessarily good either. 

I had to actually laugh out loud when he was giving Blaine a check up and told him that it would be best if someone were with him for the next few days. Dude, you practically threw Blaine into Peyton's arms with that one. 

Fortunately, when Ravi wasn't on a bender, he was on a stakeout with the other half of his bromance. The Major and Ravi bromance is one of the best things about the show. Please don't argue with me on this. I could watch the two of them in a stakeout for an entire hour. 

Mavi stakeout

In fact, where's the petition for an episode devoted solely to Ravi and Major on a road trip together? I will sign that thing twice if I have to. 

We finally got to dig into Major's search for Natalie, hence the stakeout. It turns out Osbourne Oates was in town, and Major, who basically should just get his Private Investigative license at this point, wanted to tail the guy. 

Seriously, Major's dedication to Natalie is admirable, but dude is the only character who is always knocking on death's door and yet always doing something reckless. It's like he has a death wish. I thought maybe he'd take a break after having his butt kicked, but he merely slipped a tracker into that goon's pocket and went on tailing him the next day. 

You look awfully pleased for a man who got kicked in the kidneys.


I guess we should be thankful he did because he found Natalie! She's alive and well, for the moment, but she's sort of being held like a princess in a tower. Major should listen to her and stay the heck away from Osbourne, but he probably won't. 

Do you think Natalie will take the cure? Of course, he gave her the cure and never went back to Ravi to get one of the remaining 16 vials, just in case his inhaler stops working. Major stresses me out. 

Annoying Ravi

I love Major and I get it, but my level of done was at Ravi's level. Sometimes I truly feel for the human faction of Team Z, particularly Ravi and Clive. Those two have their hands full. It's like they split custody of zombie kids. 

Natalie: Don't worry. I'll figure a way out of this, someday.
Major: I left you once. I'm not going to leave you again.

This hour Ravi got to be the wine Mom, telling Major to drop the Natalie bit and take the damn cure before he ends up dead. I know he doesn't want to lose his memories, but it's getting down to the wire, and he may not have a choice.

Besides, if Blaine's amnesia isn't real, then he isn't the best test subject to try the cure out on. He spent all of that time with Peyton making dinner, flirting, and nearly having sex, but I'm still not sure if he's really an amnesiac or if he's faking it. 

He keeps talking about how he doesn't want to remember who he was before, but could that just be because he sees what we all see? Peyton has serious feelings for Blaine. It's in his best interest to not remember. 

Peaceful Rest

Blaine is an interesting character. He didn't start off as a good character. The guy turned people into zombies and killed kids. He's nowhere near a saint. It doesn't make him any less interesting to watch, however, and David Anders is...well, David freaking Anders. He's fun to watch. 

Blaine and Peyton have great chemistry and have formed quite a bond. It is odd, though, that Peyton has been so accepting of this Blaine because it's the only one she knows. Sure, she can have sex with who she wants to have sex with, but it's hard to process her so easily sleeping with the man who has ruined the lives of her friends. 

I hate the fact that her time spent with Blaine, she was more worried about if he'd become the guy everyone hates, and she wasn't thinking about the cure's effects on her friends. She was so dismissive of that.

Peyton: If this is my last night to spend with this Blaine, I don't want to waste it.
Blaine: Me neither.

Liv being a zombie may help her solve cases, but she hasn't spoken to her family in how long? It's seriously impacted her life, because and she has to live off of brain. She also has to deal with flashbacks and channeling personalities that aren't her. 

Major is literally dying. At best, he could take the cure and forget everything about his life. Somehow, none of that registered for because she was too busy being relieved that Blaine wasn't psycho Blaine and that made her feel less bad about sleeping with him. 

There was also a break in the zombie murder case. Clive and Liv combed through the message board and were able to find someone who could be a potential suspect. The message boards led them to a gun loving, patriotic, white supremacist.

Harley: The time in question I was with my family.
Liv: Klan rally?
Harley: I prefer picnic.

It just so happens that the brother of the guy whose hand Team Z used to access the basement at Max Rager is the one who leaked the information about where Wally and his mom lived. There's no denying that he knows about zombies since his brother was the one who shared pictures and information with him. 

He claims he wasn't the one responsible for killing them, but he admitted that if he stumbled upon a zombie he would. He may not be responsible for Wally's death (we still don't know if Vivian played a role), but he's still a threat.

Were you surprised that Natalie was still alive? Is Blaine faking the amnesia just so he can date Peyton? Would you tell Gossip Liv your secrets? Hit up the comments below and let us know what you think. Comments warm the cockles of my undead heart. 

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Wag the Tongue Slowly Review

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