iZombie Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Eat, Pray, Liv

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Ravi, you handsome idiot. I am so disappointed in you. 

I was not, however, disappointed with iZombie Season 3 Episode 3. Some interesting developments were made, and I can't be the only one eager to see where a lot of this goes. 

Katty is catching on. The love triangle intensifies. Major is getting sicker, and Clive totally ruined a perfectly good suit. 

The Zen Approach - iZombie

As far as brains go, Zen brain was pretty darn dull. In fact, most of the case was a bit of a bore. By the time they revealed the murderer, I had forgotten most of the facts about the case. 

I wanted Liv to jump in on that Zumba instructor brain just so she could keep having dance-offs with Major and Justin. Good times, right there. So much cuteness. 

Anyway, there were laugh out loud moments related to the case, so there's always that. Like Clive choosing to go into the dumpster himself because he didn't want to subject a uniform to the dirty deed.

Ladybird: He died doing what he loved.
Clive: Sitting?
Ladybird: Meditating.

Clive is the best, you guys. Who doesn't love Clive? Don't answer that; I don't want to know. 

Clive being in the know has given us all of these great moments where he's either processing just how insane all of this zombie stuff is, or he's reaching a point of being unfazed. Both are absolutely hilarious. 

Liv was saying all of this enlightened Zen gibberish in her soothing Zen voice, and he placated her like a patient parent with a nonsensical child. I loved it. He was mildly annoyed, but he rolled with it.

Clive and Coffee

The victim, Topher, was one of those business tycoons who ripped off people. When he was caught, he turned on one of his fellow colleagues then found enlightenment and became a guru. 

I can't blame his killer. He got stuck doing time for something they were all in while Topher "found himself" and made amends for his sins. I would be a little bitter, too. 

Other than a few witty quips, Zen Liv, the lovely Ladybird, and a nosy neighbor mistaking Clive and Liv for a pimp and a hooker, the case wasn't the best aspect of the show. 

Officer: Detective Babineaux? I just got a report from a woman about a pimp yelling at a hooker in the car.
Clive: Meaning us
Liv: Well, you have been snippy with me.

It did tie in with Blaine, though. Topher did so much wrong and eventually atoned for his sins, and now, with Major's health in jeopardy and the cure ready but untested, Blaine can do the same thing. 

So, is it safe to say that Blaine isn't faking his amnesia? We keep wavering back and forth on this, and I think that's what the show wants from us. At the moment, I'm leaning towards him not faking it. 

He didn't even recognize his father. It felt genuine. He didn't have much of a reaction to Angus at all, except when Angus talked about how terrible Blaine was as a child. 


I can understand the position Blaine is in and why he's perfectly okay not remembering. In fact, part of me wonders if his amnesia was real but temporary, and now his mind is protecting him from himself. 

Is it possible that Blaine is somehow tricking himself into not remembering or only selectively remembering because he doesn't want to face who he was before? 

If I were him, I wouldn't want to remember how awful I was either. Amnesiac Blaine is on decent enough terms with Liv and Major. He has a mutual attraction with Peyton. He has a not too shabby gig as a lounge singer. 

Angus: So, word is you lost your memory.
Blaine: I did. It was the darndest thing. I looked under all my couch cushions...in my car...

Blaine's life isn't perfect, obviously, but in some ways, he has been a lot better off with the amnesia than without it. I can understand his impulse, whether it's conscious or unconscious, to want to stay there. 

Did any of you think for a moment that they were going to somehow give Blaine the cure without his consent? It sounded that way at first. I know he's Blaine, but the idea of that made me cringe. 

I know ethics and procedures are sketchy given this zombie situation, but that would have been low. 

I much preferred it this way, because it presented Blaine with a choice and gave David Anders the chance to tug at my heartstrings with his perfect delivery of heartbreaking lines. He had no real incentive to take the cure because he doesn't want to remember. 

I'm not afraid of dying, Liv. I'm afraid of remembering. Find a guinea pig who wants to remember his old life.


Unfortunately, that moment also gave Blaine the opportunity to look a lot better in Peyton's eyes. Ravi was in no way wrong when he listed all the ways in which Blaine has messed up their lives. 

It's just that he came across jealous, mean, and vengeful throwing it in Blaine's face when Blaine isn't the same Blaine. It was a big ask, and Ravi pretty much told Blaine that he owes it to all of them to take the memory loss antidote with unknown side-effects. 

We all know Blaine doesn't have anything to lose, per se, but damn that sucked. On the other hand, if it saved Major then Ravi's passionate outburst was understandable. 

Group Chat

I'm so glad they revisited Major's deteriorating health. They went from barely mentioning it to Major looking like he was about to keel over at any second. 

It was a rough week for Major. He was doing horribly in his Zombie mercenary training, his health took a turn for the worst, and he hates the brain mush. 

Why is it every time something affects Major it crushes a person's soul? Is it because he's the equivalent of a lovable Labrador or something? I was barely able to get through him being turned into a zombie, and now his facing death or memory loss devastated me. 

Major: How long do I have?
Ravi: Weeks, maybe. Then you have to take the cure, memory loss and all.

He was trying to keep it together in front of Liv, but every moment he ended up in a coughing fit, it was a painful reminder that he is on borrowed time. 

Major looking on at his friends dancing and having a good time made him think about just how much he had to lose either way. Unlike Blaine, he has loved ones and fond memories that he couldn't afford to lose. 

It feels like it's too early for things to go well, so I'm wondering what the catch is. Will the amnesia antidote not work? Will it be ruined because they'll find out that Blaine isn't really amnesiac? Will the side effects of it lead to a whole new problem? What do you think?

Peyton: Why are you being such a dick?
Ravi: It isn't obvious? It's because I'm in love with you.

Major isn't the only one having a rough time. Ravi was having a tough one too. So was Peyton. 

I'm glad that Peyton called Ravi out on being so caught up in his own feelings about her and Blaine that he failed to be concerned for her well-being after being kidnapped. It only took three episodes to address that. 

I also loved that she didn't let him off the hook when it came to his being jealous and childish. I feel for Ravi, I do, but he needed to pull himself together. It was embarrassing. 

I didn't anticipate them getting back into each other's good graces, even after he admitted that he loved her. Yeah, it was pretty damn obvious, Ravi. Love makes you do stupid things. 


They were right on the cusp of actually getting together again and then the Katty bombshell happened. I swear that entire situation reminded me of the Ross and Rachel "We were on a break!" situation from Friends. 

Ravi, inquiring minds want to know, why would you sleep with Katty? WTF?! I should have known we were going to get Darth Ravi when he opened the door and his hair wasn't styled. 

Ravi's hair is as messy as the situation he has put himself in. It's a dark, broody, unkempt look that perfectly reflects his life right now. Is this the darker Ravi that we caught a glimpse of in the previews? It's hot, I just could have done without him sleeping with Katty and being a jerk! 

Ravi Screws Up

It just seems so out of character for him. Dammit, Ravi! I'm so disappointed in you. 

Let us all hope that Ravi was at least able to distract Katty from her investigation because holy crap she has figured out so much stuff! I can't believe she was able to piece together so much in such a short period of time. That is freaking terrifying. 

How long before Vivian finds out about inquisitive Katty and sends one of her zombie mercenaries to take Katty out? 

Katty hasn't been there all of a few days and she already knows too much!

Zen Liv

Don E has to be the most underappreciated character in the series and once again it showed with "The Scratching Post." That was the best name ever. So, does Angus plan on sticking around for a while? 

Is he only here to run his zombie club or does he have bigger plans? What is going to happen if/when Blaine gets his memory back? I'm dying to know what exactly Angus and Don E's plan is.

So what did you think of "Eat, Pray, Liv?" Was Ravi being a jerk? Will Peyton and Blaine become an item now? Will the cure work on Blaine? What will happen to Major? Hit up the comments below and let us know what you think. 

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Eat, Pray, Liv Review

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Ladybird: He died doing what he loved.
Clive: Sitting?
Ladybird: Meditating.

Peyton: How'd you even land this gig?
Blaine: Oh the last guy died up there. Literally.