iZombie Round Table: Like, Brains, Or Whatever

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If you have ever wondered what Major Lillywhite would be like as a teenage girl, then you, like, totally got your wish after iZombie Season 3 Episode 2.

It was one of the funniest iZombie hours to date. As if anyone could dispute that. Don't even

It was also a heartwarming (and heartbreaking) hour that explored the origins of Clive's relationship with Wally.

Join TV Fanatics Allison, Amanda, and Yana, as they discuss "Zombie Knows Best."

Izombie Round Table

On a scale of 1-10, like how awesome was Major on like teenage girl brain?

Allison: Oh em gee, like totally an 11. Hands down my favorite brains on the show yet. Please tell me Ravi saved some of the brains because I'm going to need a repeat of this magical performance.

Amanda: 10 seems too small a number. Can I say 100? Major on teen girl brain was the gift we didn't know we needed! Robert Buckley's performance was absolutely hilarious.

Yana: 1200. I'm realizing that we won't get to see this in future episodes and that might be very unfair. Major on teen girl brain is everything I wanted that I didn't know I wanted.

Who was the better "Dad" Liv or Clive?

Allison: I'm going to have to say Liv. I loved watching her yell at Major, give Ravi advice, and fix things around the morgue.

Amanda: Liv's speech to Ravi was pretty high on the dad scale.

Yana: Liv. Trying to parent Major was pretty much the highlight of those duo brains.

Did you like finding out the origin of Clive and Wally's relationship?

Allison: It was absolutely amazing. I fell in love with Wally, which was heartbreaking. I fell even more in love with Clive, which I did not think was possible.

 This was a great backstory episode for Clive. I love that Wally was the one who got him hooked on Game of Thrones.

Amanda: Yes, I was glad we got to see why Clive was so upset by Wally's and his mom's deaths. Not only did Clive develop a strong bond with Wally, but there was the potential for romance with Wally's mother as well.

Yana: I love Clive, so seeing more of his past was really wonderful. It helped us believe the Wally pain even more than before and it gave us some reminders of how awesome Clive is.

Do you think Vivian leaked zombie information to that anti-zombie message board?

Allison: I think Vivian is ridiculously shady, so I would not put it past her. I don't trust her one bit. Wally's murder and this anti-zombie message board only help to further her agenda.

Amanda: It's entirely possible, but I'm not sure yet if the writers are making her seem so suspicious in order to throw us off. If Vivian is behind leaking the zombie information, then she is one cold-hearted woman.

Yana: I feel like we are meant to think it is Vivian, but she was such a small part of this episode that I don't know. 

Maybe I'm used to iZombie Season 2 and Max Rager being the big bad that we saw, and I'm comparing that to this season's possible villain, whom we don't see much of, yet find suspicious. If anything, it's more fun exploring that but not knowing what to think immediately.

Were you surprised to find out that mashing up a bunch of human brains keeps zombies from taking on personalities?

Allison: It's so clever! Aside from the pale skin and super blonde hair, which can be fixed with spray-tan and hair dye, the next thing that could give a zombie away would be the personality changes. With these brain tubes, that problem is solved. Of course, you probably can't make fancy food with the brain tubes though.

Amanda: I was always curious about what would happen to a zombie if they ate multiple brains at once, so this answers that question. It's a great way to avoid personality changes, but I don't see Liv switching to the brain tubes anytime soon.

Yana: It's an interesting addition to zombie mythology, but I love the brain cooking segments, so I hope Major sticks to the tubes while Liv sticks to her cookbook recipes.

Ravi and Clive

What was your favorite quote and/or scene?

Allison: Every moment where Major spoke while on teenage girl brain was my favorite. I loved him asking Ravi if they were best friends, and also the moment where Major tells one of his co-workers that his abs make Major want to kill himself.

Amanda: Do I really have to pick one moment, because every line Major spoke was perfect. I'll have to go with Major dissing Peyton for sleeping with Blaine.

Yana: Major talking about his bathroom selfies.


What do you hope to see as the season unfolds?

Allison: I hope to see Clive continue to be brought more and more into the fold. I'm really enjoying watching him witness the zombie experience. This week, he got to see Liv cook up some brains in the morgue.

I'm still curious about the amnesia side effect of the cure, specifically whether or not Blaine is faking it. While I'm not looking forward to seeing Major get sick, the cure part of the show is always fascinating.

Amanda: I agree with Allison in regards to both Clive and Blaine.

I also want to see Major survive, but not get wrapped up in the world of Fillmore Graves. If battle lines end up being drawn between Liv's people and Vivian's people, I don't want Major on the opposing side.

Yana: I agree about Clive, but I'll take this one step further with Dale. I adore her entire existence and I need her to come back like now. How much more intense will Clive's plot be when he dips into the zombie world and then his ex comes back but he can't tell her anything? I don't know, I miss Jessica Harmon.


Do you agree with our iZombie Round Table? Let us know in the comments below! If you'd like to catch up on the series, which I like totally recommend, by the way, you can watch iZombie online right here at TV Fanatic. 

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Wally's father was a bit of a nightmare.


Wally: Is that mustache real?
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