Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 17 Review: The Ninth Seat

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Don't mess with President Kirkman.

Kirkman lost his temper on Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 17 when he and Senator Bowman locked horns on Supreme Court nominees.

It was the greatest thing ever.

The Truth - Designated Survivor

It's about time Kirkman stopped letting people push him around. 

Just when it seemed like he lost control of the room, Kirkman summoned his inner Jack Bauer and let everyone know who was really in charge.

The whole scenario was ripped right out of the headlines. The Republicans didn't like one of Kirkman's Supreme Court nominees and pitched a fit to get the Chief Justice nominee changed.

"Too liberal" was Bowman's bogus excuse even though he and the other Republicans had agreed to the slate of nominees the President had submitted. 

Bowman didn't like the idea of Kirkman being successful twice in a row, and it wasn't until Kirkman's friend Julia came up with the idea to keep the Supreme Court at eight Justices that the issue was resolved.

Bowman seems to think the Republicans will win the next election so they could choose who to fill the seat.

Dream on. Kirkman isn't going anywhere.

An Angry Kirkman - Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 17

Still, Julia's plan did the trick, and Kirkman was able to celebrate a victory. It was all rainbows and unicorns in the oval office afterward.

But Kirkman's winning streak is about to come to a screeching halt.

Hookstraten isn't going to be too happy to learn that Kirkman put a semi-kibosh on her becoming Vice President.

Emily is playing hardball with Aaron, and it's great to see, but she and Tom need to be careful.

Hookstraten isn't the woman he wants to cross. Just like Aaron said, if it wasn't for her, his gun bill wouldn't have passed.

Emily and Julia - Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 17

He might not like the idea of politics, but he can't escape it. He needs to take care of those who take care of him.

Especially now that the man who tried to assassinate him is alive and well.

Isn't that a can of worms?

The second best part of the hour (Kirkman slamming his hands down on the table was number one) was when Hannah asked the militia lady what they were hunting.

There they were, an Asian woman and a big ass black man, nosing around some militia complex in a podunk town in the middle of one of the Dakotas and she's asking a question like that? 

They were pushing it as it was walking around town without a care in the world. Did it even dawn on them that they stuck out like a sore thumb?

I had to squinch my eyes when she started poking around cars and taking pictures. I can't believe every person in town didn't have their eyes glued to that out of place couple. Or that they weren't followed.

Hannah and Jason are lucky to be alive.

We can sit here and fantasize about a world of people that don't care about things like that, but let's get real. They are not a couple who would have been met by a bartender who was so cheery and friendly.

Still, the duo got some useful information about the True Believers, the militia cult out to change the world.

It was quite shocking to see Lozano still alive, though I have to admit I had no idea who the guy was that stepped out of the helicopter until Hannah said his name.

How is it possible that the guy is still alive? Didn't MacLeish order him killed when Kirkman was in the hospital?

Aaron and Forstell - Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 17

So how did he escape? Who is the traitor?

Even though the promise is to reveal the traitor on Designated survivor Season 1 Episode 18, we know that's not the end of the story.

The person who's going solve it all, if he's not killed first, is going to be Leonard. 

What a break for guy who was washed up. 

There was some hokiness when he did his web search for conspiracy theories and that link came up leading him to the videos. How did the source even know he was going to search for those terms? 

But I'm going to suspend my disbelief, go along and let the story unfold because it's intriguing. Leonard may be a little seedy, but he's trying to find the truth.

And the truth deserves to be told even if it spells bad news for President Kirkman. 

Kudos to him for not letting Forstell try to squash Leonard. He could have easily ended Leonard's little investigation, but opted to let the man be free to do his thing.

And that's the way it should be. 

What did you think of "Ninth Seat"? Were you shocked to see Lozano alive and well? What's next for Hannah and Jason? Will Leonard get his story published? 

Who is the traitor?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Ninth Seat Review

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