Arrow Season 6: Who Will Be a Series Regular?

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Are you enjoying the addition of Rene and Dinah on Arrow Season 5?

If yes, then we have some news that will be sure to make you happy: Both characters will be sticking around for Arrow Season 6. 

Arrow Canary/Wild Dog

According to TV Line, Rick Gonzalez and Juliana Harkavy have been granted series regular status for the upcoming season. 

Rick first appeared at the beginning of Arrow Season 5, and has appeared in more episodes this season than fellow series regular, Willa Holland, so most of you probably already thought he was a regular. 

Wild Dog Arrow

Joining Team Arrow as Wild Dog, the character had a rough beginning when he flat-out refused to follow any orders, and it resulted in the team getting into a lot of tough situations. 

Thankfully, the character emerged as one of the best on the show after some initial teething problems. A flashback-heavy episode helped fans see the character in a new light as we got to see the origins about how he became a vigilante. 

If you watch Arrow online, you will already know that involved the character lost his wife and in a freak exchange with her drug dealer. In turn, he was branded an unfit parent, and his daughter was taken off him. 

We look forward to seeing more of Wild Dog's story in the coming episodes and next fall. 

Dinah Arrow

Meanwhile, Harkavy boarded the series on Arrow Season 5 Episode 10. She has been a delight as Dinah Draka aka The New Black Canary. 

It's unclear whether she'll remain the canary for much longer given that Katie Cassidy is returning. 

The actress is returning as Black Siren, but considering she is also tapped as a regular for next season, will she want to hit up her alter ego's old costume?

Black Siren Gif

We have no idea. 

It was also reported earlier this week that Katrina Law and Manu Bennett would be returning to the series as Nyssa Al Ghul and Deathstroke respectively. 

It sure sounds like the series has some big ideas for the end of Season 5 and we can't wait to see how it all comes together. 

What do you think of the casting scoop? 

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