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Did Elizabeth's landmark global climate treaty go ahead?

That was addressed on Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 16, when China threatened to back out due to a looming meeting with Dalai Lama. 

What did Elizabeth have to do to make sure her plan went ahead?

Meanwhile, Henry worried that his undercover operative's safety was at stake when a devastating incident occurred. 

Also, Jay was surprised when Abby served him with a custody agreement for their daughter. 

Use the video above to watch Madam Secretary online to get caught up on the latest drama. 

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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Blake: I don't get it. These monks spend all week, painstakingly arranging colored sand to fit this blueprint, and then "whoosh," they just sweep it away? What's the point?
Nadine: That is the point.
Daisy: Everything's transitory.
Matt: Everything ends.
Blake: That's...very sad.
Nadine: Even that feeling...that'll pass too.
Blake: Okay, now you're just piling on.

Okay, you know, Buddhism clearly isn't for neurotics.