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How did Jefferies feel about one of his own defying him?

That was addressed on Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 5 when it became apparent that Stone had a plan to solve the case that did not involve following protocol. 

Meanwhile, an ex-Navy SEAL was murdered when he planned to expose the truth about a top secret military mission. 

Also, the U.S. Department of Justice stepped in and insisted the evidence was classified. 

Use the video above to watch Chicago Justice online to get caught up with the latest developments on this new drama. 

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Father: We braced ourselves for this day when Trevor was deployed overseas, but we never thought -
Stone: How long was he in the Navy?
Father: 18 months.

Trevor's Dad: It was 68. Right in the mile of thing. Lemme tell you a story.
Trevor: Not the viper's nest.
Trevor's Dad: It was raining, could hardly see a thing. I put my foot down and wouldn't you know it, it was right in the middle of a viper's nest. So I pull out my K-20 and I cut the head off of the viper that was wrapped around my leg. And not only that, that viper holds up my pants to this day.