Taken Season 1 Episode 5 Review: A Clockwork Swiss

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Nothing is ever as simple as it seems in the world of Taken.

For instance, Christina got blackmailed into recovering sensitive data on Taken Season 1 Episode 5.

Preventing Disaster - Taken

That's a risk you take when you're running an off-the-books black-op team. You want none of what you're doing to get out.

Yet, somehow, someone has gotten photos of the Defense Secretary's dead chief of staff who Bryan out took, on Christina's orders, on Taken Season 1 Episode 3.

How? Good question. It seemed like a fairly isolated park. Yet the associate attorney general had photos of the dead man and Bryan leaving the scene as leverage against Christina.

It's almost a sign there's more crap coming the team's way. For a super-secret squad, an awful lot of people seem to know about them.

Now, you would have thought Christina would have been suspicious right off the bat. After all, this kind of mission is something that her team is equipped to handle. I suppose the biggest problem was that the request wasn't coming directly from the President.

Still, saving the country from economic ruin seemed like a worthwhile proposition, chain of command or no chain of command.

Taken Hostage Season 1 Episode 5

But no, It was a just a gay sex tape, which could have been used against the very-married Tracy, the A.A.G., by the very international bankers he was trying to indict.

So, yeah, the ends justify the means, I guess. But the team went through a lot of danger, including John almost dying after getting shot because a highly placed politician wouldn't come out of the closet. If he had, the bankers would have had no ammunition.

Despite the very intricate plan in place, didn't things fall apart quickly? There was an awful lot of improvisation with precious little actionable intel. But then, that's Bryan's specialty.

The upshot of all this is that there's something of a rift developing between Bryan and Christina. He knows she's holding something back from him, but what he doesn't know is that she's doing it for his protection.

He hasn't been there long enough just to trust her to do the right thing. In other words, it's above his pay grade.

Preparing to Attack - Taken Season 1 Episode 5

This was something of a breakthrough episode, as well. Bryan managed to hang with the team, only freelancing once. Granted, it was a big one, coming up with a plan to capture the crew chasing them, and as an indirect result, probably saving John's life.

But still, baby steps. 

And the odd thing is that Bryan admitted to Becca that he enjoys being part of a team, working together to do something worthwhile. If that's the case, why does he keep taking off to do his own thing? There's a contradiction there.

Also, the whole team seemed to be back together except for the one guy, Marzoki, who's been written out. Maybe the roster has stabilized. Probably not, however, as the previews hinted that there's a mole on the team, which will leave them one down.

That must be why so many people seem to know about them.

Meeting of the Minds - Taken Season 1 Episode 5

It was good to see Becca taking a sisterly interest in Bryan. The guys on the team aren't very interested in his innermost thoughts and feelings, After all, they're guys.

Maybe this is how we find out more about Bryan. He left the Army for his sister. But Cali seemed to have her life fairly together, didn't she? After all, it was an old mess of Bryan's that ended up costing her her life.

Involving a citizen in his world may end up costing Bryan as well. Elena got inside Asha's place pretty easily, to check out her new security. And Elena's creepy co-conspirator has Bryan's apartment bugged now.

So Bryan's obsession with Mejia is going to end up getting him freed, watch and see. Bryan, there's no good reason to leave Asha behind in bed to go check out a black site.

Yup, Asha is going to be in over her head real soon.

And how is it that Bryan doesn't realize his place has been bugged? The guy who was so prepared in Taken Season 1 Episode 1 doesn't sense anything amiss? Really?

The mole hunt on Taken Season 1 Episode 6 should be an interesting twist in a setup that relies so much on trust. My money is on Dave or Faaron since they're both pretty superfluous. Think quick to see if you can even remember who they are.

To check out Bryan's failed attempts at teamwork, watch Taken online.

How did you like the twist in tonight's episode? How long before Asha becomes the damsel in distress? Will Christina let Bryan in on the problem?

Comment below.

A Clockwork Swiss Review

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